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Flier Funky [Houren]

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#1Houren Vanadis 

Default on Sat May 13, 2017 12:26 am

The Fairy Tail mage stood outside the Magnolia bathhouse with the fliers in his arms, and he was carrying them as though he was some young university student who was heading from one class to another. He was stationary at the moment though, handing out the fliers to the people who passed by and extolling to them the wonders of this particular bathhouse. It was the only in Magnolia, the only public one anyway, and as such it had always been popular. It actually seemed somewhat greedy to Houren that Miss Bella was asking him to attract even more customers for her, but he supposed that was the way it went in the business world. The Fire Dragon Slayer wanted absolutely no part of it, but was okay with doing this kind of job for her as long as she promised to pay him. Unfortunately, today's job was not so easy as to just stand around outside the establishment and entice people to go in, or just handing them fliers. Instead, there were very specific places where Miss Bella had wanted the fliers to be put up, places that she claimed were incredibly popular and were sure to be seen by the masses. After handing out a good few of the fliers from the bundle he was given, Houren decided to head to the first destination, believing that he could simply hand out the surplus fliers to anybody he had met along the way. With this in mind, he headed over to South Gate Park. It was one of the nicer parks in Fiore, and did not require a fee to enter, thereby making it by far the most popular out of all the parks in Magnolia. They even had their own bulletin board located in the middle of the park, and Houren decided that this would be the best place for him to hang out the flier for the bathhouse. The bulletin board in the park was pretty stacked by the time Houren reached, but he managed to find enough space in between a poster that was looking for people to join a theater troupe and one that seemed to be a missing pet poster for someone's cat. He stapled the bathhouse flier there, before heading over to his destination, a place that he was incredibly familiar with.

The Fairy Tail guildhall.

Of course, no matter where in Magnolia you put him, Houren knew just exactly the fastest route you needed to take to get back to the Fairy Tail guildhall and he managed to reach the guildhall from South Gate Park in what he assumed to be record timing. He went over to the bulletin board that housed all the guild's requests, and put the flier up there. This was the request board, to be sure, but the rules in Fairy Tail were a lot more lax in comparison to other guilds and nobody said anything if you put up wanted posters, missing posters, or any sort of poster here in the bulletin board. As such, even though the guildhall was currently lively and people had definitely took notice of Houren's appearance, they did not say anything when he posted up a flier for the Magnolia bathhouse. He left a few for the bartender to distribute, before heading to the final destination which was near Olly's Bakery. There was no obvious spot there for anyone to put a poster or flier, but it was in a fairly city area with many trees having been planted by the government council in order to brighten up the place. The Fairy Tail mage supposed that he could just put the posters up on some trees near Olly's Bakery or something. Hell, he could show his face in the bakery itself and hand Olly a flier or two personally. Hopefully, the baker wouldn't see Houren as being too straightforward and then getting angry with Miss Bella. If that were to happy then Houren was sure that he wouldn't be getting paid. On the way to the bakery, Houren posted a few of the posters on the trees leading up to the establishment, before poking his head through the door, asking Olly if it was OK for him to put the poster in his bakery if he bought some bread, a deal that Olly was more than happy to accept. After all, Houren was no stranger to the baker and he had helped him on several occasions beforehand. With all this done, and with no posters left to give out, Houren returned to the bathhouse where Miss Bella was waiting. Seeing that he was no longer holding a stack of posters or fliers, she smiled and told him that his monetary reward would be with him quite shortly. However, before that she offered him a dip in one of the bathhouse's special springs, a place that was sure to rejuvenate his magical energy supply, something that Houren was not going to refuse.

He remembered back to the time he had accepted a hermit's herbal remedy and ended up with a larger capacity for magical energy, and concluded that this must have been something fairly similar. He remembered Miss Bella's directions off by heart and set off for the spring, stripping off his clothes immediately and jumping in to a great feeling in his body. He felt light for a second, before determining to himself that he felt better now than he had ever felt in his entire life. The wounds he had sustained in the battles against Cell and Grimoire Heart had already begun to heal, and this was simply the icing on the cake. After finishing up his dip, Houren got up out of the water and went back to Miss Bella's office, the door was open and the room was empty, but the twenty five thousand jewels that he was owed was there on the table, with a letter addressed to him. Not thinking much of it, he took the reward and left.


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