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Hot In Here [Locust]

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on Tue May 02, 2017 10:23 am

Locust Paars
It was another day.

Yesterday Locust had spent time working at the local blacksmith, working the hammer to be exact. The opportunity was appreciated, and it has been a learning experience. Locust’s sore arms were a sign of increasing physical capabilities and he was happy that he had done a healthy act. If he could get it into a form of good habit, perhaps he could keep this going and increase his skills further. As he wore his shoes, the thought made him feel a weird sense of relief; not weird by himself, but it was weird that he wasn’t relieved of a particular problem to be feeling that, but it was there none the less. He decided to go the shop early that day to start with more initiative. He was going to be doing the other side of the job this time, much closer to the fire, and made sure to keep the bandage he made the other day in a small zip lock, air drained bag in case he was or someone else was hurt.

He reached the shop walking at a brisk pace and entered from under the drapes. The morning chill had made its way from the drapes and Locust was happy about this situation. If he could do everything right, then perhaps he would be able to get the job done before it was midday, before it was getting hot everywhere, all around.

He didn’t see the assistant when he entered and assumed that he was either inside, or hadn’t come to the shop yet. He didn’t know about their schedule after all. Barras was there however and was hammering away like always. He noticed the mage enter and smiled.
“Hey, welcome back,” Barras said before putting the iron rod he was beating into cold water and caused a loud sound to ensure as the glowing orange iron cooled down in a matter of seconds. He then placed it on a nearby iron desk and took a napkin to wipe his hands as he approached Locust. He reached out his hand with an open palm. Locust just stared at the hand and then the man.
“Well, won’t you shake my hand?” Barras asked with a kind smirk. Locust raised his eyebrows for a brief moment with realization and extended his hand to meet his, the man grasped the mage’s hand with quite force but Locust was sure that he wasn’t doing this intentionally. His small hand had disappeared inside the man’s big and rugged hands.
“You are quite strong,” Locust told him and looked at his hand. Barras gave out a laugh with his deep voice, his chest moving up and down with each laugh, Locust responded with a smile, but was saddened he couldn’t join in the laughter of the man.
“Working here does that,” the smith spoke after slowly stopping his laughter and wrapping it up with a smile. “Work here more, and you will be just like me and Cony, my assistant.”

Locust nodded with a neutral expression. Afterwards, Barras pointed towards the forge and they took a couple of steps to get closer to it.
“You will use these tongs,” he said and pointed towards a tool hanger on the wall that many different sizes of tongs on them. He took a medium size one and gave it to Locust, who inspected it after turning it around and around. “If that one doesn’t feel right, just pick another sized or shaped one,” Barras spoke.
“It will perhaps be better if I take one that is longer, I am quite afraid of fire myself,” Locust responded. Barras smiled and took one that was longer and handed to him.
“Let me show you how you will do it,” he said and took one of the rods and placed it into the fire. After waiting for a couple of minutes, occasionally checking if it was covered in a red glow, which signaled that it was done, he would take it and place it on the anvil and start to hammer away. Locust watched his muscles beneath his skin contract with each rise and fall of the hammer.
“This part will be done by my assistant, his arm is better now and he could use some practice,” Barras spoke as he finished up the piece he was working on.
“I understand,” Locust responded. “Shall I try one myself? Before your assistant is here, I mean.”
Barras nodded, pleased by his worker’s diligence and desire to learn. He watched Locust hold the tongs with both of his hands and very carefully place it into the fire. He looked scared and on edge, but his bravery despite his fear was commendable in the smith’s eyes. He looked up and down on the man mage for a second before looking at the iron in the forge.
“That seems to be good enough,” he spoke and with his index finger made a “bring it here” type of movement by moving it in a small but fast manner. Afterwards, he started to hammer away until it was flattened and rubbed his forehead on his shoulder.
“There we go, can you keep up?” he asked to Locust, who nodded in response.
“Yes, I think I can,” the mage said.

It was time for Barras to open up the shop as the assistant Cony walked in. They greeted and immediately started to work. Locust would make sure to be as quick as possible and admire Cony’s strength as he plowed away.
“Ah!” he screamed at one point to which both the assistant and Barras came to check. The tongs had gotten too hot and Locust had touched a wrong side that was burning hot. On the part of his hand where his thumb connected to his hand was a small red mark that hurt quite much.
“It’s a small wound, you can handle it right?” Barras asked, remembering that he was afraid of fire. Without responding Locust took out the bandage he prepared and pressed it into the wound and exhaled with relief. The pain was soothed quite fast.
“Yes, I was prepared in case.”

After their job was done, Locust was invited to shower again before leaving, to which he agreed. Barras showed him upstairs once more and before he left, Locust asked him to stop. The man turned around, and Locust felt tension.

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