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Locust Scenario Box

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#1Locust Paars 

Default on Wed May 03, 2017 12:00 am

Let's make another one and not completely fail this time; like it happened in Arthur/Aonaka.

Hello everyone and welcome to Locust's scenario box, where I desire to plan upcoming roleplays, fictions, paths and plots we can share using out characters. You can find anything you need on my sheet, including my character application.


Lately, I've been starting to read again to get back my bookworm trait back and I got a book from my favorite author: Haruki Murakami and it left an impression on me, big one. That is why I decided to take a different approach to writing.

I fell in love with the dreamy, surreal writing style and story telling of Haruki Murakami and wanted to try out, this is why I make my approach with this character just like that. NPCs are much more likely to use run on and explicit sentences like they are natural, for example:

“Not really sure why we need a mage to do this, but hey-- you guys do non-magical stuff all the time. It’s like you guys are escorts, you know? Like you don’t really do any sensually pleasing stuff, running errands around and all-- ah, I see, perhaps errand boys and girls would be more fitting to this situation, then again I can’t tell if you guys actually do escort stuff, I don’t think I want to ask,” the girl spoke in a run on manner. Locust stood just as he normally would.
“Yeah, I guess so,” he answered,

“And no entering the back room, correct?” Locust asked. The old man moved his head up and down for a while before inhaling.
“Correct, I don’t want anyone to visit there. You might be thinking why a magical item shop would need such a secret room, but we all have our quirks, you can think that I am killing and skinning people there, or that I am violating the law in the worst degree and I would be fine with such pre-assumptions,” the old man said.
“I did not have such assumptions,” Locust answered.
“I didn’t say that you have them, but curiosity laces itself anywhere it can sometimes, so I’d understand if such thoughts emerged within your mind,” the old man spoke.
“I understand,” said Locust.

Basically, there is more of a fogginess and openness at the same time to the manner of speeches and how Locust is open to things that would normally be thought as bizarre words and actions. This actually helped me get better at writing, especially in the detailing area where I was really bad at. I still have ways to go, of course.

I plan to bring this dreamy sense to all topics I'm in and if there is anyone who would like to play their characters not out of character, but just... different maybe, then I think we can work some plot stuff out.

This character is all about connecting with people;
I wanted to force myself and be more motivated to roleplay this time around. Reading the motivation and history sections of my character will tell you all about this "heart collecting" shtick and nature spirit stuff.

Please feel free to contact me through here or PMs, cheers.

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