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Small Lakeside [private]

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on Wed May 17, 2017 3:35 pm


small lakeside
almost meltin'

The clear sky brought Maarschalk to a good idea. A good way of practicing physical exercise on a day with a weather as nice as this one; swimming. He's done it alone, but it rarely was as fun -- he remembered a time ago when he used to swim with other veteran mercenaries. That was nice, however this time a more sensitive person to join him to swim was a nice thought. Arisa popped up as an answer to that.

She had been on his mind quite lately. Growing fond of her, but there were still some parts about himself that was a mystery to her. And he wouldn't mind opening himself up more to her. Tell her more things about his life, things he likes to do and dislikes.

His ass sat on her front porch. From wherever she stayed anyway. The sun was burning against his skin. His pasty white skin was quite sensitive to the strong rays of the sun. Its light made it difficult for him to think clearly. The reason why he sat at Arisas front porch is because he discovered a small lake near a park in Magnolia. It was quite deserted, as it was between two huge forests. His backpack held a towel and some other stuff, it was clear that the male was going out for a swim.

His chin rested on his palm, and the elbow of the same arm rested on his knee. He looked dull, and bored - not because he was, but because of his exposure to the warm sun. His arcane source of power, his darkness, caused this effect.

'Are you coming yet?'

His faint voice screamed to the open door, expecting Arisa to come out any minute. Luckily, the lake he found was well covered with trees, albeit not so much at its center. His white colored tank top complimented his agile figure, allowing for smooth movements. His swimming shorts were already on. Walking shoes as well, instead of combat boots. Since the lake was a bit of walking.

His head turned towards the door, expecting her any minute now.


on Wed May 17, 2017 5:34 pm

Beams of sunlight shined through her white see-through curtains that covered the window. Out of the window and against her cream colored skin that would shine like a giant pearl. Her eyes that were like lion's would look out the window and below where she would see her porch. On that porch was Maarschalk. A small curve upon her full pink lips would form into a smirk as she thought. 'This will be an interesting day. First time wearing a bikini in front of a man.' spoke the darker voice in her thoughts. Slowly she would back away from the window to stop starring at him as she knew she should hurry up.

'He won't wait too long...So I feel.' she would think calmly yet soft, wrapping her own arms around her. Her eyes looked at the long oval mirror that went from the floor to about eight feet tall. The width was about two feet. Slowly letting go of herself, Arisa would stare at herself in her own bikini. It was raven black. The top piece was being held by thin latex-like straps, one making an 'X' shape on the upper-mid area of her chest, between her collarbone. It reached back to connect behind her neck as the lower part of the top piece of the bikini would have two straps holding in the back. The lower strap of the top piece would map a half of a diamond shape that would be against her curves/rib cages.

The bottom piece of the bikini would also be held by black straps that were thin layers of latex-like fabric. A tiny triangle in the mid-upper section of the bottom piece that also connected to make the other half of the diamond from the top piece, having a diamond-shape area around her bellybutton. The straps would go against her lower rib cages and around her body, against her tailbone. The bottom piece lastly had thin silky straps and fabric against her wide hips that would curve perfectly over her thick thighs. The fabric of the bikini top and bottom was made out of silk, letting the straps of latex do the holding of her medium-sized chest and bottom piece, covering her plump rear. For her shoes, she was wearing simple wooden sandals with a flower in-between her big toe and the toe beside it on both feet. This bikini was honestly perfect for her hourglass figure.

Slowly she turned around, look towards the door to walk to leave. Before she did open the last door to go meet Maarschalk outside, she grabbed a basket out of the fridge of food and drinks she prepared. Her soft hands grasped onto it as her other hand would grip the knob, opening it to then see Maarschalk right there. 'Try not to look at his body too much.' she thought as she wanted to hold her blushing. Her eyes of brown and gold would look away from him towards where they might go. ''A-are we ready then?'' she would ask, not noticing her stutter. Her head turned away from him, her brown short bangs covering her eyes. Tightly she would grip the basket, nervous. Here she was wearing a bikini for a guy. She never showed her body like this to anyone. What nerve. Hopefully she doesn't make a wreck of this day that was planned...


on Thu May 18, 2017 1:31 pm


small lakeside
almost meltin'

Maarschalk ran his fingers through his hair. A light glance appeared on his otherwise jet-black hair. The glance was a result of his sweat. By running his fingers through it, he brushed it backwards. Having his hair strands fall outside of his vision. His attention was in the void. Black covered the edges of his sight. Fading in and out of reality during each blink. Arisa's voice seemed to snap him back.

