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Orchidia Town to Nanuq Town [Foot Traveling]

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Default on Sat May 13, 2017 2:14 pm

“Thank you for your service, I had a lovely time here,” Seira gazed at the receptionist and smiled softly at the elderly woman. The hotel was perfect, the Sorceress loved every moment here and was grateful for getting a room with a view onto the Orchidia Forest which was nearby—but now it was time to go. Seira had stayed in Orchidia for much longer than planned, and although her stay had only extended by a few days she decided that now was the time to leave. She had finished a few jobs, earned some money and thought about leaving to Nanuq Town, a place in the North, before going down towards the South again.

Seira had met a few friendly travellers during her time here and they had advised her to stop by Nanuq at least once. Although it was cold and different from most cities it was definitely worth a visit and Seira absolutely believed that. After Nanuq Town she wanted to stop by the capital before going down to Magnolia, which was one of her favourite places to be.  She preferred to travel by foot, not that any trains led all the way up North anyways and it would take her approximately five days to arrive, which honestly wasn’t too bad.

After checking out Seira left Orchidia immediately and spent the next three days travelling and exploring the outskirts of Fiore, the lands that surrounded the cities between Orchidia and Nanuq and such, but mostly she spent her time walking through the forest. The trip in itself, of course, took a bit longer than estimated, simply because Seira was stopping by inns and motels for the night where she would rest, but not spent much time at. She usually stayed for the night and a meal and then moved on the next day. It got colder as well so she bought some winter clothing on her way to Nanuq, which turned out to be a wise decision. Seira arrived in Nanuq on the fifth day and immediately went to search for a hotel to stay at.


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