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Flier Funky

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Default on Mon May 08, 2017 9:40 pm

The air was thick with boiling hot steam, vision was clouded by plumes of warm mist. The blonde haired rune knight walked through the bath house with sweat pouring down his face causing it to glisten from the lights above. He had come to this bath house at the request of the owner, Bella Missandra, who sought the aid of an individual. Recognising the type of mission that he would be undertaking by himself for today, he decided not to wear his armour or helmet merely his sword. His companion, of course, remained outside as it still gave him incredible speed to do his job. He had entered the building with the workers out the front informing him of Bella's location.

Reaching her, he was met with two scantily clad grinning women roughly his age who swiftly and alarmingly stripped him of all bar his undergarments. Guiding the bewildered Konstantin into the bath that Bella was resting in, she approached him boldly and with passion. “My dear, I need you to do something for me, just a tiny, little, favour.” Putting emphasis on the last of her comment. Interested by the tone she was using, Kon allowed her to continue revealing her requests from Kon though her behaviour was becoming increasingly intimate.

Recognising this and not wishing to betray Alice for a fling, he resisted and simply spoke out. “What is your request?, I’m not interested in silly games.” Taken back from his response, Bella pulled away with a sigh before giving Kon a large box with a nondescript label on top. “There are some fliers in there, take them put them throughout the town.” With the conversation ending just as quick as it started, Kon rose from the hot water causing steam to run off his body. Stepping out of the water, the two ladies appeared once more to dry himself off and left him with his clothes cleaned and pressed. Feeling uncomfortable in front of the women getting dressed he moved into a dressing room donned his clothes collected his sword and the box of fliers.

Leaving the bath house he felt invigorated after even the quickest of soaks in the water. A shower at the bed and breakfast had a similar effect but it was nowhere close to this. Getting back to the mission at hand, Kon still carrying the box found a bench and pulled open the top that was nailed in place using his sword as leverage. The fliers were fairly simple in design and straight to the point. “Pass them around and hand them hmm?” He thought to himself. “God damn why the hell do I have to keep doing these low paying, low-risk missions.”

His distaste towards these missions revolved around the fact that he was not only unable to test his abilities but also because they meant he would be spending an entire day on his feet doing petty jobs. Regardless it was money so Kon went to work, there were a number of locations which he had been told to put the posters up in starting with the bulletin board in the south gate park. Gathering about 100 of these posters so he could also handsome around in person he moved to the park. There were a few people about but not enough to run out so by the time he got to there he still had more than half.

The bulletin board when he got there was full of posters dating back all as far as three or four years ago to Kon’s surprise. Not wanting to block the space of other new, yet to be released events advertised by a poster he plucked a pin from one of the eldest and covered it with the bath house poster. The next location he was instructed to place a flier was within the fairy tail guild hall. Luckily for him, he was able to get in and out without too much trouble from either the members nor the guild master herself. He placed the flier in a general board rather than the request board to prevent confusion and the chance he was mistaken for a client.

Lastly in keeping with advertising to tourists Bella instructed Kon to place a flier near Olly’s Bakery which was well renowned for its freshly baked bread and desserts. He, himself had been there before on many occasions purchasing goods for either breakfast, dinner or just as a simple treat to him and Alice if she was with him. Sticking the flier on the window of the shop itself after getting permission from the owner, he purchased himself a bun before heading back to the bath house. As he walked back fortunately for him numerous members of the public requested fliers from him noticing that they were having a special on with the flier as word got around the town.

Eventually, he reached the Bathhouse, his work only stopping as a result of the fliers running out. Once more Bella approached him with all the womanly charms she had but again he refused instead just giving him the reward. Despite Kon’s efforts she still offered the use of her own bath with special Herbs in the water that makes your magical energy feel rejuvenated. Accepting with hesitation and laying down some ground rules informing her that he was not only a rune knight but also a mage who would have the ability to close down the bath house if he wanted, Bella lead him to her bath. It was more of a spa than a bath, bubbles rippling from below the water.

Undressing once more and soaking in the water a strong sensation of warmth and powerful encompassed him as he took in his surroundings. Numerous plants lie around him in pots or hanging from the ceiling, a strong essence of incense could be smelt through the room. The water within the spa was ever so slightly thicker than water and had a slight purple tint to it. Eventually, after resting in the bath from about 30 minutes he removed himself from it, redress and left the building to head back to the bed and breakfast.


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