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Vance's Sheet

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on Wed May 03, 2017 4:21 am



Relationship: Single









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::Since Mind-Erasal::

- Revival (Feat. Bianca)
- Where Wild Things Gather (Feat. Yumi)
- Psycho Shot and Devilman (Feat. Odin)


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on Sun Sep 17, 2017 5:48 am


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on Sun Sep 17, 2017 6:20 am



Lycans can transform their body into a larger, more muscular, and overall more wolf-like appearance. In this state, their powers are dramatically enhanced. Their base statistics increase by 40% while being transformed. It costs 5% of the user's total mana per turn and has a 4 post cooldown after deactivating it.
Lycans may be ferocious and strong warriors but they really dislike flames. Lycans can never use Fire-type moves. Most stronger Lycans don't flinch when facing fire but still suffer the consequences. They take extra damage from Fire-type moves which are increased by two ranks.
Lycans have a great smell and can smell anyone within a 25 meter radius. Even if targets try to mask their smell a Lycan can distinguish between thousands of smells to still find their target within that range.
ENHANCED ENDURANCE: Lycans are able to withstand impacts strong enough to destroy buildings. What would take down humans instantly merely hurts them. They receive a 20% endurance bonus of their base endurance on top of their base endurance. This stacks with the Lycan transformation.
Lycans possess a lot of strength compared to humans. Even without transforming they are considerably stronger than most that face them. They receive a 20% strength bonus of their base strength on top of their base strength. This stacks with the Lycan transformation.
When it comes to speed, Lycans move a lot faster than most humans. Lycans often easily catch up with their prey if they stalk them long enough. They receive a 20% speed bonus of their base speed on top of their base speed. This stacks with the Lycan transformation.
Death and Disorder [Passive]:
Phantom Lord members clearly love to stir up trouble. They don't care much about others and even get excited if it involves beating up some of them folks over at Fairy Tail, Lamia Scale, Blue Pegasus or the Rune Knights. Users receive a +10 increase in Strength and Speed when fighting someone from the groups mentioned before.
Infamous Dealings [Passive]:
Sometimes when purchasing a certain item, Phantom Lord members can use their Infamy to receive a discount. Users receive a 10% discount on Common items with an Infamy between 500-1000, 10% on Uncommon items with an Infamy between 1001-2000, 10% on Rare items with an Infamy between 2001-3000, 10% on Unique items with an Infamy between 3001-4000, and 10% on Legendary items with an Infamy above 4000. Infamous Dealings does not apply on things in the shop that are not classified with a rarity.
Haunted Lands [Location]: No one dares to enter the Haunted Lands except for Phantom Lord members who are protected because of the crest they bear. Others succumb to madness, eventually leading to death in the most horrific ways. Users that train here receive a 5% wordcount reduction per 1000 Infamy on their spell training here up to a maximum of 20% reduction. Beware, anyone that has spent too much time here and trained too long can become susceptible for possessions.

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