'Yeah, let's go. I don't want to sit in the sun too long.'

He begun saying, taking a quick goggle at her appearance before getting up. His hand naturally found its way to the basket she held, and a tug followed shortly after.

'Let me hold that for you.'

A quick flash of his smile indicated that his intentions were good. Without doubting that she would let go and let him hold the basket, he'd place the towel and other stuff he brought on the basket. Since he knew how to reach the lake, he'd lead them towards it. Unfortunately, this meant that he couldn't set his eyes on her back, her lower-back to be more precise. After a few seconds of walking, the two were covered under the shade of the trees that stretched all the way to the lake.

'I haven't seen you in a few days, how have you been?'

At last, he could start the conversation without getting rekt by the sun. So, the time for chatter, and him opening more to her had started. What he brought along with his towel was a pack of strawberries--and that ought to be kept in the coolness.

'Sorry if I seemed a bit... snappy? Before, the sun does bad things to my mood.'

Maybe she'd understood why, but if she didn't he was happy to explain it to her.

'I have something else to tell you as well, since I'm not sure I've mentioned it before. It's about that one night in Era, with those terrorists showing up. I caught your scent, and I was wondering if you did the same.'

A light chuckle followed his dialogue, his ears were open to listen to her. They were halfway to the lake. His mood seemed quite good today. Perhaps he had a good rest.


on Thu May 18, 2017 2:43 pm


Smiley face

She would wait patiently for Maarschalk to be ready. Sure she knew he called to her like those who were waiting themselves, but it was because she didn't know the exact spot. Her face would try to follow with her own mind at the thought of how she didn't want to blush too much. It was hard not to with showing as much skin as she was. The wind felt nicer than usual though because of it. Within seconds she would hear him say that he was ready, hand reach and grasping the basket, offering to hold it. A part of her wished it was her hand, but she knew it was too much to wish for. For now anyways. Should she just go for what she wants? What her heart and body wants? 'No...' she thought and held in. Slowly her hands would withdraw the basket which would slowly go Maars' way. Her eyes looked against his back as they started to leave. Before he went on with the walk, she would see his smile. Her eyes widened a little as the smile warmed her heart. Why though? The feeling was like warm sugar cookies would to her tastebuds. Addicting and soothing with sweetness.   'Why do I feel this way?' she thought as she would follow him. Soon the two being alone, she'd feel nervous. 'What do I do?' She wondered as her golden brown eyes cornered to look up at him. If he would see her looking at him, she would look away and straight towards where they were walking instead. It was strange. This one. How he made her feel and him in general. She liked it.

Quiet, relaxing yet warm, the walk was grand, but the quietness sort of felt awkward. Slowly her right canine would bit her lower lip as she wondered what to say. Before she could say anything, he spoke. Her head tilted up to look up at the semi-sky as it was covered by trees, hiding majority of the sunlight. She smiled as he spoke of how he was sorry about snapping. She didn't see it that way. It was understandable. His magic was related to darkness so the light was drowning him. ''I've been doing alright. Doing missions, shopping with a friend and keeping my mind occupied from other things.'' she would begin. Her head would tilt to look at him without caring if he saw. ''I pay no mind towards what you said. It's quite obvious you don't like the light.'' she would saw and smiled sweetly, eyes closed for a second and then opened her eyes back up, looking forward. ''I'm not huge with feeling a lot of heat. Rather from the sky or fire. Sometimes it makes me feel faint. Silly...isn't it?'' she would speak lowly towards her self, but with a weak smile.

