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Family Bond [Granny Sitting quest] [wip]

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Family Bond [Granny Sitting quest] [wip] Empty on Tue May 09, 2017 8:49 am

Helena Perez
"I was surprised to get word that a rune knight would be taking up the position of care taker" The tall brown headed male said as he walked the rather unusual looking female in to the apartment blocks of Orchidia. "I'm more of a Rune Knight in training, its customary for Rune Knight trainees to be sent on public jobs in many different towns to get a feel for the places and people they are going to be sworn to protect" The soft voice of the green skinned woman said, her breath smelling like roses as it wafted in to the small apartment. "Thats pretty cool, well Miss Perez, this is my mother Rynah Noran" The tall bushy headed man said, waving his hand to his mother before rubbing his temple. "I'll leave you two to get acquainted, I need something for this hangover" Yet as the male turned he whispered "Her memory is not all that, keep an eye on everything she does and turn things off, or put things back that she forgets too, ok"

Helena would only nod, smiling towards the woman, though her mind raced, this is not what she wanted, an old granny. How was she going to relax now, she would actually have to do some work and there was no one else here to do it for her. "Oh no dear, that is a rather unusual looking dress. It looks like its made of real grass, its very pretty" The wee old biddy said. "Why thank you miss Noran, and please call me Helena" The plant like female would say. "Though Helena, you should really go to the doctors, because your looking a little green" "Ohohohoho" giggled Helena. "The doctors can't help, this is a side effect of my magic" "OH A MAGE" the old woman said excitedly. "Would you show me some magic?" the old woman asked. "Oh....oh....no" Helena said, her voice dimming. "I, I'm not fully in control you see and, im a little bit scared to do much" Helena spoke without realising she had just  revealed that she was terrified of her own magic.

"We are all scared of things we don't understand, I'm sure one day you will feel in control" the lovely old woman said before returning to the living room where she would retrieve her knitting needles and a large ball of yarn. Helena would follow and the two would simple discuss things while the elderly woman knitted. Most of the things she spoke about Helena did not understand, though she had gotten rather talented at hiding her lack of education with simple nods or by perfect timing a sound whether it was happy sad or whatever was needed based on the tone of the story. When the old biddy got bored of her knitting she would move to a cross word puzzle that the two would  do together, though Helena knew nothing about it nor any of the clues, she simply played the fool, which was simple because thats what she was. It was one of the reasons she joined the Rune Knights, she felt that they would grant her what she had been missing, as well as the fact they where the ones who found her after her home had been destroyed, but recently she had been thinking. Was the Rune Knights the best fit for her.

Pushing these thoughts out of her mind, the biddy would stand up smiling at Helena "Time to water the plants" she said, Helena would follow the elderly lady to the kitchen and watch her fill up the watering can, and then walk away, leaving the tap still running at full speeds. Quickly the magician moved to turn the tap off, before following the old lady outside only to bump in to her softly. "Rynah, is everything..." Helena stopped, looking around to see the flower bed, the  flowers had whithered and died, as if forgotten. normally a scene like this would infuriate the Mother of Nature, yet in this instance, her heart felt broken for the old lady who looked so devastated at the loss of her flowers.

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