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On the Road Again (Marigold - Era, Travel by Foot)

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#1Tori Lancaster 

on Sun Apr 30, 2017 9:01 pm

It was that time again. Tori had finally paid off the loan sharks, and now she needed to get back to Era. She was sure that she needed to talk to someone about what had happened with the Index. An explanation of her failure was definitely owed to the authorities. Not to mention she also owed an explanation to Kazu, having left like she did. The crystal mage had probably headed back to Magnolia by now, but in that case she would just catch up with her new friend later.

Heading towards the city limits, Tori had stopped in the markets to pick up some travelling supplies; food and water, along with some ideas she picked up from some magic salesmen. She had a new spell in her head and couldn't wait to get back to Era to practice it. Reaching the gates, she heard some sort of commotion at the town entrance from what sounded like a town guard.

"Get outta here you pest!" he shouted at whatever it was he was talking to. As she neared the scene, Tori saw a small animal attempting to get in the city. It was an orange duck that walked on upright, not like any duck she had ever seen before. She got closer to see the guard kick the animal, which caused it to fall backward and flail about trying to regain its composure. That was the point Tori felt the need to interject herself.

"Hey, what are you doing to that poor thing!?" she shouted at him, getting in his face. "I don't care who you are or who you work for. That is a harmless creature a fraction of your size and that kind of violence is completely uncalled for!" She pointed her finger in his face as she scolded him on his cruel treatment before turning to the animal. "Are you ok, little guy?" she asked in a soothing voice, pulling a small napkin from her backpack and wiping away the dirt that now covered its back and head. "Psy?" It looked up and looked at her with a confused look, unsure of who this woman was or why she was so different from the man that kicked it. "You wanna come along with me? Get away from this brute? I promise no one will hurt you as long as I'm around." she said, looking down and beaming to show the creature it was safe.

"Psyduck-duck-duck!" it cheered, nodded and hopping up and down. With a slight giggle, Tori motioned for it to follow her, which it did without hesitation. This was great, one more new friend and a travelling companion to boot. It would take no time at all to get to Era now that she had someone to talk to. Well...sort of.


Tori has traveled to Era

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