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The White Dragon's Banquet [Request | Leyaria]

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White Dragon Slayer

Leyaria had now been in Marigold for the past few days, having turned what was originally meant to be a short stay for a night or two at the very most into now what had become an extended vacation within the area. She wasn’t complaining though, as it had been for the better part of the past few days that she hadn’t had to deal with the same challenges that she had faced while she was in either Crocus or in Era. In fact, since she had begun to openly use her Magic and begun to slowly accept her life as a Mage and having taken requests, she had started to find that life was better than that of what it had been, by a huge margin at that. No longer was she forced to sleep in alleyways or behind bars or taverns that otherwise would not have bothered to let her stay the night with perhaps the exception of offering herself, a proposition that she would not have accepted regardless of the circumstances, weather, or what have you.

No, that was an unreasonable expectation, but since she had started to do jobs within Era, things had begun to be appear for the better. Not just for her, but also for her golem companion, Geth. The two of them were beginning to form the impressive team, being able to adequately fight alongside each other, proving to be that of what ultimately amounted to the development and growth of an impressive partnership. As she had begun to more an more take requests, it was becoming more frequent that Geth was discovering more, becoming more familiar with the world, all the while maintaining the very same excitement and intrigue that it had demonstrated when she had first come across it.

It wasn’t very long until news of Leyaria and Geth had reached throughout Marigold, especially as her stay ended up being longer and longer, eventually getting to the point that pretty much nobody didn’t know that there was a woman who had come to the city and reportedly knew of Dragon Slayer Magic. Obviously there were those that still doubted it, but now it was becoming a case that people were starting to more acknowledge that it was very likely that she was not just some story but rather that she was a presence worth acknowledging – and even respecting.

That list of those who respected her was becoming all the more impressive, particularly with a message coming to Leyaria that Fernando de Syllas, the ruler of Marigold, was interested in seeing the talents of Leyaria, seeing just what she could do. This was quite the offer and something that even Leyaria had trouble believing, especially as she had been a woman who had grown up with nothing in Hargeon, and now instead was being summoned and entertaining royalty in another town, a town which she had never really expected that she would be in a position to even visit, let alone actually arrive and spend an extended amount of time there for. So when the offer came to her, there was nothing at all that was going to stop her from seeing it achieved, from making sure that the ruler of Marigold saw what was going to be an incredible showing. However though, there were more than a few things that she had to make sure of first before things actually took place.

Above all else, it was ensuring that the ruler and his guests at this upcoming event were safe. Leyaria’s Magic, while impressive, was also extremely lethal, on more than a few occasions having displayed an utter destructive element that few, if anyone, had come away with without suffering themselves. She had spent the greater part of the day trying to rationalize her Magic, how much space she could afford to give without putting anyone at risk. Because of this, by the time she had arrived at the banquet, along with all of the fancy guests, she spoke with one of the guards and instructed them to take the ruler and his guests outside, to which she was going to put on a show there rather than within the closed confines of the castle.

However though, the ruler insisted that this not happen, that instead the show take place right in the center of the area, much as like it had been expected. Leyaria had wished that it could have been done elsewhere, though it very quickly became clear that this was not going to happen. The fact was that she was going to be forced to show off what she could right there and then, and as such, she found herself forced to improvise slightly, just enough to ensure that she could still put on a show while making sure nobody was harmed.

The first spell she showed off was one that she didn’t use, not nearly as perhaps it should have been. White Dragon Slayer Magic surrounded her as she felt her spell take over her body, granting her with a far greater degree of speed than normally. Highlighting this, Leyaria began to run around, encircling everyone in the audience several times before they even realized just what was going on. Everyone was quite impressed with this, and then it fell upon her to show off her second spell. This one was one of her weaker spells, one that she rarely ever used, though was certainly one that was a bit more showy than the previous spell. It drew a great deal greater applause than that of the first spell, but it was time for the final spell, and as such, Leyaria insisted that people spread back a little bit, and as they made more room for her, Leyaria lifted her head upright and took a deep breath, unleashing her Dragon Slayer Roar right into a bit of emptiness, avoiding everyone but still causing quite a reaction, as well as creating a hole within one of the walls nearby. This drew an unbelievable ovation, in spite of the damage, and it wasn’t long before there were guards who were working to block off the wall, while all the while providing Leyaria with the jewels that she had rightfully earned.

Word Count:
Heaven Sent, Crusade Driven

White Dragon's Divine Right

Name: White Dragon's Divine Right
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25 (25)
Requirements: White Dragon Slayer Magic
Type: Speed Buff
Element: Light
Range: N/A
Cooldown: 1 Post
Duration: Sustain
Effect: White Dragon Slayer Magic begins to emanate around and from Leyaria as her body begins to produce more power than capable of storing. This excess of energy is constantly cycled throughout Leyaria's body, effectively hyper-charging her body, thereby enabling her to move at greater speeds. While this spell is active, Leyaria receives a +5 bonus to her speed statistic.

White Dragon's Holy Blitzkrieg

Name: White Dragon's Holy Blitzkrieg
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: White Dragon Slayer Magic
Type: Offense
Element: Light
Range: 5 Meters
Cooldown: 1 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: Leyaria places both of her hands together as White Dragon Slayer Magic begins to build within it. She then opens her hand as the Magic is released in the form of numerous white beams which hone in on a targets up to 5 meters away, focusing on them as they explode, dealing a collective maximum of D-Rank damage to the target, regardless of the amount of beams the target is struck by.

White Dragon's Roar

Name: White Dragon's Roar
Rank: A
Mana Cost: 200
Requirements: White Dragon Slayer Magic
Type: Offense
Element: Light
Range: 20 Meters
Cooldown: 4 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: Leyaria takes a deep breath as White Dragon Slayer Magic builds within her chest, being released as she exhales in an unrelenting blast - consisting of numerous layers of intense light energy - extending outwards to a distance of 20 meters at a speed of 20 m/s and having a width and height of 5 meter, dealing A-Rank damage to those struck by this blast or otherwise come into contact with it as it travels its duration.

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