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Oh my Deer hunting

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#1Chelvaric Walderkat 

Default on Thu Apr 27, 2017 8:03 pm

Chelvaric was walking away from the farm as his job was done and he could go sleep. But before he even could walk a mile from the farm he heard screaming behind him. He turned around and saw the farmer Jim run toward him shouting wait a couple of times in his direction. Chelvaric started to walk to him while he was looking over the farmlands around him. They were beautiful as long as you don’t run over them. There are ruts, pot holes, rabbit warrens, stones - and all of them hidden in the partially grown meadow grass.  It was a nice view and it felt calming. He wanted to lay down so bad and just take a nap for a couple of hours. But if the man needed help he would help him. “let’s see what he want’s scraggy.”, Chelvaric said to his trusty companion. Scraggy bounced the scale on his head with his paw. “humans are so tiring we just did something for him why isn’t he happy with what we did and leaves us alone.”, scraggy said with an impatient and annoyed tone. “Now don’t be so rude we are here for the service of the people. Although I would have liked a nap before we start working again.”, he said to scraggy thinking in the back of his head he was right. But he punished himself in his mind to think like that. It wasn’t something he should think. He should be careful that the demonic mind of scraggy wouldn’t influence his opinion and mind too much.

Chelvaric stopped when the man finally arrived at his location sighing and puffing and breathless from the running and shouting at the same time. “hold up please hold up”, he said with long pauses in-between and coughing. “calm down I am here I waited for you what is so urgent.”, Chelvaric replied to the man while raising an eyebrow something was certainly wrong. “my beautiful cabbages there gone!”, the man whimpered out in tears. Chelvaric still didn’t had a clue on what was going on. “what you mean your cabbages are gone. Can you take a deep breath relax and tell me from the start.”, said Chelvaric while he was motioning his hands in a calming way. The man seemed to calm down and wiped some rolling sweat drops from his forehead before they reached his eyes. “sorry for that. But some deer’s wandered on my farm and there eating all the cabbages. I chased them away but there bound to come back can you hunt them down I can make some nice stew for you if you do!”, the man said desperately. “sure no problem I don’t mind some extra hunting. It’s as good as taking a nap.”, Chelvaric said while he stretched his arms and legs preparing for the hunt. He took a cabbage from the farmer and left to the little forest south of the farm.

When he arrived he places the cabbage in the circle of some entwining tree roots and climbed a tree close by to watch the spot. It was a place where his scent would blow away from the cabbage so that the deer wouldn’t smell him. That was the first big thing you had to do when you hunted. To not get noticed by your prey.  And then you just waited till the prey would come. So it was mostly a game of patience. But this time it didn’t seem to take too long as the sounds of ruffling grass was carried on the wind. The deer were stil very cautious and they were stopping every couple of meters to smell the air and to look and listen to anything amiss. It was to soon to do anything he had to wait till they were eating before he could strike. He held his arm in front of scraggy as he was ready to go. Chelvaric motioned to him to wait and be quiet. He wouldn’t let his hunt be ruined by someone impatient. When the deer’s were eating they weren’t paying to much attention to there surroundings. Chelvaric motioned to scraggy and they walked over the trees closer to the deer. When they were close enough Chelvaric gave the sign and they dropped down right onto them. Chelvaric fell on the back of the left one and held tight as it started running. These deer seemed to be really aggressive as the other one tried to bite Chelvaric. While scraggy was punched the deer into the eye socket and then conjured a dark dagger before plunging it in it’s neck the deer fell down and died twitching on the ground as it’s life was drained. Chelvaric on the other hand was trying its best to punch the deer but it wasn’t doing much at first. He suddenly got thrown off and the deer rammed him in the stomach. Chelvaric felt a sharp pain in his stomach. But he was in a rage of the hunt and threw himself at the neck of the deer biting trough it. The deer died after it bled out. Chelvaric made a hunt sign to honor his victims before he grabbed the legs of both of the deer and started dragging them off in to the farm.

They arrived at the farm and the farmer came running in happyniss. “You did it! You got them! Now give them here ill prepare a feast meal for us.”, the farmer said in joy and sounded way too happy over a couple of dead deer. The man took out a knife and started to skin the deer patiently and nicely. It was a clean cut and the skin came off nicely. After he removed the organs and cut it up in pieces he hang it over a fire and smoked the meat. Chelvaric in the mean time laid by the fire and took a small nap. Afterwards the farmer gave him some smoked meat as a reward. He then walked away and hopefully this time he could walk before he could shout again.

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