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Magnolia to Marigold (Travel by Foot)

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Magnolia to Marigold (Travel by Foot) Empty on Sun May 07, 2017 4:38 pm

With her things packed, Alyssa walked into the streets of Magnolia knowing she would be back sooner or later. She and Arcane had decided it was time to move on. She had done everything she could in the little town and was getting stronger every day. As she began walking through the town towards Marigold, she found herself reminiscing over the missions she had done there. She had many friends in the town, so it was almost hard to walk away. Arcane seemed to be thinking the same thing as he dropped his head, whimpering sadly as they left the town.

The forest they had to travel through was beautiful, filled with critters running about. Arcane perked up as they walked, soon back to his bouncing self. "Finally, we are leaving that town. Maybe now we will see some action." Her split said in her mind. Pushing it back and ignoring it, she could not help but smile at the idea of being in a new town with new people, new quests, and a new landscape to explore.

Though the distance she was traveling was not too great, she still found herself tired about mid-walk. Taking a bottle of water from her satchel, she took a long drink, easing her dehydration caused by the walk. Arcane still seemed to be okay, which was a relief to her.

Finally, she saw Marigold in the distance and she began to smile. The town was smaller than Magnolia, but not by much. Alyssa could already tell the streets were alive based on the noise and lights she saw from about thirty feet away. She began to wonder what life had in store for her as she entered the town with a grin plastered on her face and Arcane trotting along side her.

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