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No peeping (solo mission)

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Default on Wed Apr 26, 2017 9:22 pm

Yawning softly she was laying on her bed in the hotel room she booked. The bed was soft, silk velvet sheets with white ruffles on the edges. She was wearing a black and maroon dress gown that women usually wear to bed. Her body was curled up in a spooning position yet there was no one there to spoon with. Oh how it felt cold yet familiar. She was always alone, so why was this any different? Slowly she licked her lips to remember (or try to) the night of the kiss from Maars. He was always on her mind. Was this the purpose of that night? Of the kiss? Her left hand that was towards the air, was clenching the sheets, frustrated. Her right canine tooth would nibble her lower lip while she thought this. ‘I’m sure I’ll see him later today, right?’ she thought. Her brown-like eyes would turn golden honey orbs that were like mirrors. She stared towards the window now while the light shined upon them. ‘’I guess I should get up and get ready.’’ She spoke out-loud to herself since there was obviously no one there. Slowly she would roll off the bed, literally so her body plopped onto the floor. It didn’t hurt of course as the part surround the bed was all soft fluffy carpet of blood red. It truly fit the surrounding as the canopy bed was in the colors of black, maroon and designs of gold and silver. It was truly beautiful. Her eyes were half open while she would then put pressure onto the floor to get up.

Arisa walked towards the huge dresser with two cabinet-like doors to grab out some clothes. With that she would turn away and walked towards the mirror. Brushing her hair she would do rather slowly while her left hand held a large pony tail to hold up her thick hair. Her eyes looked deeper at herself, her skin, seeing it still being flawless. ‘Someday I’ll get old…’ a voice would speak in her thoughts that sounded familiar. ‘I’ll get old and wither.’ It spoke again. She’d shake her head and then looked towards the elevator door. ‘’Welp. Time to go.’’ She would say as she would then ski-dattle off. With that she pressed the button, went down and exited the hotel. Arisa didn’t get to eat before this so she would just walk towards the bathing house before the hill itself and grab something from the stalls. ‘Mmm…what sounds good?’ her thoughts would wander with food on mind. Slowly she walked by the stalls. They had people upon them, opening them. Some had fruit, some had cooked warm foods and others had drinks while some were just empty for some odd reason. Grrrr.~ Her stomach would growl. She had to wait till evening anyways, so why not get something for now? Within a minute, her stomach would smell the taste cooked foods on a stick. Slowly walking towards it she would point at some spiced chicken on a stick. ‘’I’ll have one of those please.’’ She would say as she’d grab, pay and then walked away with a bow of her head in thanks. Slowly nomming it she would get in place to wait for Maars as she thought he was coming. Hopefully she didn’t forget on if he was coming or not.

Stretching alongside the brick building that was unknown to her, she would wander her golden eyes to see if he was around. Her indigo colored skin was like shining indigo metal with a glowing tint from the sun's rays. Her hair was raven colored with some purple with revealed by the light. Arisa's full lips were rather scarlet colored and glossed. She was honestly day dreaming as she waited for her friend, Maarschalk. Were they truly friends though? She would hope so. The thought of the lighter Arisa being in denial would then be a tragedy in the end. Who was she right now? 'The other one'. Some people would question what that meant and honestly, she wouldn't give a shit enough to answer them.

'Wonder how this mission will end, eh Arisa?' the darker one spoke within her thoughts. Her eyes would half-way close as they gazed upon the open light-blue sky. The clouds would reflect and mirror what she was seeing perfectly. She was wearing normal blue jeans, hiking boots and a crop-top with a leather jacket covering her top half of her body. 'Don't do anything stupid please...' Arisa would speak within her thoughts softly. Ana wouldn't care of Arisa's words much as she knew better. Truly she wouldn't get her in much trouble though. Slowly her head would turn so her left cheek grazed against the brick wall, feeling scratchy. The texture of the wall to her soft smooth cheek was like as if she was rubbing her cheek against a man's shaved cheek after a day or two. Only Ana remembered somewhat on what that felt like, but Arisa? No. The girl barely even knew what romance was as she was pure and new to any 'love' shit.

Arisa would wait to hear the man's voice, Maarschalk's voice at that. It was strange to her as there was some spike of a feel when she's around him. What kind of feel was questionable? Her ears could hear people roaming around, nature chirping and the winds howling softly. Slowly her golden hues would look up to see the trees flailing from the wind. Oh how she enjoyed looking and watching nature grow. Reminds her of how human's grew, but in the end also died. She wondered on what was going on with her sisters, her mother and other friends of hers. Even though that was in her thoughts now, she then changed her thoughts towards the mission she was waiting on.

