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Nanuq Town to Capital Crocus [Foot Traveling]

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Default on Sun May 14, 2017 4:09 am

Seira stumbled through her room, hectically collecting all the items that belonged to her, as well as the ones she had freshly bought. She was preparing for a long travel down south, to Crocus—the capital of Fiore. Nanuq Town was an interesting place, to say the least, and quite beautiful as well but the Sorceress has had enough of the freezing weather and the icy wasteland and since there was not much more for her to do here she decided to leave after being here for 5 days. The travel to Crocus would also take quite some time and she was planning on getting as far away from the cold weather as possible before stopping to find an inn for the night.  Nanuq was on the northern border of Fiore, behind it were the sea and the frozen tundra. It was about as far away from civilization as one could possibly get, but the people who lived here didn’t seem to mind. When Seira left she was treated kindly by the people who stood guard at the gate and she bid them farewell before leaving.

Travelling down to the capital was exhausting, especially when done by foot, but it got much easier the farer away she was from Nanuq because of the weather improving significantly. As a nature magic user Seira was more fond of warmer temperatures anyways and after walking for about a day she stopped by a motel to eat something and rest. Seira didn’t plan on staying in Crocus for very long either and although she knew there was plenty of work to do there, something about the capital didn’t sit well with her. Magnolia was different and although it had a local guild, they seemed friendly enough not to bother her and there was usually a lot of work and missions for her to do as well. As expected, it took Seira about 5 days to travel from Nanuq Town to Crocus, and she took some stops in between to rest, since she wasn’t really in a hurry. The weather had gotten warmer and traveling through the forest wasn’t a problem anymore under these circumstances. When Seira arrived at the gates of Crocus she was relieved nonetheless. Crocus was a massive city, with lots of opportunities and people living here, shops that sold all kinds of different items and it was beautiful too. Entering through the gates fortunately wasn’t a problem and Seira searched for a hotel first, so she could get some rest and store her belongings.


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