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Visiting the Hermit (Alyssa)

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Visiting the Hermit (Alyssa) Empty on Mon May 08, 2017 8:04 am

Alyssa found herself busy today, collecting things that she needed from the store, and then helping an old friend of hers out. Though Alyssa had been helping many of the townsfolk out, her favorite was Khalash, owner of the Mag Drug Magic Shop. She found herself traveling there and helping the man out a lot more than anyone else. Arcane loved the man and even her split was beginning to enjoy the company of the old man, talking less and less about killing him. As she made her way to the shop this time, it was no different. The man smiled as she walked in and Arcane ran over to greet him as normal. Alyssa gave the old man a hug as she sat in a chair behind the counter waiting to see what the old man needed her to do for him today. Though she hated taking the man's money when she helped him, she had to survive somehow, and if she did not, someone else would anyway. The man seemed unusually cheery today as he walked around the shop, gathering some things and placing them into a bag along with multiple food items. Once he had made his way back to her, he handed her the bag.

"This, dear Alyssa, is a bag of goodies for a friend of mine. You must have heard of him, the hermit who lives in the East Forest? I provide him with basic survival needs as he cannot always make it into town as old as he is, and he provides me with herbs that he collects in the forest. No, this time I am not sending you out to collect my herbs, as I see what you did to your arm the last time I sent you out for that." The old man smiled as Alyssa rubbed the spot on her arm that was scabbed over from nearly falling out of a tree. "This time, I simply need you to deliver this and collect my herbs from him as I have a foot massage to get to! He is a very nice man, I am sure you will enjoy his company as much as I will! He lives in a tree about a mile in the forest to the West." He said as he gathered his belongings. Alyssa agreed and picked her things up from beside her to begin making her way into the forest unknown to how long the walk would be.

As she made her way quickly into the forest, she found that she only had a basic direction of where she was going. She knew it would be a long walk, but she was not entirely sure of exactly how long. As she walked further into the forest with Arcane trotting behind her happily, tongue lolling out of his mouth, she realized exactly how easily she could get lost in the seemingly never ending forest ahead of her. After nearly an hour of walking, she had almost given up, when she stumbled upon the largest tree in the forest that held a door on the front of it. This had to be it, she thought. Her hand went up and she knocked on the door and waited. Moments later, an old man answered and smiled at her. "You must be Alyssa! Khalash told me you would be coming! Do come in." He took the bag out of her hands and ushered her into the tree with him. Arcane followed closely in case of something going wrong. "And this must be Arcane, don't worry boy, I will not hurt her. Hermits honor!" He patted Arcane. "Please do have a seat while I gather the herbs I promised Khalash." He said. Alyssa took this opportunity to look around the tree. Though it did not seem large on the outside, on the inside it was incredible. A very livable home packed inside. It had to be magic.

"This is an amazing place you have here, Mr. Hermit...sir." She mumbled as she continued to look at the decor in front of her. The man scoffed and handed her a bag as he walked back into the room.

"It's a wonderful place to live. Away from all the bustle of town life. They do not call me the hermit for nothing!" He also handed Alyssa a piece of a root. "Chew on this, it's good, I promise. Now, I do not mean to usher you out quickly, but Khalash needs these herbs soon." Alyssa stood and walked to the front of the door. "Please come back and visit again!" With that, the man shut the door and he was gone. Alyssa placed the root in her mouth and began to chew on it. She felt the familiar warm feeling that she felt when her magic grew and she found herself searching for the root on the way back towards town. Though no matter where she looked, she could not find the root. Was it underground? If so, Arcane would have been able to sniff it out. Hmm, she thought, she wondered where the man could have possibly found the unusual root that strengthened her magic.

As she traveled back to the shop, she found Arcane had received a treat of his own. A bone, that he had most likely found while they were wandering the forest. She squished her nose in disgust and told the Growlithe to drop it, which he did. Once they made their way back to the shop, she found Khalash just getting back from his appointment. She handed him the bag of herbs and he thanked her. Alyssa also asked him about where the Hermit found his herbs, to which his answer was simply, he did not know. The man had everything he needed and more, herbs that could only be found certain places in the world, when he never left his house. Handing Alyssa a reward, he got back to work as Alyssa and Arcane walked back out into the street with Alyssa still chewing on the root in her mouth.


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