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Sirius Concerns

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Sliding onto the scene, a cool kid in his cool coat! The dark mage going by the name of Bael busted a move, kissing open a gate and walking on in. He breathed in the smell of the stones and the disgusting body orders coming off the worker masons. "Working hard or hardly working?" He said, laughing out loud enough for the men to turn and hear him. After doing so, one of the masons glared. Which Bael obviously witnessed, even though it looked like his eyes were shut. He smiled widely, tipping his hat, before tossing it into a flip and catching it n his head again as he wove to the left. "Pleasure to make your acquaintance boys!" Bael held up a fake business paper, saying he was to work here. Then he began pulling off his coat. Placing his fedora on a rock. "Who's you s'pose to be, runt?" grumbled a beady eyed man not far away. For a slight second Bael's eyes peeped open to show off a golden color. He glanced slightly to the side he'd heard the voice, there was just them within a five foot radius.
So the dark mage took control of this little event. He'd make sure this bastard knew not to trifle to hard with him. "I'm Bael Decadence. This is my opening debut, and today. I'm going to have my information fuck up your whole program you ignorant cuck." The boy admitted, and the older guy, well upon hear this. Turned his eyes slowly to see the green haired one smiling happily staring at him.

Was it imagination, thought the mason? It had to have been, this kid was scrawny. In no shape to be a stone mason let alone threaten him. Shaking his head he began to slam his pick-axe against the stones once more. Drawn aback-- shaken-- by how bold a threat that was. It was the kind of tone to haunt you too, like someone was banging your wife and they really meant it. It would disturb the older mason for the rest of the day.

Meanwhile Bael stuck to his own sledge-hammering. His ears were awaiting anything he could use, hoping to take advantage of the situation he was put in. The masons were among his victims, each having been a bit useless lately. So useless in fact that Sirius Phantasm himself knew one was being treacherous. Where is the justice in that! Bael offered cutting off the balls sack and super gluing it to the chin of the traitor. Which let the noble chuckle humorously.

Yes, so the awful man did have a cheery side. It was pretty retarded how his kindergarten antics were what stirred the guy up though. Such childishness was not so befitting for the everyday person. Oh well, whatever could bring in money or more quests, right? Ahh, the heat was really staring down on the group. Fucking shit!
"So far none of them have spoken, maybe my presence has them alert?" The mage whispered to himself, somewhat like a snake. He then drifted about the area. Monitoring what the other masons were doing.

Hours passed and between the work and trying to listen-- nothing was emitted so far. The masons were thirsty; so was he, but he had to tote those black to the walls. It felt taxing on his body. But it is what it is, he figured. The green-haired man could now understand why Sirius, in all the paranoia surrounding himself, wanted the traitor dead. These masons could easily make or find weak spots in the building and use that knowledge to help enemies storm the castle. Oppositions always wanted to kill nobles after all, steal their fortune. In this case Sirius was practically paying men to have him killed.

It actually annoyed Bael greatly. He took a spit at the ground.

It was in the midst of these thoughts that the dark mage caught ear around the corner of that mason from earlier. Their was other voices there too! Busted, easily. He heard the mention of money, walls, and... a coming attack?! Bingo.The sweating warrior turned around and grabbed his fedora and coat. He headed for the castle above. On his way there, he smile and stayed absolutely calm. He slid his jacket portion of the coat on and went in with the wave at the guards.

Bael knew this guy was to blame, he and his buddies to blame. He knew if this guy and his goons were guilty of selling the nobles out-- then money would be handed out shortly. It was simply a matter of getting the information to Sirius. Three knocks and Sirius was at the chamber door, he let the young wizard walk in. In which the green haired boy threw his-self onto a couch after grabbing an apple from a table.

"If I'm venturing correctly, I was right yes? The Phantasm said, upon getting back to his desk and stacking his files up one at a time. "Huh? Oh right, yeah. The old guy with the muscles is the ring leader, he has this gay couple or sum-thin' working for him. Nice guys, though." Sirius looked shocked, his eyes widening. Apparently the news was about someone else, because the man stood up immediately. "Rigley and his two nephews... I should have known! These bastards. I should never have offered them help to begin with, they're in debt to the Martellos. Well done. I'll see to it they hang for this petty betrayal. Take your money and be off-- Bael."

Bael responded by taking a large chuck of the apple out into his teeth, as he jumped to his feet. A stream of juices slipped down his chin and he neared the table, grabbing an envelope off the table.

"Another day, another dollar."


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