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Flier Funky (Alyssa)

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Standing before the bulletin board in central Magnolia, Alyssa scratched her head as she searched for yet another mission to complete. She needed to train herself, get better where the voice in her head would stop screaming at her. Arcane was ready to go on another adventure, it showed in the way he jumped about as they looked at the board. She needed something active this time. She was tired of sitting in once place while making money. She wanted to get out and move around Magnolia, enjoy what a great day it was. She needed to relax, but she also needed to make money. Her hands hovered over one. She would be working for Bella Missandra, someone she did not really like, but she would not have to deal with her for too long, as she would be delivering fliers throughout Magnolia.

Choosing that quest, she tore down the flier and made her way out of the building and towards the bathhouse. Arcane followed her slowly, knowing where they were going, and not liking it. Bella never really liked Arcane, but she seemed to dislike Alyssa herself more. Possibly because Alyssa had called her old at one point. Though she held the body of a young woman, Alyssa knew she was much older than she appeared. Alyssa never approved of using magic of any sort to alter your appearance, and she had let that be known to the woman at one point. She began rethinking the mission. What if she got mad and her other personality happened to feel like taking hold of her body at that point? Quickly pushing that thought back into her mind she sighed. She did not need the split getting any ideas, though she was sure it already had some as she could feel it pushing against the barrier, testing how strong it was that day. As usual, it was hard as a rock and could not be broken, at least until Alyssa lost her cool.

They got to the Magnolia bathhouse in twenty minutes and walked inside, ringing the bell at the front. The woman walked out from the back, smile falling once she realized who it was disturbing her. She seemed even more irritated once she realized that Alyssa was holding the ad in her hand. Sighing, the woman pulled a stack of fliers out from behind her desk and dropped them into Alyssa’s hands. “I’m only allowing you to take this job because I know your mutt will attract people.” She grumbled. “Hand all of these out. I need you to put a couple around the more active places of town. Do not forget these. One needs to go in South Gate Park, another at the Fairy Tail guild house, and another at Olly’s bakery. I do not care where you put the rest as long as they are visible and able to draw me attention.” With that, she walked back behind the curtain to finish whatever she was doing.

Placing a couple fliers in Arcane’s mouth, she pointed towards the street ahead of her. “You can be a good boy and get some people to take these, huh?” The dog wagged and took off down the street, stopping at the first person he saw. Alyssa watched as the woman patted the dog’s head and took a flier. Smiling at her companion, Alyssa made her way towards her first stop, South Gate Park. As she got there, she realized it was more packed than usual. She found the bulletin board located at the front and placed a flier direct center of the board. People began glancing at it almost immediately.

Alyssa took off in wide strides towards her next goal, Fairy Tail guild house. It was somewhat of a walk. She handed out fliers to different people that she passed on the way. Some people thanked her, other’s threw the fliers in the trash as she walked away. Whatever, she thought, it was not her business she was promoting for. The wind had begun to pick up, blowing some of the flier out of her hand which she chased down to collect. Finally, she made it to the Fairy Tail house. Walking to the front, she placed one on each side of the building.

As she walked back into central Magnolia, she met up with Arcane, who was happily being petted by an elderly couple. Seeing her, he ran up, grabbed a couple more fliers out of her hands, and was off once again, handing them out and receiving pats to his head. At the last stop, she asked Olly if she could place a flier up, which he agreed to after handing Alyssa two cupcakes and a treat for Arcane. She placed the last flier in her hand and stuffed one of the cupcakes into her mouth happily. Arcane ran up, waiting for the treat which she handed him as they walked back towards the bathhouse.

After making their way back to the shop, they found Bella in the front, talking to a new client. She shot them a grateful smile and led the client back before coming back up to greet them. “Okay, I will admit, you did well. I will pay you for your help, but first, I have a special bath for you Alyssa.” She led Alyssa to the back where a large pool like tub sat. “This will help your magic.” She left, allowing Alyssa to step into the bath in private. Sitting for a bit, she began to feel the tingling. She could feel the growth in herself and she was happy.

After she had finished her soak, she dried off and made her way to the front where Arcane sat in a staring contest with Bella. He saw her and happily broke the contest to trot over to her. Bella pulled a pouch out from beneath her desk and handed it to Alyssa. Content with her day, Alyssa and Arcane made their way out towards the center of town to see what trouble they could get into with more money in their pockets.

WC: 1025/1000

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