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Hammer Time [Seira]

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on Thu May 18, 2017 4:50 pm

Seira sighed and rolled over. It was noon already, and she had slept in. The young woman was all wrapped up in her blanket and even though it was spring already and the weather had gotten warmy, she still felt like she was freezing. It’s been a week already since she had come to Magnolia Town and Seira had yet to met any people or worth. Although she wasn’t the most social person she did crave contact with other human beings every now and then and it was almost awkward for her to admit that. Seira climbed out of bed and opened the curtains to see outside. The streets were busy, as expected, and the world had continued without her. It always would, no matter how slow she moved and she somehow had to manage to follow up with it, she couldn’t always stay back. Seira had no plans for the day other than to stop by the local request board to check whether or not there were missions for guildless mages, such as herself, so she could at least find some work to do. Seira was collecting a larger sum of money and although there was nothing in particular that she desired money itself couldn’t and wouldn’t hurt, so she would just continue. Perhaps she had the luck to come across any of the stores that sold more rare and unique items throughout the days, and find something that was worth spending money on. For now, however, she had to continue like before and besides, having savings couldn’t hurt anybody. Seira went to the bathroom and showered and got ready for the day. Once that was finished she walked down into the lounge where she would have some breakfast first and exchange a few words with the owner of the inn. The owners of inns sometimes also had some quest for guildless mages but this time this wasn’t the case. Seira got up shortly after and walked through the city to the request board. It seemed that it had recently stocked up on new missions because it was covered in fliers and Seira spent quite some time standing in front of it trying to pick something for herself. She was a generally speaking curious person and wanted to try out something new for once. Something about a forge and metal came to mind and she picked up the flier to check out what it had to say. The client was a so called Barras, a smith in Magnolia Town. Seira had heard his name before since he was quite famous for doing very good work. His shop was often very busy and Seira had visited it before, but not bought anything from him since it wasn’t exactly her cup of tea. Apparently he needed an assistant for the day since his usual assistant had fallen sick and even though it was something Seira had never done before she was sure she could help out. In spite of that she wanted to get a closer, behind the scenes look at all the stuff he owned.

Seira picked the flier up and took it with her. Barras forge was at the other end of the city so it was quite the walk until she finally arrived. When she did, the smith greeted her with kind words and welcomed her. He was a bit surprised to see such a petite girl such as Seira approaching, but probably figuring that she was a mage he didn’t say anything against it. Barras was already busy hammering away and forging all sorts of weapons and for a while Seira watched him while he showed her around and explained a few things in regards to the job she had for the day. Fortunately, Seira was a perfectionist so he would hopefully be happy with the work she was going to do for him. His assistant, the one who had hurt his arm was here as well and he was going to assist Seira verbally while Barras went back to take care of his own work. He explained what Seira had to do and then the woman took out a soft metal straight from the forge on the anvil, all with the guidance of the assistant. The task that followed was rather simple. All that Seira had to do was to hammer out and flatten the metal a bit to make it more useable, and give it shape. She had to repeat this process many, many times during the day and eventually grew accustomed to it. Although the first two took a bit longer, she eventually got really good at it and finished her work quickly. While Seira did that she exchanged a few words with the assistant and also Barras himself, who explained his work to her and also said that he was also creating weapons and armours for the guards and knights that protected Fiore. Even though he made enough from those people alone, he apparently enjoyed making things for other, normal people very much as well and that’s why he was so overworked. Seira somehow really respected that about him. Seira continued to hammer around on the metals while they spoke and Barras mentioned a few interesting facts about metals and how every person could work better with a different kind of metal and all that good stuff, while she did her work. This went on for the entire day and eventually the day ended and Barras decided to close up. He was quite satisfied and impressed with the work that Seira had done, even in spite of her never doing something like this before, and rewarded her as promised. She left the forge after saying her goodbyes and thought to herself that although it was true that he only produced high quality products, it still wasn’t for Seira and she hadn’t seen a single item that she wanted. She returned back to her inn and picked up something to eat on the way, figuring that she probably had to search through the black markets if she wanted to find a good, magical weapon for herself. A normal sword wouldn’t do it after all.


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