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Hammer Time [Alice]

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on Tue May 16, 2017 2:53 am

Adelaide Sokolov
Imagine a red haired young woman in distress with all her clothes on the bed and the table and chair. Too much distress apparently to just figure out if she should leave. This was why she joined the Rune Knights, last time there was something, she stepped in to help too and she wasnít even a Knight. Was that smack on her head from that dark guild guy that pretended to be a knight too much for her? Nah she wasnít weak willed, she knew exactly that what she had done, joining the Rune Knights, was what she wanted. She just didnít feel good enough, didnít want to take a spot from a better person. Well thatís what she allowed herself to be the excuse, she wasnít so sure yet. She turned to look at Ophelia whom seemed to understand that the situation wasnít all too well. With a deep breath in and slowly out, she grabbed her clothes, folded them again and put them away in the dimensional pocket as she had done yesterday as well. She grabbed the books, the socks, everything that she had thrown around, nothing was broken thank god, it was just a moment of stress and not knowing what to do. She should leave thatís what she had said to herself after the relaxing bath in the bath house but yet here she still was at the bed & breakfast. She might as well try to find another job and relax again before she would definitely get away to Sieghart Mountains, she should buy a map if she didnít want to lose her way to go there. Which would be more ridiculous, maybe it was also a part of her travelling there that she was afraid of, but that would be ridiculous. She sighed again, when everything was cleaned up and the bed was made. Fine first some food, than find a job.

Together with her faithful companion Ophelia, now a Clefairy instead of a Cleffa, she headed downstairs. While eating a sandwich and some strawberries, she stared at the Clefairy, she knew what spells Ophelia had used as a Cleffa but if she could still use the same spells but perhaps more powerful, was still a mystery. Something she would have to found out today too, that would be a lot smarter. She leaned on her left hand and sighed again, which was of course the moment Clara came in. The old lady of the B&B and she talked a little. Telling her a little about what happened in Magnolia and what she expected to happen in Sieghart Mountains. The thing that Alice just thought about while Clara was babbling on, was that if she didnít go and cower here, she didnít even try to protect Fiore. She didnít have anything with the country and not even with some specific cities, but she did like some citizen and she didnít plan on dying. So she should go and do at least the best she could. Finally making her decision she would still go and buy a map, which would be a smart thing to do. She popped the last strawberry in her mouth and stood up, she thanked Clara before she headed out together with Ophelia.

It was a thirty minute walk to Magnolia centre and even when she got there, she would have to find a place where she could buy a map. She passed the quest board and glanced at it. She originally didnít plan to take a quest anymore but her eye fell on the name Barras Berend. She had heard it before, it was the smith with the beautiful weapons! She grabbed the job of the board, ĒWe will buy a map later Ophelia. This is an opportunity.Ē she whispered to her companion as she headed towards the smithy. When she arrived, she had to wait a bit for Barras to be done with whatever he was hammering at. Her eyes scanned the smithy at everything that was there, this was so exciting! She felt like a fangirl, but tried to hide the bubbling exciting sensation. She waited for Barras to spot her and she showed him the request, he seemed to recognize her vaguely so she told him about the job, she and Konstantin had done for him. He seemed to remember and they talked shortly about that before he told her what the job was for today, she would help the smithís assistant and thus didnít have to worry about working all by herself. Which was at least a bit of a relieve. As soon as she understood the job, she greeted the smithís assistant and he explained to her what he was going to do, eyeing her suspiciously probably because she was a girl. He pointed out the hammer and she simply took it, telling Ophelia to stay near the door of the smith because Alice didnít want her to get hurt nor be in the way. Ophelia seemed to understand and went to do something only a Clefairy could do. Not much later the smithís assistant got a soft metal out of the fire and put it on the anvil, so she could hammer it flatter it out, the progress took a few times where it had to go back into the fire, back on the anvil and she had to hammer, the details were done by Barras and they would move on to the next piece of metal. It took the whole day and Alice felt a bit mean to Ophelia whom didnít seem to like today much but she enjoyed it a lot, it was very interesting to see how everything was made, even though she had only hammered. The smithís assistant had apparently changed his opinion about her halfway through the morning and it made it a lot more fun.

When the day was over, Barras thanked her and paid her the jewels that she quickly counted. They had a short chit chat about her weapons and armour and that if she saw something interesting, she should tell him and that she was always welcome. She thanked him for those kind words and left together with the Clefairy, who was definitely very happy that the job was over.

Wordcount: 1046/1000

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