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Meeting The People (Open)

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on Thu May 04, 2017 9:01 am

Alyssa wandered into the streets of Magnolia, somewhere she had been many times in her life. Her companion, Arcane, trotted beside her, tongue lolled out to the side of his mouth as did. The sun was high and the wind was blowing, making it all together a nice day for a walk. The streets were not too packed, yet there were a fair amount of people standing around speaking in hushed tones to each other.

Stopping to get a good look at the people around her, Alyssa realized she knew little about starting a conversation with other people as she had little practice with it in her life. Arcane usually started the conversations, as people always seemed to want to pet the mongrel. Alyssa would never have tried to meet people, if it had not been for the fact she needed an escape from the only voice she ever heard that belonged to the split personality in her head, who's words were too often 'kill them'.

As she glanced around the streets, she seemed to find no one that was not already engaged in a conversation of some sort with another person. So Alyssa did what she did best, pulled a treat from the satchel on her side and began to eat. As she did, she pulled a treat out for Arcane as well, handing it to her companion as they sat and waited for something interesting to go down in the small streets of Magnolia.

#2Adelaide Sokolov 

on Thu May 04, 2017 12:47 pm

Magnolia was working on her nerves the longer she was here but they were stationed, she couldn't just leave or well that's what she told herself time after time. She needed to figure out a few more things but she couldn't, she didn't dare, she was afraid and she didn't want that. All she actually wanted to do was strangle Lacie to get more answers, the Catherdral had not been able to give her all, she had not accepted and still there were no tears yet. She wasn't planning on it. She was super glad about the Bed & Breakfast that was outside Magnolia, it gave her a feeling that she didn't need to be in the city all the time, every time.

She still needed grocery though and simply check the city as a Knight. That's what she had been doing a few minutes ago. She was dressed in the uniform of the Seated Knights. Which was for her a cobalt blue pair of trousers and a white blouse. Normally she would wear armour but it wasn't necessary for her as she could quickly change into that outfit and mostly she didn't wear the uniform because of the fact that she didn't like it but today she had. As well as her hair was up in a bun, with a black ribbon holding it tight together. She had decided because nothing was happening that she would buy some apples and other groceries, Konstantin could look at the rest of the city.

Although it was another district, she was holding on to a paper bag with apples and other pieces of fruit and vegetables, she would probably bring them to the B & B first, she stared at Ophelia as she just had left the shop and looked at the Cleffa staring at something, she couldn't immediately spot what it was about but she tried to get the little creature to follow her, that didn't happen so she remained standing, "Come on Ophelia.." no reaction, "Lia.. are you coming?"

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on Sat May 06, 2017 6:35 am

Alyssa lowered her hand to pat Arcane on his head, quickly finding that he wasn't beside her. She looked around the streets, eyes not falling on him, and quickly became frightened. Arcane had never run off before. She jogged up the street a bit, eyes finally falling on him quickly making his way towards another woman, holding some bags. She noticed finally, that it was not the woman he was making his way to, but the woman's companion. Alyssa jogged over quickly, patting Arcane.

"I'm sorry," She mumbled to the woman as Arcane sat, seemingly upset that he did not get to play as he wanted with the other companion. "He's never acted like that, though he is still young." She took that moment to look over the woman. She seemed to be her age, if not a bit younger. She seemed, if Alyssa was correct, to be in the same guild as herself.

#4Adelaide Sokolov 

on Sun May 07, 2017 4:24 am

While Alice was still trying to get the attention of Ophelia, the Cleffa had noticed the little growlithe and was confused as to why it was not King. The baby wasn't sure if she dared to go near the creature and was lost in thoughts, the whole reason Alice couldn't get her to move. The street was okay busy which meant that Alice had no idea what Ophelia was staring at, as she was much smaller and had another point of view. She couldn't hunch down next to her because she was afraid people would miss her and the paper bags would fall out of her hands and she would be in some sort of trouble.

However she had to do something and thus she hunched down only to blink surprised at a Growlithe and she doubt it was Ace's, because she didn't see him, yes she did look left and right. Ophelia was curious to the little pet and took a few steps closer while Alice simply stood up again to find the owner. This reminded her of meeting Leyaria, only it wasn't raining right now. Ophelia started to hum, apparently very happy to make a new friend and Alice could only shake her head.

When the red head looked up again, someone was coming towards her, the young woman must be the owner of the Growlithe. She immediately apologized and Alice couldn't help but smile as the whole situation kept reminding her of Leyaria and Geth. "It's no problem at all. I think my little one wants to play as well. I understand what you mean with him being very young, she is too and sometimes that gives me quite some trouble. But don't apologize it's just the nature of those little ones." she wasn't sure if the young woman, looking like her age, was from which guild, maybe she was from Magnolia and she surely hoped she had never heard of a Lacie or a dead Alice. "I'm Alice and she is Ophelia, nice to meet you." She would give the possibility of shaking the other woman her hand, if it wasn't that she was holding on to the paper bags.

