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Distraction [Quest]

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Distraction [Quest] Empty on Tue May 09, 2017 11:18 pm

Whenever Mei felt bored, the first thing that came to mind was to take a request. It earned her money as well as gave her something to do to rid of the boredom. She could always do things like watering the tiny vegetable farm in their backyard, or clean the house, or be a couch potato for the day, but none of them gave them the wonderful feeling of getting money after a request is completed. As said before, Mei loved earning money. After a few minutes of deciding if she really wanted to get up and get changed to do a job. She was in her PJs at the moment and was feeling extra lazy thanks to the comfy sofa in their living room. She dropped the book in her hand that she wasn’t even really reading, she was just staring at the pages trying to figure out what to do with her boredom. She got up a moment later, thinking ‘why not’ before hitting the shower and dressing up so she looked presentable.

She went straight to the request board in Orchidia, picking up the first quest that piqued her interest. It had something to do with causing a distraction, but only for one person and that was the old man on a wheelchair who was always spouting nonsense everywhere he went, and mostly the castle where the nobles lived. Of course who would want someone like that to be at their party, right? He would be a total party pooper, and probably scare everyone away with his mad theories. Mei had seen this man a few times in the streets. He was indeed a spreader of bad news and things that were not true. She didn’t know what his story was but it had probably been rough for him. She knew people who were broke usually had problems that made them that way.

Mei started her journey to the castle, walking instead of taking her bike since she had a feeling she wouldn’t need it anyways. Once she reached the castle the guards asked why she was here, so she simply told them that she was here to keep watch of Leis and take him away so that he couldn’t cause trouble. The guards let her stand at the entrance with them, which made her feel sort of awkward since everyone gave her a confused look because she was just this short haired teenager just standing there doing nothing really. But they didn’t know her job and there was one thing she had to do for now - keep an eye on Leis and take him away when he arrives. She heard that he was on a wheelchair, and that someone even broke his old one so he had a new one now that people bought together for him. It wasn’t right for anyone to break his wheelchair. That was kind of pretty rude, Mei thought. But now that he had a new one, it was all good.


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Distraction [Quest] Empty on Wed May 10, 2017 12:47 am

Mei yawned a little as she folded her arms and waited patiently for the old man to appear. She was started to grow a bit impatient since he hadn’t shown up yet, but her job wasn’t done here. The party wasn’t over, it was only just beginning, and more people were entering the castle. She made sure she didn’t look like an idiot to the people who were just entering the castle, because she was literally standing at the entrance and everyone gave her at least a look before entering since she looked so out of place. The guards almost completely forgot about her presence since she didn’t even speak a word. Mei was, to be completely honest, a little scared of the guards since they had weapons on them and might hurt her if she did something stupid, not that she planned to do anything stupid.

Finally, after about thirty to forty minutes of waiting while standing (her legs were starting to ache, too), she spotted him in his little wheelchair, the old man Leis with his bullpooping mouth. Mei waited until he was heading in their direction because at first he just looked like he was roaming the streets. Once he was heading to the entrance, Mei gave the guard a look and left, walking towards the old man in the wheelchair. He looked pretty hopeful, as if he was looking forward to ruining the party, but as soon as she spotted Mei, he raised an eyebrow, stopping his wheelchair and asking what she wanted. Mei gave him a huge grin as if she was his number one fan.

“Mr. Leis! Is that really you? I can’t believe I’m meeting you here, and all alone! I’ve been looking for you because I need you to preach your word to some of the people who look up to you. Please don’t let them down,” she started. Old man Leis started to seem hopeful, asking her if she was joking which she denied of course and started to lead him to the church since he agreed. This was a pretty bad thing to do, but she had no other ideas at the moment. She didn’t know where else to take him. Leis didn’t put up much resistance. He pretty much let Mei take him to the church, which relieved her greatly. She was expecting to put up a fight and say some nonsensical things to her.

On the way to the church, he started to act a little strange, but knowing what he was like, Mei ignored it and just nodded at whatever he said. Moments later he went full emo and started to talk about his dead wife. So that was his story. Mei listened attentively and said a word or two when necessary. Once they arrived at the church, she felt sorry for him and told him the real reason why she took him to the church, apologizing as well. Leis gave her a very amused and confused look, but in the end since he got sad from talking about his wife, he told Mei to just take him home, which she did. Afterwards, she went back to the castle to take her reward.


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