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Hammer Time [Kon]

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on Mon May 15, 2017 11:56 am

Konstantin Sokolov
There he stood in the streets of Magnolia town boldly wearing his armor fashionably stylised with a custom etched cape and scarf, along with his Zebstrika who wore matching clothing as well as his riding gear. The reason for them just standing there was for him to read the request he was to complete today meanwhile the reason for their early arrival to the streets of Magnolia town was to nab the cream of the corp for missions before the others grabbed them. This was only possible due to them both reaching the board at about six in the morning and the weather raining so heavily that all but the most well dressed were affected.

He, himself however was unaffected with his thick armor and his helmet protecting him from the torrents of rain that fell from the dark cloudy skies. Through his thickly armored hands he held the note for the request it was from the blacksmith in Magnolia town whom he had both worked for and gotten work done for him. Wanting to repay the favor for what he had made for him he kicked off his Zebstrika towards the man’s smithy. It was a large building multiple chimneys two on each corner and a massive furnace only partially visible from the front and even the sides of the building.

Wanting to keep Sparky out of the torrential rain, he opened the side entrance wide enough to fit the two of them through the gap. Loud hammering could be heard against the rain that pelted against the roof out of sync with it. The man responsible for the noise was unaware of Kon’s presence at first until he started moving closer, removing the wool inside his ears to protect his hearing. “If you want your armour mended you’ll have to wait my assistant is hurt and I’m not repairing anything at the moment got a project lined up going to take weeks.” Wanting to clarify his reason for being here, Kon held up the now wet document. “I’m here for the hammering job?, I’m not the fastest nor the strongest but I have a great endurance when it comes to doing work.”

The formerly gloomy blacksmith turned to face Kon with a glorious beaming smile and clapped his shoulders strongly with his hands hardened from years working with metal. “You will need to get out of that if you want to do any work for me in here, you’ll pass out before too long otherwise.” Pointing at a nearby armour stand where he could put it in the meantime. As he was still wearing portions of his regular attire underneath his armour, after taking about 10 minute to remove the restrictive guarding and putting it onto the stand, he was handed a grumpy black apron by Barras. Shortly soon after another younger gentleman with his arm in a splint came into the smith from the same entrance. Swearing as he shook himself dry and moved to the warmth of the furnace. “Awful weather outside, who’s the pretty boy?” Pointing a thumb at Kon rudely.

Slighted by the man’s comments he moved towards him however barras blocked his path and simply handed him some gloves instead. “Here you’ll need there to work with the metal I need you to hammer for me, it’s a two handed job and Rick over there is in no state to do anything after he busted up his arm when he slipped onto an anvil, bandaged him up alright but he’s going to need time to heal so you’ll have to do his work today and if you’re still keen on some jewels maybe tomorrow as well.”

While Rick was still injured he tried to prove his worth to Barras as the smith's assistant by handing Kon a soft metal straight from the forge and placing it on the anvil for you still glowing hot. Doing so with a pair of tongs albeit with great difficulty. Wanting to help the man Kon tried to take over from his role however he wasn’t able to let go instead he was given the duty of merely hammering out the metal a bit and flatten it out for him. Prior to starting he also received similar pieces of wool and stuck them into his ears causing his hearing to become dulled. Starting the work revealed how difficult it was for the mage as he wasn’t familiar with accomplishing tasks that required a great deal of overall strength. Which Rick took great joy in teasing him, commenting on how the only reason he looked so fearsome was because of his armour, ignoring his coworkers words he continued regardless.

Despite his unfamiliarity with the work Kon was able to keep up with them using a mixture of willpower and a touch of magic that he drew from. The work itself seemed to continue endlessly with the weather and closed building providing little in the way of saying if it were day or night. Regardless of this, the work eventually came to an end when all the pieces of metal were completely pounded into shape and stacked for Barras to use. Completing his task for the day Barras left the smithy only to return with a small satchel providing kon with his payment for his work. Satisfied both with the reward he had done and the exercise he got from the work itself, Kon accepted the payment donned on his armour and returned back onto his Zebstrika. Barras noting his urgency to leave opened the door for Kon so he could breeze his way back to the bed and breakfast as to not get completely soaked from the rain.

The ride back to the bed and breakfast was far worse than when he left it, the weather had soured and the wind was now blowing directly in his face. The rain itself had increased to a cascade dampening the speed at which he was comfortable at taking the trip back on his steed with his vision impaired significantly from the sheer torrent of water. Eventually, though Kon reached the bed and breakfast where he rushed Sparky into a roofed and heated area before entering the building itself and throwing off his armour and removing the rest of his clothing and having a shower to regain all of the lost warmth.

Total Word Count: 1060/1000

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