After she spoke of the nonsense about herself, he would speak about the Era incident. Was he there truly? Was she right at that moment? With that thought she would stop walking as her heart skipped a beat. 'Truly it was his scent. The one that bumped into you as we thought.' the darker voice spoke in her thoughts. After that split mid-second she would continue to walk, catching up enough to walk beside him. ''Yea. I was there. I  was going towards a place, but was bumped into by someone. Silly enough, I swore I could smell you.'' she spoke and giggled cutely. Catching herself giggling, embarrassed she then coughed. ''I mean...Was it you?'' Arisa questioned softly, soothing as her head tilted up to look at him. Her eyes would try to look into his as they would walk within the forest towards the location. She felt like her giggling was embarrassing, childish, not cute, but who knows to other's opinion. ''Did you fight them? I went back there to track the smell, lost it, but continued on my way to see the 'terrorists' losing. I wish I was better at fighting, yknow? To help.'' she would say. It was true, she wanted to help, fear of failure, but how could she succeed if she wasn't better at helping in general? She felt weak. ''Remember the tournament?'' she would bring up and chuckled softly with a smile. She sure did... Semi-finals was as far as she got, going against him truly. ''You fought me with barely anything if nothing at all. You wrecked me though.'' she would say. It didn't bother her anymore, besides the remembrance of him being naked. They were there almost, to the swimming area. Her body, soul and all were ready for the waters touch. She loved it...It was as if she was supposed to be apart of the water.


on Wed May 24, 2017 1:52 pm


small lakeside
almost meltin'

Maarschalk moved the basket opposite of Arisa. Because of his height, he couldn’t easily reach out for her hand. His arm did extend towards her though, to offer his arm to her, which she could wrap her arm around—if she hadn’t, he’d reach for her hand instead.

Being shy wasn’t a word in his dictionary. Albeit, as a response of her natural nervousness around him, he hasn’t advanced to the level of physical connection he would otherwise have with her already. Maybe this proved itself to be a good thing, instead of having the carrot in his hands, he had it in front of him. Or, more precise so—left of him.

The sound of birds whistling about were catching his attention. Silence & peace, was the theme of the walk.

Until his voice filled the sound, and was responded to.

‘Mmm, Arisa-so-nice.’

‘Adventures huh—I wish I did more of them. I may seem like an adrenaline junkie, since I spend most of my time on the battlefield. But, places like these are the best way to spend your time…

Especially with someone like you at my side.’

She explained to him how rarely she enjoyed heat. This wasn’t something that fazed Maarschalk much, since his magic strictly dealt bad with light-and not warmth. And then a light chuckle followed by Maarschalk—it was true what she said, it was him who bumped into her.

‘You are correct. I wanted to drag you along with me, but I moved too fast—I’d have hurt you, besides, the people who put up the resistant could have hurt you as well. Who am I to endanger your cute butt to a couple of strangers like that, huh?’

Maarschalk didn’t hook onto her asking him stuff about his fighting, instead he explained something else much more important.

‘I used to be a combat-medic, though this was a few years ago. Before I opened a clinic, which coincidentally doesn’t exist anymore. During my time serving, I’ve felt very weak. Seeing the corpses of my enemies wasn’t the thing that fazed me, it was seeing the bodies of my allies. I took up the mantle, and became the man I am today. Though, in another life, I’d have remained a medic—people have a saying that goes: if you’re not smart, be strong, and if you’re not strong, be smart.’

Maarschalk used most of his wit in combat; utilizing techniques that a low-level novice could pull off. But he used them in such a fashion that allowed him to take down multiple ‘terrorists’.

‘We’ll fight again sometime, with less clothing—and more passion.’

His quick wit saved the day. Fighting her is not something Maarschalk was unable to do; he more-so lacked the willpower to do it. Even though they were physically around the same level, punching her in the face with too much force would ruin her life. His mission in life is to preserve life, and not eradicate it. If his goal was to eradicate life, he’d have joined one of those evil-doing guilds. Somewhere in his talking, they arrived at the lake.

The water was shiny, very transparent too. You could look right through it and see the bottom of the lake. Luckily there was little seaweed, those things always felt funny when you stand on them. Maarschalk let go of Arisa’s hand to set up a few things, namely the picnic basket she had taken along. He spread out the cloth she had put in, having little intentions of sitting on the dirt ground. The first thing he took off was his shirt, he threw it towards the basket.

