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Flier Funky [Seira]

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“I will stop by the bathhouse for the day, see you later,” Seira said to Gilda, the owner of the inn she was staying at and disappeared into the streets of Magnolia Town. The weather was decent, sunny and warm but not too hot and the city offered many places to entertain its visitors, another reason why Seira enjoyed coming to Magnolia a lot. With Fairy Tail being the local guild there were lots of wizards around and of course also lots of opportunities to entertain them and Magnolia could be described as a generally idyllic place that was also family friendly. The bathhouse was one of those attractions and it was extremely popular among the people, from what Seira could gather. She had visited many times before and often paid a good amount of money to get one of the special baths that included different herbs that were good for the skin. That place had never disappointed her and surely it wouldn’t do so today either. It was only a fifteen minute walk from the inn she was staying at and as soon as Seira arrived and entered she spotted the famous owner of the bathhouse, Bella Missandra. Seira didn’t know much about that woman, except that she was most likely older than she admitted and very vain when it came to her appearance. Rumor has it that she used magic to keep herself young and even though it was none of Seira’s business, really, she couldn’t help but smirk at the desperate attempts of that woman to remain beautiful. For now it was most definitely working because she looked absolutely stunning. When Seira entered the bathhouse the owner immediately waved her over. “You, I’ve seen you here before. You visit quite often, don’t you?” Seira responded. “Yes, I do, I was actually going to take a b-” Before she could continue to speak Bella interrupted her. “Well, you see, lately it hasn’t been going so well for me and I need your help. Do you think you could distribute some fliers for me around town? I’ll reward you, of course. With money and a bath! I just really need to get this business going..” Seira was a bit surprised at the sudden offer but immediately agreed - it was money after all. “Sure, of course I can do that.” Bella handed her a stack of fliers and started explaining again. “Great, thank you love, I owe you! You can just hand them to the people you see in the streets, but I would like if you could hang them up at these three locations as well: The South Gate Park, a lot of people spend time there. Then somewhere close to the Fairy Tail guildhall and lastly, Olly’s bakery. He has a massive amount of customers after all!” Seira nodded in agreement. “Sure, I can get to all of those places no problem. It will probably take me a few hours so I will see you again later today.” Seira agreed with the reward Bella was offering and took the stack of fliers and then left the bathhouse again.

It was a more or less unexpected turn of events but the snow haired didn’t really care for it, as long as she got money and potentially a free bath she was fine with it. She spend about an hour out in the streets and handed the fliers to everyone she saw walking buy, young and old people alike. She also tried her best to figure out which ones of them were travellers, because people who were just visiting were often more interested in doing such activities but not always did they also knew about them. Because of that Seira stopped by a few inns and hung up some of the fliers on the bulletin boards that most inns had inside their lounges. She always visited a good number of bars because she knew through her own experiences that many travellers and wizards spent their time in bars and such to collect information and also to have a good time. Now Seira walked to the South Gate Park, which was as Bella had told her quite busy and many people seemed to love this place. Seira searched around until she found a bulletin board and hung up two fliers next to each other so they would catch people’s eyes. She then walked around until she found another one and did the same as before. The next stop was the Fairy Tail guildhall and upon arriving it took Seira a few minutes but she eventually found a request board close by where she would hang up some of the fliers as well so wizards from the guild and from everywhere else would see the fliers. On her way she would also hand them to the people she met on her way. So far Seira had always avoided the wizards of Fairy Tail, however, or other wizards in general. The final place to visit was Olly’s bakery—one of Seira’s favourite places in Fiore. She stopped by to hang up some fliers with Olly’s permission and also bought a few pastries such as muffins and donuts for herself to nibble on while she walked back. It had been quite a long day after all and the whole ordeal had cost her about four hours of her day. It was evening now and Seira returned to the bathhouse after all the fliers were gone. Bella was pleased to find that Seira had given away the entire stack of fliers and paid her as promise as well as offering her to take a special bath. Seira took her up on that offer, of course, and the bath was even more fantastic than she had expected in first place. She was thoroughly enjoying herself and felt much more energetic afterwards, even though she couldn’t quite explain why. After Seira finished bathing she returned back to her inn and decided to rest for the day, since there was nothing else for her to do. She would look for more work tomorrow.


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