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Cabbage Queen [Request | Leyaria]

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White Dragon Slayer

A lot of work had already been invested by Leyaria into improving things in Marigold, much of which being not that of her heavily investing herself, nor that for any particular reason, but rather just due to general kindness. She had arrived in Marigold close to a week prior and now was set to remain there for another day or so, the people of the city having been kind enough to allow her to stay at the local inn without any incident or issue, much of htat due in part to the joint cooperation and approval of the royalty in Marigold along with the farmers under Farmer Jim who believed that Leyaria had been more than deserving of having a room. It wasn’t a permanent one, but it was one in which was at the very least temporary, for however long she intended on staying, which was becoming a far more finite duration. After all, she had stopped in Marigold merely as a way of gaining some temporary rest before heading towards Hargeon Town, or even perhaps heading back to Era.

The idea hadn’t been one that she considered to be unreasonable or impossible either. Era was nice, but she just had to get away for a bit. If she didn’t, if she remained, while having earned a bit of wealth for her efforts and service, the greater likelihood would be that she was going to go insane, or otherwise become associated with a darker element than that of existed within Era. That was already seeming to be the reality to some degree, that the shadier people of Era had begun to seek her out to perform a variety of jobs, and she’d rather that not be the case any further, that hopefully by taking a trip to Marigold, things would calm down and then upon her return to Era, or perhaps Crocus, she wouldn’t have to worry about what people may have perceived her to be, particularly when it came to what she had done in the past in the cities. But right now, that wasn’t what her primary focus was on. Rather it was trying to carry out whatever the latest job that she had picked up.

And it was today that she was again planning on to work with Farmer Jim, this time assisting him in the matter of some sort of animals that were eating his cabbages. Now, Leyaria wasn’t much for cabbages herself, but she knew that it had served to be one of the more valuable crops that were sent out from Marigold to many of the nearby areas in Fiore, Era being one of them. With the Rune Knights stationed there, there was a constant need of crops for the troops there, and cabbage was one that could be very easily pickled or otherwise preserved as a means of increasing its viability time. From what she had gathered while in Era, it was that the service of a Rune Knight was often one in which was inconsistent and sometimes meant that they were either forced to spend long periods of time away or otherwise spend short durations of time away but still obligated to attend multiple departures. Either way, the longer something could be preserved and saved, the better.

Because of that, and for a variety of other reasons which simply could have extended to simply just the desire to have cabbages, it had become one of the more common crops that were produced in Marigold, and unfortunately circumstances such as the wolves and deer whom had been lessening the numbers in both the livestock and crops respectively had meant that either more time was being devoted towards growing the crops and therefore the cabbage supplies were too limited than what they were expected to make for the year. It was a huge hassle right now, trying to get people to invest and devote enough time towards the crops that they were now calling for anyone who may have been willing to help to work the fields and ease the burden upon those who were responsible for growing the cabbage.

Leyaria did not mind doing this, especially considering the fact that she was being paid, and that she was going to get a bit more than perhaps what others may be able to make given her reputation within the area of Marigold. And it wasn’t as though she were being forced into a situation of having to fight, of having to deal with things like a rabid wolf, of some deer which were causing problems, or even having to negotiate with former business associates who may have been actually criminals or something like that. Because of that, she felt a bit more comfortable with this job, though the main thing in which took her by surprise was the fact that there appeared to be at least a far greater quantity than what she may have originally suspected there to be. Farmer Jim in this case wasn’t’ asking that she take care of a few instances of cabbage, but rather that she get at least one hundred cabbage, which as she looked over the field, at long and vast they extended, she realized that it was going to be a far more daunting task than what she first thought.

Fortunately for her, the fact that Geth was there was a great relief to her, a means of quickly getting through and clearing out a great deal of the cabbages than perhaps what would have been required for a single person. It didn’t take them very long to go through row upon row of the cabbages, and very quickly, it had become that the two had all of them having obtained well over the hundred required for Farmer Jim. He was impressed really, that Leyaria and Geth were proving to be far more efficient than what she suspected, and it wasn’t long until had gone through and counted all of the cabbages, noticing that the total amount well exceeded over the 100 required. Handing over the jewels to Leyaria, the farmer was pleased with the young Dragon Slayer, and it was following that that she had decided to spend the rest of the day relaxing.

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