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Witty Deer Title Here [Request | Leyaria]

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#1Leyaria Venerak 

on Mon May 08, 2017 6:00 pm



White Dragon Slayer

It hadn’t taken very long for Leyaria’s name to become even more popular than that of what it had been before. She had had a great performance on behalf of the royalty in Marigold and it wasn’t long until she found herself again resting in the bed which had been reserved for her at this point, for as long as she was staying in Marigold of course. She wasn’t in any position to assume herself to be considered like that of royalty or anything, but she was a welcome guest, someone who had shown that she not only was someone who could entertain and make the royalty appreciate her and her efforts, but also that she was someone who had earned the respect of the weaker and lower class people. The farmers, the workers who had slaved away in the fields for much of their life, they had come to respect Leyaria as well, much in part to the fact that she had done several requests for them already, several of which included tending to the fields and assisting Farmer Jim, what was regarded as one of the most influential and respected of all of the farmers in Marigold.

“Did you enjoy your time with all the fancy people?” Farmer Jim asked in a sarcastic tone. It was clear that Leyaria’s recent visit had been one that had left people with a mixed feeling in Marigold. On one hand, there were those who were clearly jealous of Leyaria, and at the same time, there were also those who – like Farmer Jim – had more respect and understood how things worked better than others. Jim knew that while he’d rather not have Leyaria indulging the royalty, that was how things worked, and that Leyaria was much like other Mages, looking for work, not interested in being some puppet for the wealthy to play tricks for. It was why she was here after all, because there was another job that she was looking to do.

“It was, well it was nice,” Leyaria said, preferring not to give too much of the details or otherwise sell it as something that it was not. It was a nice time, a fancy event, one that she had never seen before or otherwise been to before. She liked it, but at the same time felt a bit overwhelmed by everything, a little bit intimidated by the entire situation, and there was a part of her that didn’t care for it. And a part of her that did.

“Well, you won’t have to worry about that today. Instead, you’re going deer hunting. You like the sound of that,” Jim asked sarcastically, as the request that he had put up and sent to Leyaria already had all the details of the job. The Dragon Slayer nodded in agreement and made her way towards where the deer had been seen, and as soon as she got there, there was no doubt as to whether there had been deer or not. Vegetables had been utterly torn apart from their roots, large holes in the ground where pumpkins and other vegetables once were planted were now nothing more than large patches of dirt. Of what was not eaten, there were bits and remains to varying degrees. Some of it was rotting, others were just recently having been ripped from the ground. However though, the challenge was there were no clear tracks, nothing to adequately indicate or otherwise tell that things went in a particular direction or not.

The only option that she was left with was to just wait, to hope that the deer would return sooner rather than later, and as she and Geth sat and waited, the only thing that they reasonably could do. Hunting deer, it was too great of an area of land to hopefully or feasibly travel and find them. A deer could have travelled for miles and covered amounts of land multiple times greater than what Leyaria could hope to cover, even if she were able to move as quickly as them. If they had a tendency of returning here, of coming and picking apart the plants that had been growing here, the only reasonable thing to believe was that there were going to be coming back at some point or another. It was just a question of when.

It took longer than she figured it would have originally, much of that attributed to the fact that when she had pursued the wolf that had attacked the life stock not too long ago, and therefore she had immediately assumed that there was going to be same return as far as waiting as it was last time. After more had passed, it had become more and more clear that she had made a mistake, at least in respects to the amount of time that she’d have to spend with this. She could have taken a number of other jobs in the same amount of time and still probably have come across these deer and take them out. The longer she waited, it was just more and more time wasted.

Finally, a sound of something grabbed her attention, namely that of two large deer which had wandered into the area, grabbing a handful of vegetable plants with their mouths before continuing to traverse and ramble through the field. Leyaria, satisfied that things were moving along, immediately rushed forward, taking in a deep breath and exhaled a powerful roar of White Dragon Slayer Magic at the deer, which while tearing through the garden as well, ripped right at the two deer, causing them both to fall to their deaths as blood stained the ground. It wasn’t long later until she was grabbing the bodies, knowing that even if there was a chance that they survived her attack, that there was going to be little they could do before they ultimately bled out. After a few minutes, she had returned to Farmer Jim, Geth having assisted in carrying the two deer carcesses, wasting little time in exchanging the two of them for the reward that they had worked out beforehand.

Word Count:
Heaven Sent, Crusade Driven

White Dragon's Roar

Name: White Dragon's Roar
Rank: A
Mana Cost: 200
Requirements: White Dragon Slayer Magic
Type: Offense
Element: Light
Range: 20 Meters
Cooldown: 4 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: Leyaria takes a deep breath as White Dragon Slayer Magic builds within her chest, being released as she exhales in an unrelenting blast - consisting of numerous layers of intense light energy - extending outwards to a distance of 20 meters at a speed of 20 m/s and having a width and height of 5 meter, dealing A-Rank damage to those struck by this blast or otherwise come into contact with it as it travels its duration.

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