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Hot In Here [Ace]

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on Sat May 06, 2017 7:19 am

Ace Brookes
The gas mage was casually dining in a Chinese restaurant with his newly befriended companion by his side. It had been almost three weeks since Ace met the young fire breather. The baby growlithe, Anax, was still also discovering his own ability to wield his fire magic. It was a common ability between the growlithe species and was nothing new to Ace. It was just his first time actually witnessing a growlithe's ability being formed. He was proud of the work the young creature was putting in to grow stronger by his side. Like Ace's grandad raised him, he strived to raise the young canine; he won't carry any dead weight around. Yet he somehow developed early emotions for this creature and he was willing to work on helping his companion the same way his grandad coped with the young afroed boy's existence after his parents abandoned him.

A big bowl of udon noodles was placed in front of the apprentice on the wooden bar. His orange furred companion had a similar small bowl layed down in front of him on the ground. "Is that okay for you sir?" The waitress asked the young boy. "Yeah, thanks" he replied before digging into the huge bowl with his chopsticks. They did nothing all day but somehow they were still starving. It must have been the scorching heat from the sun draining all their energy away.

Around fifteen minutes into getting their order both the gas mage and his companion were done with the food. Nothing was left in their bowls. Ace placed a few jewels on the table before walking out the tiny door of the restaurant. He wanted to train his pet in some way but was unsure what kind of practice he could put him through. The gas mage wandered around the sun bound city for a while before deciding to do a job. He walked down through the city to the request board located in the heart of Magnolia. He peeked over at all the requests then turned back to his companion, "So this is the request board. Mages get to take a variety of different quests from here whenever they wish and they'll get rewarded for their services. Which one are you thinking of?". Just as soon as he got his eyes back on the board he spotted a request that peeked his interest. His little brown hands clenched onto the paper and ripped it off the board, "This one" he whispered to himself. "He might be able to practice his magic in this one" he thought to himself while looking at Anax. "Well, let's go to the anvil..." he said as he walked off.

They both walked down the streets of Magnolia making their way towards the market to get to the anvil. It was run by the blacksmith Barras. Ace has met him once before as he worked for him while his assistant's arm was broken. The young gas mage hasn't really looked at the request well but he remembers that it stated he had to put the metal in the forge. Well, Ace had a different plan to train Anax.

A few minutes later Ace and his orange furred companion, Anax, arrived at the Black Anvil where Barras worked. Ace casually greeted the man and flashed out the request paper he got from the board earlier. "Putting metal in the forge this time?" he asked as he strolled towards the oversized man. Barras smiled at Ace and said "Hey its you again, How's it going boy?". Ace nodded at the man and said "Good. I'm here with my companion Anax, if you don't mind i'll take a small twist on your job and help my growlithe practice his newly developed magic". Barras' deep voice echoed in the anvil as he laughed, "Sure, as long as he gets the job done then I don't mind". Ace looked down on his companion with his hazel brown eyes and said "Alright A, you heard the man, you're giving us the heat to keep the metal red hot". Barras continued hammering away through the metal and said "That forge over there is turned off so he can pour flames into that while the assistant brings the metal in. We'll see what those tiny fire breathing lungs of yours have packed, eh?" as he pointed to the forge then to the young growlithe.

Anax growled with might as he got ready to purposefully use his magic for the first time. "You know what you're going to do right?" Ace asked Anax quietly while the assistant went to get his tongs. The tribal king just dropped his head down indicating that he did. He stepped up on the side of the forge and opened his mouth as his teeth gave off a bright glow while they got engulfed in light flames. Anax roared louder than usual as he spewed out a stream of flames into the smaller forge. The bright flames lit up the small dull anvil as they stormed into the forge. "Alright now keep the flames pouring in King. Just keep pouring magic into it and sustain your spell" Ace shouted over the noise of the spell. He could feel the wave if heat brush past his face so he took a slow step back and looked for the assistant. He took the gloves and tongs from him and held the metal inside the forge while his companion managed to keep the stream of flames coming. The young gas mage checked on the metal every so often while he minded his huge afro. Any spark that catches through his hair could set the whole thing on fire in mere seconds, so Ace stayed cautious as he held the metal in. "Alright pull it out!" the assistant shouted. Anax was almost at his limit by now immediately cut off the stream of fire. He wasn't that used to it but nothing a little practice won't help. Anyway, that's what this was all about. The assistant hammered away a couple times before asking Ace to throw it back in the forge. Ace looked at Anax again, "King, you ready?". Just before he was able to get an answer the shower of flames went straight back into the forge. The young growlithe looked like he had potential... A few hours into repeating the same process and the two of them were done. They got thanked by Barras, got their reward and left.


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