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Erebus's Sheet

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Erebus's Sheet Empty on Wed May 03, 2017 12:21 pm


♣Name: Erebus Cassiel
♣Age: 22
♣Gender: Male
♣Class: Spellhowler
♣Guild: Midnight Cult
♣Rank: B
♣Title: A Mortal Coil



  • Strategist...
    Memories of these days come and go, due to Arthurias having used some very powerful curse mark magic, Erebus finds most of the memories scattered, he hasn't lost them. He just can't remember much about them either. Names that were able to stick intact after re-emergence. Were... Yumi, Celeste, and a vague number of others, such as Shura and even Nastasya. However, none of these characters are around anymore, so they mean little to the Husk.

  • Vance...
    Vance's life was short and bittersweet. He met few, and spoke to fewer. Though he did have a budding relationship with a powerful Countess. The woman is long gone, dead to the times. However, Erebus retains the sight of her beauty. Sometimes, you might even see him a shed a tear if he had too. But it won't be Erebus hurting, no... Those pains belong to Vance, for he could never return to his love. Instead... Only the Abyss awaited him.

    - Revival
    - Where Wild Things Gather
    - Psycho Shot & Devilman
    - Dahlia to Magnolia
    - Magnolia to Baska
    - Baska to Oak
    - The Ironic Beginning

  • Erebus Resurrected...
    Erebus awoke in the corpse of a recently dead body. He quickly figured out that he had somehow been freed from his damnation, with his mind and Vance's united. Unknownst to him, the one called HER was responsible. Vance has had to fight demons during the incursions going on around him. Making 'friends' and foes alike in the wake of his return.

    - Life in Another Window [Tomoe]
    - Live it Up! [Victor, Priscilla]
    - The People You Meet [Odin, Judith]
    - Intertwined Paths [Vali]
    - Into the Fold [Ylva]

  • Erebus makes off for Era...
    Erebus leaves Astera with the monster Executioner Sword that he took from the Demon, Punisher. Along his way, he stops in the heart of Worth Woodsea to reinvigorate his shell, and when the ritual is finished, he somehow finds that hee has made safe passage to Era. With new evidence suggesting that a being is watching him, he begins to question his true Destiny...

    - Astera to Era [Foot Travel]



  • Vali - Friend
  • Victor - Neutral
  • Odin - Friend
  • Priscilla - Neutral
  • Judith - Rocky
  • Tomoe - Rocky
  • Ylva - Pupil/Friend
  • LeeAnn - Rocky


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