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Potion Prepper (Alyssa)

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Potion Prepper (Alyssa) Empty on Sun May 07, 2017 2:40 pm

The concept of hard work was not one of Alyssa's favorite things, yet she knew it kept her mind busy and her split at bay. Arcane, she knew, also enjoyed his time out with her on the town while they helped people. Though her companion did not know much about the struggle that she went through on their quests, he happily followed her whenever she went out on her quests. "So what are we doing today, oh great one?" Her split asked sarcastically as they looked upon the bulletin board. "Let me guess, still not fighting anyone. Oh we are going to help a nice old person again aren't we? Maybe walk an old lady across the road?" The split was always much too sarcastic for Alyssa to deal with.

Alyssa soon found the request from none other than Khalash, the owner of Mag Drug Magic Shop, and one of her favorite shop owners in town. She quickly tore down the ad and made her way to the shop. The man was very busy and barely had time to greet her and hand her a list of what he was looking for before he had to get back to work. Looking over the list, Alyssa found photos of the ingredients that she would need to find deep in the forest. Though the girl was afraid of forests, she knew Arcane would be with her the entire time, and that he was extremely skilled when it came to tracking. She knew that he would be able to find the plants she was looking for with no problem.

Making her way into the forest on the East side of town, Alyssa found it was a lot sunnier than she thought it would be within the cover of the trees. She could hear birds chirping and squirrels running along the forest floor. It was a peaceful environment that, if she did not have a job to do, she would be spending hours exploring. With her guide in one hand and an apple in the other, Alyssa began her journey further into the forest.

The first item that she was looking for was a curly fern, a small green leaf plant that she could see from where she stood. Making her way over to the plant, she quickly compared it to the picture on her guide and found it to be what she needed. She carefully plucked the plant and placed it in a plastic bag in her satchel. She glanced around, looking for the next fern she could pick, which was luckily about ten feet from her. She once again plucked the plant and placed it in her bag along with the other. She only needed two more of those, which she quickly found and placed with the others.

The next item on her list was a Blue Lichen, a small blue flower that was apparently found next to rotting logs in the forest. Alyssa had seen no such thing as of yet in her journey, so she journeyed further into the forest. Finding a couple of rotting logs, Alyssa traveled around them and even climbed through a few, looking for the flowers, which she found none of. Getting frustrated, Alyssa began kicking over the logs. As one rolled under her foot, she found a small blue flower growing right beneath the log. Comparing it to the guide, she smiled as she realized it was what she needed. Now only to find three more. This was going to prove to be a challenge as she wandered further into the forest just to come across only one more within the next twenty minutes on her walk.

More frustrating was that Arcane was simply chasing butterflies and not doing his job tracking the flowers for her. Even as she whistled at the growlithe once more to come to her side, she found him once again preoccupied chasing a squirrel. He wandered back after a bit, getting back on track of what he was supposed to be doing. As he ran into the forest doing his job, he quickly found two more of the flowers needed.

The last thing she needed was a red leafed vine. These she had seen before, climbing the sides of large trees in the forest. Being as she was already deep into the forest, these vines were easy to find, yet no so easy to get. It required her to scale a tree to retrieve. The first attempt at scaling the tree gave Alyssa only a large scrape on her arm and a tear in her shirt. The second attempt was fruitful as she came down with all four sections of the vine that she needed.

Finally, she was able to walk back towards the magic shop, all items in hand. It had only taken her two hours to gather what the old man needed. He was much less busy when Alyssa came back, and had already begun prepping for the elixir. Handing the man the ingredients, he thanked her and began mixing them all in the boiling cauldron. As they sat and mixed, Arcane and the old man played while Alyssa stirred the concoction until she could smell the potency.

Khalash made his way over to the cauldron and sniffed the brew himself and laughed. "This could be my most potent brew yet! Thank you for all your help, my dear. If you would, I would like for you to be the first to try it." He proposed as he poured a bit into a vial and handed it to her. Alyssa trusted the man, so she downed the brew in the vial and immediately found herself feeling a warmth flowing through her entire body. She could feel her magic being altered slightly, and even felt a bit more powerful. "Did it work?" He was very curious.

"Yes, it's amazing! Thank you so much, Khalash!" Alyssa said happily. He cheered and handed the girl a pouch, thanking her once again as he got back to pouring the brew in separate vials. Arcane and Alyssa walked out of the shop, happy they could once again help the old man.


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