The woman's name was Bella Missandra. She had blonde hair and looked in her young thirties. True enough she was beautiful, but she knew from being told that she is actually way older. She owns the bathhouse in Magnolia and has heard that there was some peeping tom. ''What's with men and peeping?'' she spoke coldly to herself while her eyes darted towards the walkway, still waiting. Her arms crossed against her chest as the back of her body was still against the brick wall corner. Her head was tilted up so it wasn't against it. 'Some men see beautiful women as art supposedly.' Arisa spoke softly and sighed in her head. It was true enough of what she said. Anything can be art, but it was sickening on how people were doing it. Like those sickos who would chop bodies into pieces and call it art.

Soon enough he should be arriving so they would do the mission. The bathhouse was just up this stairway, but she didn't want to go inside without him. Her heart would beat as she thought of him. 'Ugh, what is this?' she thought disgusted at this fuzzy feeling. It made her heart feel heavy yet part of her wanted to throw up. Was the good feeling because of Arisa and the bad because of how she felt about what it could be? No matter the case, she would try to think fully on the mission as she stood there, waiting for him. She swore she was going to do this mission with him. Was he trying to figure some stuff out instead about what that note said in Era? He said something about his associate being kidnapped, but was it truly his associate? If not, then who could it truly be? Her heart pained as she would feel envious without even knowing if she actually had a reason to be jealous. Was this a new part of her? Did only he bring this side of her out? She felt like she wanted to show this side, but a lighter self of her said ‘no’. Would she turn crazy? Arisa felt like she should read more of her mother’s book to find out fully of how she turned out or why her mother disappeared out of fucking nowhere sadly.

‘’I guess I’ll do this without him?’’ she questioned herself as she would motion her body forward to then turn a sharp left. Her head tilted up to look up the hill the bathing house was located. There were sakura trees surrounding it and beautiful red and gold decorated wood as the base of the house. Her lips made a small smile as she thought of how she’d like to enjoy this place with someone. Maybe they’d drink and relax, talk about random things. Her steps were soft, but they left a click clack noise behind due to the stone of the steps and material of the boots. Her large hips swayed left and right upon each step while her long beautiful purple raven hair would wave by strands. They flailed slowly as they were little whips, although her long collected bangs would stay together over her left side. What was she to do with her life? Her heart pained oh so much as it yearned for something that she has yet to knowledge. What was it? It was of course the thing more than some would yearn for, love and loyalty. Would it ever exist for her within this life time?

Arisa was unsure, but as she would get closer to the area, it was evening in which case she would go in and set things up. She would have whenever it was supposed to be anyways. Yawning softly she would go into place so she could ‘ambush’ this peeper. Who the hell was this peeper anyways? Was it some kind of creeper? Some person that was just curious? Or some pervert that had no life? Some people were huge weirdo’s that would jack themselves off to watching ladies in a bathhouse, but do you see any females fondling themselves by watching guys?! No. You don’t. She didn’t understand the logic in having to peep at some bath house with ladies to get off. People could simply go to some bar or some shit, drink, find a girl and get laid or even just a simple fondle. ‘Wait…’ she thought for a second. Her mind would then rethink of when they went to a bar, her and Maars. Was she over thinking this now? Her eyes would be half way shut as a part of her felt exhausted already, but why? Her heart felt slow as she was thinking of nothing out of no where. It was as if something stupidfy her. Within seconds though she would collect her thoughts again, wondering when this peeper was supposed to appear. ‘Nnn… so slow.’ She thought as she would then hear some muffling. ‘What the?’ she thought as her eyes darted towards some corner area. ‘’Ugh, what’s with the lack of women today?! I wasted my time coming here to see none.’’ A guy’s voice spoke making Arisa rather ill-feeling towards it. Was that the peeper? Gross. She’d stand and look around as it felt like it came from this area. Her eyes wandered, moved things till she heard a large plant pot out of the bunch move. ‘’Gotcha.’’ She spoke, turned and walked towards it to stand in front. ‘’Explain yourself!’’ she yelled and pointed her finger at him. He popped out and would move forward to punch him. She’d tilt back and lifted her legs up to kick him in between his legs with her own legs. With that she would then move back all the way, palm on the ground and then lifted up her leg that was in-between his leg to tip-toe into his back to make the front part of his body slam into the floor. Due to balancing she would plop on her butt, but good news was that he was face planting the ground. ‘’Nnn…I would’ve gotten away with it too if it weren’t for you.’’ He grumbled. ‘’Seems you got him then.’’ She spoke. Arisa turned her head to see Bella. ‘’Hah…I did.’’ She spoke back to the woman softly. ‘’Here ya go. I’ll take care of this brat.’’ Bella spoke with a disgusted face. Arisa got up to get the reward. With that Arisa would enjoy her own day in the spa before continuing on her day.


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