‘Did you know that you can get sunburnt from being in the shadows? Want me to cream you in?’

The spray-bottle of sun cream was sticking out of the basket as well, he could simply reach over and grab it.


on Fri May 26, 2017 1:34 pm


Smiley face

The wind was soothing, the sun was blocked and sudden an offer appeared. Her eyes cornered to see his arms angled in a way for her arm to go through to hold it. The golden brown eyes of hers would look, bit her lower lip and took the chance. During the way, she took that offer, walking side-by-side. Her wide hips swayed left and right, thighs rubbed together upon each walk as the skin from their arms did the same. His body felt warm, but not too hot. Her heart felt calm for some reason as they were walking side-by-side. Arisa listened carefully as her head then tilted against his long arm, walking carefully as well.

'with you'

It was all she heard majorly as if it made a huge difference. According to his words, he wished to protect her - or so doesn't want her to get hurt. It was cute, appreciated, but a part of her wants to help him as well. Rather it be defensively or otherwise, she doesn't want to feel useless. Was that honestly the time to say that though? She didn't speak anything about it as she didn't want to ruin the moment.

'With less clothes and passion'

She would hear, making her peachy cheeks turn red. Her eyes lowered to look away so he couldn't see her blushing face. 'H-he wants to see me naked? And Passion?' she was thinking in her mind, blushing and her heart started to race. It was beating fast, faster than stallions galloping through the meadows. Soon they went to a stop to see the waters of sparkling springs. The summer sun would make it sparkle like it is. Her touch from her arms with his would soon depart as he would set up the 'blanket' and stuff within the basket onto the ground. Slowly Arisa backed away to get out of the way. ''If you're thirsty, Maarschalk, there are alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks within the basket. Juice and water for non-alcoholic.'' she would say. She didn't know what Maars would want, so she brought varieties. Slowly she twirled, the bikini would shine with a bright rays of the sun. Her creamy skin would have a shine upon both of her shoulders and such. After that one simple twirl she would walk with her hands behind her back, against her tailbone and went towards Maars. ''I would love it if you used the sunscreen on me.'' she would say with shy smile, blushing light pink. Her golden/brown eyes would look up upon his mysterious ones. His dark-like hair partly would cover his eyes when he looked straight down to look at her. Arisa's long brown hair would sway by strands due to the wind, tickling her back.

She would stand about two feet away from him as she would then turn so he could start on her back. Her eyes tried to ignore his chest that was revealing out of being nervous. For a moment she then thought of something else. ''U-umm...Would you like for me to sunscreen you as well, Maarschalk?'' she would say softly and soothingly. Finally she would bite her lower lip with her canine, grip her hair to move it out of his way and waited. She felt nervous...Surprisingly the darker voice that usually speaks hasn't spoken.


on Mon Jun 12, 2017 4:13 am


small lakeside
almost meltin'

She had brought drinks--which was good, but his intention wasn't to get drunk today. So, he'd settle for the non-alcoholic stuff, spending time sober was time he treasured more than getting shit-faced. Especially with Arisa anyway, getting drunk would be a waste. He bent over to grab a can of coke. It was ice-cold, just the way he liked it--now if he was a true jester, he could press it down Arisa's neck and make her squeal. But he respected her too much to do such a thing, even if it was playful. He could notice that the aura around her was slightly... awkward? Doing stupid things like playing with her feelings at this point would be detrimental. His intention was to be gentle, like bambi, so she wouldn't be scared off.

Her cheeks were lit up with a tint of scarlet--he agreed to her request.

'Sure thing, sit down in front of me.'

Since his height wouldn't allow him to properly do it otherwise. He sat down and had his legs spread out a little, giving her enough room to sit between them--with her back facing his front. Had she done so, Maarschalk reached out for the sunscreen and put some on his hand. He knew from experience that spraying it directly gave an uncomfortable feeling. Since sunscreen usually tends to be much colder than skin, giving the same sensation as a cold shower. He gently rubbed the upper side of her exposed back first. Then slowly he went lower, covering most of her back with sunscreen-including her hips. He then moved onto her shoulders, spraying some more sunscreen in his hand again and rubbing it out on her soft body. Her skin had magical properties--it felt very soft to touch but also had properties that suggested her capable strength in combat. After covering all the parts that she couldn't cover herself, Maarschalk was done.

