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The Tiller [Request | Leyaria]

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#1Leyaria Venerak 

on Mon May 08, 2017 5:43 pm



White Dragon Slayer

It was still early in the day, early enough for her to consider taking another request, though it may have been a wrong decision, at least according to some who may might think that. The reality was, she didnít know much of what was going on, how long it was that she had planned to be in Marigold, and there was a certain concern as to only taking a single request, especially after the fact it had taken her basically no real degree of effort or work in order to accomplish what she had done. After all, all she had done was kill a simple wolf, hardly something that was any challenge, certainly not like that of the one that she had encountered in Era at least. That one had actually been strong, it had been able to fight or at least made an effort to pick a fight. Much like how the one from earlier went, in both cases, her success with wolves had instead proven and shown it to be that the only thing that she needed was to unleash a single powerful roar of White Dragon Slayer Magic and it was resolved.

It was also something that motivated her to take another request, the fact that there were a great deal of people who had begun to think already, even in the short time that she had been in Marigold, that there were people who were honestly doubting that she was an actual Dragon Slayer, that she was capable of even doing Magic. Many people in that area were very hesitant to believe the idea that a person was capable of mirroring Magic that dragons once upon a time were capable of using, and therefore, some of the people who had heard that there was a woman who arrived not too long ago had managed to utilize a Magic that seemed extremely similar to that. Leyaria figured that the best way to go about trying to resolve the peopleís concerns about her was that she take over a job, one that may have earned not only the respect of the people, but also that of those who had influence in town.

It just so happened to be that the person who was seeking assistance was perhaps the one who could have benefited Leyaria the most. Farmer Jim, a man who had been long regarded as one of the better men throughout Marigold, a veteran of previous wars who had settled down and tried to live the life of a farmer, he had spent years and become well respected, to the point at which he was held as one of the unofficial leaders in the city. So when it was made known that he was looking for people to assist him with his fields, tending to them, tilling the lands, Leyaria figured that while it may not have been the most pleasant or fancy job, it would at the very least be enough for her to gain his respect and perhaps the respect of the people throughout the town as well.

He had told her to arrive early in the morning, at the crack of dawn, very doubtful that she would even show up. In fact, he was so confident that he had paid for her room at a local inn, confident that once she did not show, the room he fronted would be paid back as a loss. However, when she showed up alongside her golem companion Geth, the man was a bit surprised, if not outright shocked to see that she was there at all. A part of him was convinced that she would not show, so for her to show up, and to be with her companion too, it was something that was a bit of a surprise. Leyaria wasnít exactly sure of what to expect, of what this man was hoping to achieve with her, as even though she was a Mage, she wasnít a 250 pound man who was constructed of muscle. She was still a young girl, barely a woman herself, and yet all the while being forced to work in a field, on a job that clearly was not being listed with someone like her in mind.

She and Geth wasted no time in tending to the fields, spending as much time doing everything that was tasked of her, all the while working to ensure that there was enough attention and proper work invested into it. She didnít want it to be a case of her having worked all day only for it to be considered piss poor work by their standards. It seemed like it went on for hours upon hours into the day, no clear indication that there was going to be any stopping of it. By noon, she and Geth were both plenty tired, ready to call it for the day in fact, though she knew that there was no way that they would be able to, not without knowing that the man was going to ridicule them, to regard them as weak, especially when considering that throughout the time that the people had been living in in Marigold they had been doing that no just for a single afternoon, but all day, every day, every single year. This was their life, and Leyaria wasnít used to it, but she was determined to earn the respect of this man.

Into the later hours of the day, Leyaria was at the point of nearly exhausting herself, to the point that the only thing left to do was go through what remained of the fields, making sure that she had gone through every little last bit of things before calling it a day. She couldnít help but notice Farmer Jim standing outside, a smile on his face as he looked over all the work that Leyaria had done, while not admitting it himself, having to be a bit impressed by the effort she had shown. Once she had arrived to get her reward from him, Leyaria was a bit surprised, if not a bit honored to have been given the right to spend another night at the inn again, curtousy of him.

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