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Little Bit of Mischeif (Alyssa)

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After her first day settling down in Marigold, Alyssa had decided it was time to take a job. Arcane and herself were very excited to get out and explore the land. The first place she had wanted to explore was the castle grounds, so taking the first quest she saw in regards to the castle was what Alyssa went with. Though she did not like causing mischief, her split did, and she needed to sate it's desires before it took hold of her and did it itself, which would lead to much more of a devastating ending then Alyssa causing a bit of trouble for it. Deciding that everyone, including Rosalia De Syllas daughter of the Lord, deserved time out on the town. She could not imagine how she would feel if she was trapped inside all the time. "Now you know how I feel." Her split muttered in her mind, and for once, she felt a bit sorry for it. Though she brushed it off quickly, as she would let her other personality come out if it's main objective was not to maim and murder everyone in it's path.

Arcane had begun running towards the castle quicker than Alyssa had imagined, making her jog to catch up with the growlithe. Once she had got close enough to whistle at him, she did, and he came running back to her side. "You can not run off like that, buddy. We have a job to do and you are just going to get us caught." She scolded him. She had very little time to spare as it would take her over twenty minutes to walk to the castle. She had to be there on time, or else the entire plan would be soiled. Arcane seemed to know he would be doing most of the work on this one, as he was bounding around happily, ready to run from the guards keeping people out, and Rosalia inside. Deciding on the best plan of action as they walked, Alyssa explained it to Arcane though he may not have understood her. He still listened intently and knew he was going to be a large part of the plan. Alyssa did not want her face to be seen, and she knew that the growlithe had a better chance of not being caught than herself. He was quicker and much more agile than herself.

As she made it to the castle, she sat and waited on a rock right inside the treeline keeping her out of sight. She glanced down at the old black watch she wore on her right hand and sighed, she still had five more minutes before the plan needed to be put into action. She grabbed a handful of rocks off the ground and tossed them into the puddle next to her, making a splash that Arcane's ears perked up to and he began to explore. He walked over to the puddle and put his nose close, sniffing before Alyssa threw another rock that splashed him in his face. He jumped back, not realizing it was his owner throwing the rocks, and then launched himself into the puddle, getting both himself and Alyssa wet. She did not scold the growlithe, as he was only investigating and curious, but she was slightly upset that she was wet while the wind was slightly chilly outside. She could only hope it would not make her sick as she was planning on taking many more jobs in the city within the next few days of her being there. She did not wish to stay in the town longer than needed, instead, she would much prefer to get back to the town her guild resided in.

As her clock struck six in the morning, Alyssa pushed herself to the treeline, looking up at the castle windows for the sign. She sat for close to five more minutes before she saw the young woman wave her hand out of the window, signaling the distraction to begin. Alyssa looked down at Arcane and nodded. "Okay boy, you know what you are doing. Get there attention, lead them around a bit. I will whistle when it's time to go." Alyssa said. Arcane crept to the edge of the forest, looking up once more before dashing out onto the castle grounds gaining the attention of all four of the guards near the gate. At first, only two of the guards were sent to chase him off, but as Arcane dashed about, never leaving the yard, the other two guards ran out after him as well, making for a great chase. They tried cornering him, but he was too fast for them to keep up. Alyssa watched closely for any sign of the young woman making her escape into the forest, but saw none as of yet. She knew Arcane had to be getting tired of dodging the hands grabbing for him. Soon enough, she saw a cloaked figure ride off out of the gates on a horse.

Once the guards realized their precious lord's daughter had escaped the castle grounds, they made a mad dash back down the forest trail where she had just ridden off towards. Alyssa ran quickly to the castle's gate where the lady's maid sat waiting with her reward, which she collected and ran back towards the woods with a shrill whistle for Arcane to follow. She could hear the guards yelling at her to stop as she ran further into the woods. She knew they had not got a good look at her, so if she could make it back into town, she would be fine. Running faster than she ever had towards town, she laughed, feeling free. This had been the most fun mission she had taken in a while. As she reached the edge of town she noticed the guards were not following her anymore. She slowed down to a walk and caught her breath as Arcane did the same beside her. "That was fun, aye buddy?" She asked as they started to make their way back home.

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