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Looking for a Wolf [Request | Leyaria]

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White Dragon Slayer

The carriage had finally pulled up to the gate, the lone occupant in the back, the woman who had departed previously from Era, was all the more excited and wiling to depart from the hell hold that it had appeared to have been, or at least as she had believed it to be. Leyaria was still not used to the negative impact of her Dragon Slaying Magic, the fact that traveling, whether it was by train or as it turned out, even by simple carriage, was going to cause her to feel deathly ill. It was a terrible side effect and one that she had wished that she had considered sooner, especially with respects to just how long it was to get from Era to this new location, Marigold.

Even at the first glance, it appeared to be quite the contrast between Era, much of the immediate attention going towards the fact that it was much more heavily invested into farmland than it was anything else. Whereas she expected to see numerous farmers and others who were tending to the fields, she had at least expected that there would be some degree of advancement in civilization, at least according to her driver’s words, describing it as a nice balance between the local life and that of living within the high functioning city like that of Era. Truthfully it leaned far more towards the latter than the former, or even than that of a hybrid of the two. But Leyaria was not in much of a position to be questioning or otherwise worrying herself as to the semantics regarding the particular city.

Rather, she just found herself in need of a bit of a change. Era was nice, but she had been there for what seemed like forever, and really, to have ventured elsewhere was a welcome change, one that she did feel was needed, one that she wasted no time in trying to carry out. There had been some good memories and times in Era, as much as she was loathed to believe it, and while things had been good, now the bigger thing was that she continued along in making her way towards Hargeon, towards where she had once regarded as home.

Before then, she was interested in seeing what there was to do within the city of Marigold, particularly if there were any requests. She had gotten used to carrying out the missions within Era and they had netted her a decent bit of coin, more than she probably had ever suspected that it would have. Similarly, it had built her a bit of a reputation and after a time, there were people who had reached out to her with propositions, some of them less reliable than she would have hoped or wished that they would. Either way, that wasn’t the main thing at least right now that she was focused on, and instead it was seeing if there were work here.

It didn’t take her very long for her to find that there had in fact been a job that was open, one in which seemed to be of particular importance to several farmers. Supposedly there had been a wolf which had been picking off a number of the wildlife that the people in Marigold and neighboring locations relied on, and the sooner that it was dealt with, the more gracious and appreciative they would be. Leyaria knew that there would be a great reward for this, and as such, headed off to take care of the job.

Patiently she waited for the wolf to appear, her and her companion Geth not particularly fond of the flock of animals that roamed around there. It made it dififcult for Leyaria to adequately hide and avoid detection from the wolf, though in reality there wasn’t really much concern. The wolf would attack whether or not that she was there. In fact, the only difference that she probably would have made to the entire situation would probably just be that the wolf would try to attack her first given the fact that she was just there.

Finally, after a short time, the wolf finally showed itself as its roars were made quite clear and audible, even from where Leyaria sat near the edge of the flock, far enough to avoid the sight of the wolf, regardless of where it originated from provided that it not show up right behind her, as well as be close enough so that she could hear it. It was the best of both worlds, and as soon as it appeared, Leyaria ran through the crowd of animals, scaring them and sending them in a variety of directions to the delight of Leyaria; the last thing that she had wanted to do would to be unintentionally strike any of the animals. Once the wolf was in sight, Leyaria took in a deep breath and let out a powerful stream of White Dragon Slayer Magic which ripped through the area before her, tearing into the ground and hitting the wolf dead center, causing it to go flying, lifelessly, but not before hitting the ground with a heavy thud.

Smiling at how easy it had been, at how it took very little effort to complete the objective, though she was sure that the people would have difficultly believing that she had completed the task without anything to show for it. Walking the pathway of her Dragon Roar, noticing how much it had truly ripped through the area, she couldn’t help but worry that she may have gone a bit overboard on the attack. Even still, there was a level of appreciation that had to be shown towards the amount of damage that she was able to deal out and inflict. This wolf had been a nice test to see if she had gotten at all stronger in that time, and while it wasn’t entirely clear of that, she nevertheless grabbed the wolf’s body and brought it towards the farmers who had originally sent her the request for her deserved payday, and possibly a reward in the form of something to eat or maybe a place to spend the night.

Word Count:
Heaven Sent, Crusade Driven

White Dragon's Roar

Name: White Dragon's Roar
Rank: A
Mana Cost: 200
Requirements: White Dragon Slayer Magic
Type: Offense
Element: Light
Range: 20 Meters
Cooldown: 4 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: Leyaria takes a deep breath as White Dragon Slayer Magic builds within her chest, being released as she exhales in an unrelenting blast - consisting of numerous layers of intense light energy - extending outwards to a distance of 20 meters at a speed of 20 m/s and having a width and height of 5 meter, dealing A-Rank damage to those struck by this blast or otherwise come into contact with it as it travels its duration.

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