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on Sun May 07, 2017 8:42 am

Alyssa glanced at the Cleffa and a grin fell on her face. Yes, Arcane had just wanted to play it seemed. It was not very often that the growlithe was able to play with other companions. Lately, they had been taking too many quests for that to be an option for him. Thankfully, the Cleffa seemed to like Arcane. She allowed him to sniff at her while Alyssa stood from her crouch and smiled politely at the owner of the Cleffa. The red head was dressed in a type of uniform, which made Alyssa believe she was either on her way to a mission, which was unlikely based on the fact that she carried bags, or had just come back from a mission.

"I'm Alyssa, and this is Arcane. It is a pleasure." She noticed the woman carrying the bags in her hand. "Would you like some help with those?" She asked, motioning to the full bags. Though Alyssa's arms still ached from the mission she had recently completed, she was not just going to sit around and let the woman struggle to carry both bags and deal with the little Cleffa. She knew exactly how rowdy young companions could be. Arcane and Ophelia had begun prancing around each other and the two owners. They seemingly liked each other. Also, this was the only person Alyssa had met in this town so far that her split seemed to enjoy. Either that, or the split knew by the looks of her, that she could destroy her in a fight...even if the bloodthirsty personality took over. This woman had to be powerful for even the split to notice. "What are you up to in the busy streets of Magnolia? Are you from around here?" Alyssa pondered. She wanted to know if she was correct about her assumption.

#6Adelaide Sokolov 

on Sun May 07, 2017 12:59 pm

Alice wasn't worried about Ophelia her thoughts nor about what the Growlithe would do, mainly because Ophelia could take care of herself, she had met other companions and even a Zebriska so she was fine, she was technically very used to Sparky. She kept an eye on the two pets though, mainly because she didn't wanted them to wander off without her noticing in which direction or simply at all.

So she was called Alyssa and Arcane, very interesting name for a growlithe, she liked it, "Oh no don't worry. I just need to bring it back to the bed & breakfast that I stay." She said with a smile, depending on how this meeting would go, she could always put the bags on the ground, as long as there were no ants or so. Funny, she never thought of those creatures in general. "Besides it's a good training, weapons are heavier." she said with a grin, especially for her as a requip mage, you could see her strong arm muscles, she was used to a lot as she trained more now she was a Knight but yeah, she wasn't going to tell that at a first meeting.

Alyssa asked if she was from around here, but Alice rather not acknowledge that Magnolia was her home town, however she better should, 'I was born here but I'm from Era. You know patroling as a knight." she put one bag down the one that was probably the mosts safe if ants were around. She was aware that not everyone was happy about knights, especially because she herself had been a former Phantom but she hadn't done much before she left which was rather quickly and look at her now, two months later and she was a Seated Knight, interesting how things went by quickly, "I haven't been here for twelve years so it's quite weird. Are you from around?" she said to immediately throw away how well she knew Magnolia, she hated Magnolia at this point.

#ff9900 ~ Alice #ffcc33 ~ Jupiter #33ccff ~ Hecate

on Sun May 07, 2017 3:11 pm

"Era, actually."  Was Alyssa's reply.  She glanced at Arcane, who was becoming uncomfortable looking.  Watching the woman closely, Alyssa began to feel a bit claustrophobic herself standing on the full streets.  She could feel her split pushing out against the boundaries of her mind, and she was in much to dense of an area for the split to take over.  She would surely be killed on the spot.  As if Arcane felt what was going on in her head, he dashed off into the streets back towards their home.  Alyssa looked up at the woman with an apologetic expression.  "I'm so sorry, I have to go."  She began jogging off towards Arcane.  "I'm sure we'll meet again!"  She yelled giving one last apologetic smile as she dashed off back home.


#8Adelaide Sokolov 

on Wed May 10, 2017 1:23 am

Alyssa told her she was from Era also, which made Alice smile. Who knows what a small world it was. Interesting concept. She had no idea what was going on as she didn’t really felt like the two of them were looking at her with a friendly and open mind. Not that she thought they were enemies, she glanced at Ophelia for a second who was still interested in the Growlithe but he seemed to be focused on something else, her perhaps? Before she knew it the Growlithe, Arcane, ran away from her and Alyssa got up to apologize, ”Oh no, I understand, don’t worry.” She immediately replied, and waved away the apology, if Ophelia would ran away, she would hurry after it. Though her Cleffa wasn’t so fast. She waved at Alyssa, ”Perhaps one day!” she answered for meeting again, though she still wondered what happened. She turned again to look at Ophelia, ”Come on, let’s go to the bed & breakfast,” She walked on step behind the little Cleffa, who wasn’t that little anymore, especially not compared to Arcane, although well she didn’t actually knew what had happened of course.


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