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Baska to Oak [Foot Travel]

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on Thu May 11, 2017 8:12 pm

Roman spent the next four days on the train enjoying the normal life for a moment. It was nice not having to worry about being hunted or someone trying to kill him immediately. It was a sort of vacation from the life he lived. For the most part he kept to himself, mediating and training with himself inside of the mental reaches of his mind. Fighters were able to project a sort of arena inside of their own mind. Thanks to his near death experience he was able to do this more freely. Able to reach into the far corners of his mind and focus. The only time he came out is when it was time to eat, bathroom or shower in the Train quarters. He wasn’t seen as a dark mage or combatant. Just as an individual trying to catch a ride home. The four days went by extremely quickly. Before he knew it, Roman was in Baska, roughly a day or two of traveling out.

Four days Later…

The train stopped at the Baska station. Roman gathered up his things and prepared for the trip to Oak from Baska. He slung the duffel bag over his shoulder. After departing from the train station he made his way to the edge of town. He was familiar with the area due to only being a town away from Oak. He exited down the path that lead straight to Oak so he could see what the Guild Master wanted.

254/100 WC

[Exit to Oak]

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