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Cupcake Courier (Alyssa)

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Alyssa’s morning had started off as usual, the voices in her head waging a constant war between good and evil.  The smallest of tasks took Alyssa hours to complete usually because of the arguments in her mind.  Though she knew she had things to do that day, she could not seem to find the motivation to get out of bed, especially with her other self yelling at her in her mind to murder the innocent.  She had become extremely talented at keeping her other personality at bay, yet shutting up it’s constant screaming in her mind was a no go.  The voice was constantly angry at the fact it was not allowed to control her and delve into it’s own personal fantasies.

Pulling herself out of her bed, she managed to shower, dress, and eat in a reasonable amount of time, almost forgetting to feed Arcane, her loyal companion.  As they both ate, Alyssa read over the paper in her hand.  Cupcakes, it was right down her alley.  The man she would be delivering for was an old family friend.  She often sat and devoured dozens of his cupcakes at a time, never once feeling bad about it, simply feeling bad about the stomach ache she would have afterwards.  With as many free treats as she had gotten at the bakery, she owed the man this, she could deliver a couple of his treats for him.

On her way out, she grabbed her tote bag.  The bag would make it a thousand times easier to carry many cupcakes at once.  She whistled for Arcane as she approached the door, and the puppy came running, tripping over his feet as he slid on the tile floor, causing Alyssa to giggle as he landed at her feet.  “Alright boy, let’s get this over with.”  She muttered as they started their walk to the bakery.  Arcane followed her whining slightly.  “No, we can’t eat any of them sadly.”

Their walk was quick and they were at the bakery in twenty minutes.  Walking inside, they noticed how busy the bakery was, and exactly how much help Olly needed.  He was in the back, stirring a bowl with one hand while placing a pan in the oven with the other.  He barely had time to glance back at Alyssa before moving on to another spot.  “Thank you so much for helping me, Alyssa.  I see you brought Arcane too, wonderful.”  He pointed over at the small holding oven.  “In there are the cupcakes that need delivered.  Take as many as you think you can handle, just do not mess them up!  I slaved hours on them!”  Alyssa mock saluted and walked over to the oven.  She was surprised at the amount that needed to be delivered.

Alyssa glanced down at Arcane and smiled.  “You wanna help, buddy?”  He barked and ran in a circle.  Finding some rope, Alyssa secured a box to the back of her companion and stacked it with cupcakes.  “Now you be careful.  Those cannot be damaged.”  She told him and he slowly trotted over to the baker, earning a pat on his head.  He then trotted back to Alyssa’s side as she put cupcake boxes in her bag.  “We’ll be back in a little bit, Olly.  Do not overwork yourself.”  She waved and smiled as she walked out.

“We could just kill him and put him out of his misery.”  Of course it was time for Alyssa’s other personality to make an appearance.  She had not been heard in over an hour, plotting, most likely.  Alyssa shook her head, telling the voice no.   “You’re too soft, you could always let me take over and we could have some fun.”  Alyssa did not respond, not wanting to egg the voice on to the point her other personality would be able to surface.  She simply patted Arcane’s head as they walked, knocking on the first door.  An elderly woman answered and smiled.

“Miss Anoli?  Your cupcakes are here.”  Alyssa said politely as she handed the box to the elderly woman.  She smiled and nodded in thanks as she took the box and walked back inside, closing the door behind her.  Thankfully, the next house was right next door.  She was able to unload some of the weight from Arcane, who seemed thankful for that as well.  The next delivery was across town, which made Alyssa wish she owned some mode of transportation.  The voice in her head was too quiet for her liking.  She was used to the constant ramble and sometimes enjoyed the company.

As if on cue, the voice began speaking again.   “Why must we do these meaningless tasks when we could be out fighting instead?”    Alyssa simply told her other self that they needed money if they wanted to survive in the world.  Plus, she mentioned, they were weak when it came to fighting against the mages in the city.  Her other self scoffed.   “You may be weak, but I am strong.  I am the strongest part of you, and you know it.  I could take control at any point I wanted.”    Alyssa knew if she experienced too high of emotional distress, her other self could take over easily.  She did not respond, knowing the voice was correct.  Her other personality was much stronger than she was.

They finally reached the next delivery spot where a gathering seemed to be going on.  Approaching a woman dressed all in red, Alyssa gathered the cupcakes from her bag.  “It seems you all are having an amazing time.  I’m happy to be able to help.”  She said, handing the cupcakes over to the party members, who immediately began to dig in.  One woman handed her a cupcake, which she gratefully took and began her walk back to the bakery with an empty bag.  As she walked, she stuffed the cupcake in her mouth in a not so ladylike manner, moaning as she did.  Olly had always made the best treats in the land.

Once they reached the bakery again, they found it had cleared out a little, but not enough for Olly not to be busy in the back, icing what looked like a wedding cake.  He poked his head out long enough to thank her for her help, and then went back to his duty.  The cashier standing behind the counter handed her a reward for her hard work, along with a cupcake and a treat for Arcane, which Alyssa gave to her companion after she removed the makeshift carrying bag from his back.  The dog jumped around happily as he received his treat, and then they both began the short journey back to the place where they were staying.

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