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Flier Funky [Alice & Ophelia | Quest]

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Right there was need for work, and well she had to consider what she had to do. She wasnít so sure what to do, move out of Magnolia, Magnolia that could hold thousands of answers, had more jobs that she could still take. There was things necessary but it also was not what she wanted to know right now. Actually the answers were at one place and that was Lacie. Lacie wasnít for as far as she knew in Magnolia, she was in Crocus or Orchidia, what was what she heard? Was she in Era? She wasnít sure at all but she didnít want to see Lacie, for some reason at this moment, she didnít want to know. She didnít trust her sister to provide her the answers she wanted to know, she doubted that her sister would tell her the truth or that the truth was the same for both parties. Meaning her and her sister.

Alice sighed as she stared at Ophelia. She was alone, the room was empty apart from her stuff. Her clothing, books, things she needed to stay around and stay fresh and clean. She frowned and signed once more. Okay maybe she should just leave this be and hurry and find a job, focus her mind on something else, she ushered Ophelia to come to her, the Clefairy wasnít so small anymore. She wasnít sure where to go but the two of them headed from the bed & breakfast to Magnolia city. Which was a 30 minutesí walk. She kept on sighing, not making any decisions and besides that the weather was rather gloomy, not making her mind focus on the job issue that she wanted to take. She shook her long orange hair from side to side before she twisted it in her hands and made a bun of it on the back of her head. She was soon in the city, the Clefairy walked faster than the Cleffa. The two of them but mostly Alice stared at the quest board and picked one for the easy looking jobs. Probably staying in a bath house was fun, she hoped that Ophelia was allowed, but she didnít have to stay inside the bath house if it was to gain more customers. When she met with Bella, they made small talk before she got the flier from her and she moved back outside in front of the bath house. She gave a few to Ophelia and let her pet do some of the work, most people liked her more than talking to Alice. She started on the street but Bella wanted her to go to other paces in town, Alice had agreed but she didnít want to go to the Cathedral or be close to it, especially not now that she was alone. She was sure she couldnít handle that. When she was outside and handing out fliers, she could hear people talk about what was happening about this Cell guy, she had not heard much about it before, she had heard some small things and you could see what had happened in Magnolia but n ot many talked about it. She kept an eye on Ophelia, whom worked on while she stepped to the two men talking about it, she asked a few things and they explained the tournament to her. As she was a Rune Knight, she should definitely go, not that these two knew. She sighed and thought about it before as she thanked the two guys and walked back to hand out more fliers for the Bath House of Bella.

She continued to walk South Gate park with Ophelia and found a bulletin board where she hang one of the fliers and continued to hang out some together with the Clefairy. When the two of them lost some more, she gave a new stack to Ophelia, as it seemed she worked better than Alice. The two of them walked to the Fairy Tail guild hall and she talked to someone that would hang the flier inside on a board and she could hang one outside, close to it. She thanked the mage and heard some more about this Cell tournament and headed on to the shop of Ollyís, where she had bought the best cupcakes. She sighed again there was much talk about the information that was shared on the Lacrima. She still hadnít made much of a decision but she should definitely think of something. She asked inside in the cake shop if she could hang up a flier and left once she did, thanking Olly and his staff. Ophelia had stayed outside, handing out fliers. She continued to do that until the stack of fliers was gone. They headed back to the Bath House.

Because they did a lot of work and walking, Bella thanked her and paid her, also offering her a bath. She thanked Bella and took the bath to relax and make up her mind. Finally after that she had decided that it was the best that she would leave, mostly because she also had to pack her stuff. She thanked Bella once more for the bath and hurried back to the Bed & Breakfast with Ophelia and her new money. She counted the jewels when she got back inside and looked for everything that she needed to pack. Her clothes were easily stored in the dimensional pocket of her magic and the books and everything else that she needed to take, her make-up, brush, her shampoo, everything she stored in the shoulder bag that she took with her. She put the blue backpack for Ophelia in there too, not sure if the Clefairy would fit in it anymore but she was sure that she would have to find a way to carry her little companion as she had to walk probably quite a bit. Right when she was done, she stared at the mirror in the bathroom, where she was refreshing before she would leave. She had no idea where to go? Maybe another relaxing bath was needed before she was sure if she should go?

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