His lips tickled the backside of her neck--brushing it gently, and he whispered under his breath;

'All done. ~ And sure -- go ahead and sunscreen me as well.'

He moved back a little, and laid flat on the cloth. With his back facing upwards. He begun talking about something else.

'I've been thinking about this for a while--but what guild are you in? I haven't seen any insignia on you... or something like that--you don't have any tattoo's, do you?

His own LAMIA SCALE insignia rested near his upper thigh. He pulled up his short a little to show her it.

'Why don't you join my guild? We could be together some more...'

His bottom lip curled inwards, with him biting on it. A quirk he performed whenever he's feeling slightly nervous. Exposing his trust into someone like this was a unique thing. Presumably, it wouldn't take a very long time for Arisa to cover his back with sunscreen. After all, he threw his shirt off a bit ago. He'd get up again if she was done with rubbing him in.

'I'm going to dip my toes in the water, are you coming with me?'


on Sat Jun 17, 2017 5:25 pm


Smiley face

Her smokey quartz eyes would glisten as she heard him speak. His touch felt warm against her smooth flawless skin that was peachy-pearl colored with its shining glory. Arisa's full lips would curve small-like into a smile that was hidden as she would tilt her head down. His hands were somewhat rough, but soft at the same time. That would be nothing new though as he fought, worked hard - or so she believes, she doesn't know what he always does. Small motions could be felt from the little pressure he put by rubbing the 'lotion' onto her skin. Her shoulders to her back and hips. He covered the revealing areas with it. 'Why...does this feel so good?' she wondered to herself in her thoughts. Her eyes half closed as she was in a daze.

Of course after he was done, she would then too rub lotion on him. 'I can do this...' she thought as a deep breather escaped, her full lips departing a little to do so. Her right hand reached for the bottle, squeezed some in the left and then sat it back down onto the blanket, sitting next to him as he laid down. Her eyes scanned his back - so muscular. Her hands rubbing together and then palmed into his skin - so warm...

ba bum-ba bum-ba bum ~

Her heart rate would increase as she would use her hands to rub the lotion onto his body, starting with his back and then his chest. While doing so she would motion her thumbs in a  circular motion as if massaging with just her thumbs while the rest just rubbed the actual lotion. Slowly her right canine bit her right lower lip as if she was nervous. Finally she was done though as she would back away shyly, trying to not be so clumsy and trip.

During some of that lasting rubbing, she would hear him speak and question about guilds with her. True she tried it out with Rune Knights, but were they really a guild? She didn't really like the people from there - as for the people she met from there. Her head tilted to where her eyes would meet his if they were to look at her. Her arms crossed against her chest while her hip swayed to the right. ''I use to be in something, but figured it wasn't for me...'' she started to say and then heard his next question.

'His guild? The one I visited that one time?' she wondered and then saw his symbolic tattoo of Lamia Scale. 'Yep..' she answered her own self in her thoughts. It was a nice idea though due to what he said in the ending of that sentence. 'We could be together more...' It was idealistic, but was there other reasons behind it? Her eyes searched or... tried to search within him as to why. Would it turn out like how Rune Knights turned out? There was only one way to find out though... ''I love the sound of that, Maarschalk.'' she spoke softly and soothingly. A small happy smile would appear from her lips as she would then see him get up and towards the water.

'The water...Go in.~' a voice would speak within her thoughts. Her eyes opened more than half and normally open as she would turn take a step forward without knowing it consciously. Her arms let go, dangling against her side now. ''Sounds nice actually.'' she would say and followed along behind him. Slowly she would run towards the water, feet sinking into the liquid of coolness and little splashes around her till she stopped. Slowly she would twist back to look at Maars with a smile, but then her skin started to change. Quickly from toe and up, her skin turned into a rather Star Sapphire color, with the sun it shined like so. Due to her not even looking at her reflection, eyes on Maars, she didn't notice yet. Her eyes glistened like the smokey quartz they are as her hair would sway with the small winds that were there. She felt actually happy, with him. Now she was going to be in the same guild as him too. Nothing could ruin this...or could it?


on Sun Jun 18, 2017 5:21 am


small lakeside
almost meltin'

The feeling of Arisa's hands covering every inch of his torso awakened something within him. But he wasn't desperate enough to have his flag risen because of it. He sprayed some more on his hand and rubbed places on his face as well--like his nose.


