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Mischief Woman [Request | Leyaria]

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White Dragon Slayer

The request came in sooner than what she had originally figured it to have, nor from a source in which she would have originally expected it to have arrived from. But never the less, there it was, a message from a source claiming to be from a member of royalty within Marigold, a woman who referred to herself as Rosalia. Leyaria was not familiar with the name, but even in spite of that couldn’t help but think that it was someone important. As well, she figured that because the message called for complete privacy, Leyaria figured that she could not ask or speak to anyone as to who she was or to what this mission was going to call for. All she could do was hope that it was one in which she and her companion Geth would be able to take care of without any significant issue or challenge.

She was very impressed actually at the fact that there appeared to be a large castle to which this woman claimed to be her home. Leyaria wondered if this turned out to actually be true, why it was that she would be reaching out to someone like Leyaria when there could have been any number of things in which she could have done alternatively or people to whom she could have reached out for for this request. That Leyaria was chosen, she couldn’t help but wonder and suspect that there may have been some degree of hidden agenda behind it, a reason why that she had no idea of wholly understanding, at least for now. Ultimately, she didn’t question it any further, instead just choosing to do as the message requested of her, to wait just outside of the castle, waiting for some sort of signal from Rosalia, but without any idea as to what the signal was or to whom or where to expect this Rosalia character, Leyaria was completely sitting in the dark.

The first thing that she noticed was something that she may have missed entirely had it not been for Geth, having happened to catch a very quick glance upwards that Leyaria just happened to catch at the last moment. Looking up, she could see what appeared to be a woman, pointing towards the gate that was not too far of a distance from where Leyaria had been standing. She noticed it before, but didn’t think anything of it, nor any reason to go towards it, particularly due to the fact that there were several guards who were stationed right there. Had she not gone around the side of the castle, Leyaria did not believe that there would have been any means of getting around them, and thef act that this woman was actually pointing towards them, making it appear at least that this was what she wanted, Leyaria couldn’t help but worry as to what exactly she was planning on doing.

Leyaria looked back at the woman and the guards a few times, worried that this was in fact what she wanted, and by all accounts, it did appear just like that. And then suddenly it became clear as to what this woman wanted, why she had reached out to try to find Leyaria. Many of the guards and those who were employed or otherwise in service towards the royalty of Marigold did not know of Leyaria, were largely unfamiliar with everything in which she had done, and otherwise regarded her as little more than a simple person who happened upon the city of Marigold, having no level of value or importance beyond that. It was for that reason that she wanted Leyaria, as a meaningful distraction for something or another. As to just what it was that this woman wanted or how important it was, it wasn’t entirely clear. However, judging by how she was now repeatedly pointing towards the guard in an almost aggressive manner, the young Dragon Slayer had to suspect that it may have been some degree of importance.

Sighing, Leyaria recognized that there wasn’t much more that she could do as far as this job was concerned other than doing just that. The woman was determined that Leyaria distract them, but the question was what would their reaction be to it? Obviously they would not take kindly to her if she had approached them otherwise, but the fact that she was within the confines of the castle already, she had to believe that the impact was going to be that much tougher towards her. Wasting no time and thinking little more towards the whole thing, Leyaria ran towards the guards, making sure as get their attention though at the same time doing what she could to keep her distance from them. And much like she suspected, the guards gave chase almost immediately, though in their armor they had a tougher time in keeping up with Leyaria who was getting used to and familiar with taking advantage of pathways in which she knew that armored guards would struggle in stopping and keeping up with.

She figured that all she would have to do was to keep them distracted long enough for it to appear that the woman could escape, and much like she figured, the guards distraction turned from Leyaria and instead towards something else which Leyaria came to realize was the woman who she had seen earlier pointing towards the guards now running off with someone, causing the guards to become even more concerned than that of which they had been towards Leyaria being in the area. It was also the perfect chance for her to escape, to get away without any noticing or thinking anything towards her, and as she was making sure not to be followed, she noticed a woman who had something for her, apparently addressed from the woman who had originally requested Leyaria’s aid, there being a number of jewels within it, much to her delight. And while still confused as to what had just happened, Leyaria simply allowed it to happen and didn’t think much more towards it, departing as quickly as possible.

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