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Little Necromancer [Seira]

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on Sat May 13, 2017 4:48 pm

Nanuq Town was surrounded by frozen wasteland. All the way up at the northern border of Fiore, giant icebergs surrounded the village, ice and snow covered everything and although civilization seemed far away—it was not. Nanuq had established what appeared to be a flourishing economy and they seemed to be doing well even though their homes were so far off from.. everything else. Seira had never been here before and although she was freezing a lot this place was definitely worth visiting, and it was far from anything she had ever seen before. She was astonished and amazed to say the least and couldn’t help but wander the streets all day simply to look around. She felt like a normal tourist and almost forgot that she had come here to find work in first place, and also to gather knowledge about the places around Fiore. What was perhaps the most fascinating thing about Nanuq was how it was impossible to reach from the back and that you could never surround and attack a place like this from all sides, it made for a very safe town in general. All in all, a mesmerizing place. Seira had already found a place to stay at and was now heading out to find the local mission request board and the mages used on their way through the city. Many places had said board and it was a good place to meet up with other wizards, if you wanted to, share experiences and whatnot and, of course, accept missions. It was set up as a little house, fortunately it was warm inside, and there was no one besides Seira there. It seemed that not many people came by Nanuq Town after all. Seira looked through the missions and eventually picked out one that required her to contact a certain Muhin Nataqin, who would be her client for this job. From the information she could gather about her client, Muhin was the son of the current chief of Nanuq and an overall respected and admired person. Apparently he was known for his excellent combat skills as well so Seira was wondering why he called for her help. That question was answered as soon as they met to discuss the details of the job and Muhin revealed that he wasn’t allowed to do this by himself, because of his rank and status. Seira could absolutely understand that and didn’t question it at all from then on. While they drank some tea he explained how there have been sightings of a small figure raising the undead from the ground and then running away for no apparent reason. He wanted to know more about that, that was all. Seira agreed swiftly without asking more questions than necessary and left for her mission.

The Nanuq Seas were generally a difficult place to enter, especially if you weren’t familiar with the landscape, but there were walls of glacier and a small but walkable path which she would use to get a better view on whoever was supposedly there summoning the undead. After walking around and looking around for a while Seira eventually spotted a small shadow from afar that was very clearly casting dark magic. She approached the location of the unknown figure as quietly as possible to get a better view on it and what she witnessed was quite puzzling. Seira’s eyes met with a young boy, no older than ten years, wearing the traditional Nanuq clothing. He was most definitely not an enemy and from what she could tell he probably meant no harm either. Why a child was playing with dark magic, however, left her clueless. Seira couldn’t help it, she found it creepy, almost disturbing to watch as the little boy used his darkness magic to raise skeletons from the ground to.. play with him. The human remains were chasing him, lifting him up and carried him around, entertained him in the most innocent way. They were spending time with each other as if it was the most normal thing in the world. As Seira crawled a bit closer to get a better look on the situation the boy eventually noticed her and immediately fled, causing the spell to break and the skeletons to fall down onto the floor lifelessly. They sunk into the snow and disappeared before Seira could get a closer look and as the kid started running away Seira got up to chase him. The snow was deep and the young child was obviously struggling with it, because he eventually fell and Seira could barely even catch him to prevent him from getting injured. He seemed scared but she managed to calm him down before he tried to escape yet a second time. Necromancers were extremely rare and when Seira questioned him he explained shyly that he wasn’t born with either ice or water magic, like it was common here, and that he was concerned about being an outcast, which is why he played in the outskirts where no one could judge im. He loved his magic and thought that it wasn’t evil because of what it was and Seira agreed. Seira took the child back to the city and to his parents and together they discussed this rather unusual situation. Even though it was very uncommon for a child to be born with necromancer magic in Nanuq the parents were surprisingly accepting and forgiving with their child, and even the rest of the town, who had heard of it by now, didn’t seem to mind it very much. It seemed that this problem was solved and Seira met with her client Muhin again, who was also amused by the story and at the same time very relieved that nothing bad was coming for Nanuq Town. He rewarded her to promised amount of jewels and explained that he planned on celebrating the little necromancer’s “coming out” by creating a party for him for the night, also mentioning that Seira was invited as well. Seira was appreciative of that but decided to leave for some rest first, and also to warm up before she would be joining any public events.


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