He'd tell her after she was done sun-screening him up. She was pretty good at it; whereas Maarschalk was much rougher with his massaging. His ears perked up a little when she begun talking about her past. It wasn't very difficult to notice that Maarschalk was deeply interested in Arisa. His response to her positive reaction was a warm smile, just as warm as her smile. After they were done talking, Maarschalk headed for the water. First, he got his toes in, and then came the rest of his body. There was a large tree next to the water--casting a large shadow over the portion he was willing to relax in. He fortunately didn't need sunglasses (he didn't own a pair anyway). Arisa was quite excited, at least from what Maarschalk could tell. She practically ran into the water.

His eyes fluttered a little, and he quickly got up from his seated position in the water--with the water previously covering half his body.

'Shit, shit, shit'

He'd whisper under his own breath as he quickly ran to Arisa. Using most of his speed to do so, he tackled her--without the slamming-into-the-ground portion. After running to her, he moved his torso downwards, letting his arms wrap themselves around her legs and raising her into the air--out of the water. This would result in Arisa's upper body to be hanging above his shoulder.

He did this without any concern for himself, he figured that the water was poisoned. He'd much rather save Arisa than himself, and it was made a fact at this point.

'The water! .... Something's bad in it!'

It was hard to talk between him panting. He took a quick second to look down at himself, and see that his body hadn't changed. But this didn't deter him from running back to the shore with Arisa half-hanging over his back. He held her tightly by her legs, not allowing himself to drop her or anything. It might have hurt though.

After having ran back to the shore, he lowered himself on his knees which would in turn allow Arisa to get on her feet again. He quickly looked up at her face and spoke.

'Are you okay!?'

Said a worried Maarschalk, staring at the indigo-colored Arisa. Her hair seemed to have other properties as well, it was slightly longer, and of the same color with a tint of purple. If he weren't as worried as much as he was now, he'd have found a new attraction to her.


on Sat Jun 24, 2017 1:55 pm


Smiley face

Her eyes brightened, her hair waved behind her as her arms dangled while she was running through the water. Her heart belonged to the water, the water only - or so she thought (for now). Her skin continued to stay as now an indigo color, but she couldn't tell. Quickly Maarschalk motioned towards her, picked her up with her being on his shoulders causing her to flail. She would turn collected and wrapped her arms around his upper head while her legs. Her eyes looked around, wondering what the hell was wrong. Did she do something? Was there something in the water?? Her eyes wandered, her head turned and then she looked down at him, but soon switched to look straight.

They'd leave the water and with that he lowered her so she could get off. Her heart skipped plenty during the whole thing - being so close to him. Once she was on her feet Arisa looked at him, deep into his darkened eyes as she would make a worrisome smile. As soon as she was going to ask something, he would ask if she was okay. ''Urm, ya! Why as-...'' she was about to ask and then her eyes looked deeper into his, seeing the reflection of her indigo skin color. Her cheeks blushed yet it was hard to see. Her head then turned away. With that her right canine tooth would bite her lower lip and hands playing with her long darkened hair that was tinted. ''I-I see... Is it strange to you? My skin? It happened when I drank that potion....'' she questioned and explained a little. ''It does it randomly.'' she would also say, turning to look up at him with some courage to see him eye-to-eye - or as much as she could anyways.

Her hips swayed left and right a little like some shy girl, her hands behind her back against her tailbone while she looked at him. What was he thinking now? ''Did it ruin our little time together?'' she asked soothingly yet cute due to a little softness that was with it. She felt shy and as if she was going to have some anxiety attack with all this worrying. She didn't want to lose him all because of this identity stuff...Slowly she would walk up closer to him, her hand goes towards his chest to where his heart his and wondered something herself. Finally she would wait for his response, staying at least a foot or two away from him, yet kept her hand on his chest.

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