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Granny sitting [Quest | Scarlett & Lacie]

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Granny sitting [Quest | Scarlett & Lacie] Empty on Mon May 08, 2017 10:24 am

Lacie Eventide
Strange how things could go, one moment you have to kick someone out of a bar and the next, he was looking for you to ask you to help him. Very weird but she didn’t mind as long as it would mean that she would get money, something she was looking for lately. She remember the quest that she had taken, she would have gone to Enil his bar to throw Mitya out or well not really throw but you get the meaning. She got the note yesterday and was now preparing to get ready, well she ahd a lot to go, it would take about an hour before she would leave the inn and go to Mitya his mother, so enough time. She didn’t have to be there for quite some time still. She was the other way around laying on her bed, feet near the pillows and her head at the end of the bed, her right hand was dangling off the bed as she was stroking Scarlett. She had bought a little basket for her, she could spend a little bit of money on her pet, that was friendly from her. Sometimes Lacie had her good moments and she tried to have more than not good moments, it was hard. Scarlett probably noticed the change in when they were alone in the room in the inn or when they were outside, doing groceries or jobs. Not that Lacie wasn’t nice to Scarlett, she was just more closed up and arrogant, thinking about herself when she was alone. It was a tough job to always pretend to be happy and excited and friendly when you really weren’t. She was the original reason that her sister was dead, see, she wasn’t particularly a nice person but it was okay, she did it with a reason. And by the Divine she was still growing in this role. She started to like Scarlett more lately, she found her beautiful and she was a good listener, but good enough she had asked for that when she went to the store. She wanted a charming pet, that was a good listener and could attack. So here was Scarlett. She wasn’t allowed to sleep on the bed and she had never tried, good trained indeed. Finally Lacie turned herself around again, feet to the end of the bed and sitting up straight so she could get out, ”Now be a good girl and wait for me here.” she said sweetly, it was still a bit difficult to be herself to the pet. She put some water and breakfast down and headed into the bathroom. For a few seconds she would have to decide if she wanted to shower or simply wash herself and get ready. She decided to shower.

It took quite some time to be ready, her hair was quite long, just above her hips and straight and so it took quite some time to use a hair dryer as well as straighter to fix her hair back to how it belonged, it tend to curl on some locks when she used the hair dryer. But when she finally was done, she left the bathroom to get dressed. She would pick a dress based on the weather, and since it looked nice she picked a white one with flowers on it, some nude coloured high heels and her trench coat. She would try today to let Scarlett walk without her lease.

Wordcount: 578/1000

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Granny sitting [Quest | Scarlett & Lacie] Empty on Mon May 08, 2017 11:29 am

Lacie Eventide
As soon as she was ready to leave, purse in her right hand and Scarlett on her right side, she headed to the small restaurant that was inside the inn so she could eat breakfast. Once she finished that, she and Scarlett headed to the apartments where she knocked on the door of the right address and number. Mitya did open the door soon after, as if he was waiting for her in the hallway. She wrinkled her nose because she smelled the smell of booze. She followed him however into the house with a sweet smile on her face, he introduced her to Rynah, ”Nice to meet you, I hope you don’t mind my pet, she is really sweet and a good listener.” it seemed that Rynah didn’t mind and when the introduction was over, Mitya left the three of them alone. Not much happened in the first few minutes and half an hour and so on. Lacie kept an eye on Rynah but she was reading her own book, the elder woman was knitting, doing cross word puzzles and sometimes she muttered something about the past. Which Lacie asked about in case that happened. At some point Rynah sort of jumped up that it surprised Lacie. Without looking she shut her book, she would wince about that later, and followed Rynah to the kitchen, ”Let’s bake cookies. I warn you, mine are the best.” she couldn’t help but laugh about that, ”Well that’s very interesting.” it wasn’t good to say she didn’t like sweets or cookies and so on. She would see. She kept an close eye on Rynah, she suddenly seemed so young and fit as she whipped up the cookies, put some blue crystal in it, was it really blue crystal? What was it? She decided that that must be the secret ingredient so she didn’t ask.

Together they would put the cookies on a tray and put that tray in the oven. That’s when Rynah went back into the living room and start knitting again. This is when Lacie noticed how forget full she was, she kept an eye on the oven herself and on Rynah. She would remind Rynah of the cookies once they were done but opened the oven herself and shut it off before the cookies could turn black. She got them out and put them on the kitchen counter right when Rynah appeared next to her, ”You should try one.” She said once the cookies were a bit cooled off, so Lacie out of politeness ate one. An immediate surge of energy went through her, she wasn’t sure if she liked the cookie but thanked politely. Not much later Mitya came back inside, while Rynah was knitting again, he thanked her for watching his mother and paid her. She went to say goodbye and grab her purse, after that she and Scarlett immediately left. Okay next job definitely had to be more fun.

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