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Granny Sitting [Kazuma]

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Kazuma Snow
Kazuma looked up at the tall building that is the Orchidia Apartments. He has never been here before, probably because he barely knew anyone and he barely care about those he knew. He was starting to get the hang of these quest although for him, it's still a bother (Though not as much as before). He felt like he still owed the townspeople for his not so good performance in the quest involving that weird blue thing. He shook his head to get rid of these thoughts before walking in the building.

'This is it' He was currently staring at the room number given to him by his client. He confirmed it once more by looking at the quest paper before deciding to knock three times on the door. He heard some grumbling at the other side before finally, the door was opened. He looked at the guy in front of him clutching his head and groaning every few seconds. "I'm Kazuma, the wizard who took your request." He felt the eyes of the guy looking at him from top to bottom, seemingly trying to figure out if he was the right man for the job of taking care of his sweet mother. The guy then stopped, looked him in the eyes before smiling slightly. "Come in then." So he did. Kazuma looked around the room and found that it is quite a comfortable place to live in. He then stopped when he heard the guy clear his throat, obviously demanding for his attention. "I'm Mitya. My Mom is getting forgetful lately and her usual care lady is not available right now so I need you to look after her closely. I'm serious, especially regarding her using the oven." Kazuma wanted to ask what's the deal with his mother and the oven but decided against it because he didn't want to intrude and because honestly, it would make the guy continue talking and he didn't know if it was a long story or not and it would be huge bother for him if it was. So he just nodded and assured the guy that he got this. The guy then soon took his leave after shouting his goodbye to his mother. Kazuma turn around when he heard a woman's voice behind him saying goodbye. He saw a woman that despite her old age, still sported soft-facial features, full of motherly love from her eyes. He smiled slightly before introducing himself and asking if she needed anything. "No sweetie, I don't. Just make yourself comfortable in the meantime."

They were currently sitting on a couch. Rynah was knitting, a sock by the looks of it, and was animatedly talking about her past. Kazuma was watching her and was listening intently. Truth is, during the start, he barely cared about what she was muttering about but when she mentioned the topic about old kinds of magic, including one that took away your memories, he started to get interested. Presently though, they are talking about a rumored wizard who didn't accept jewels as a reward but cookies instead. 'Cookies? Who would trade jewels with cookies?' he almost laughed at the idea of it. ALMOST. "He said mine was the greatest among all he tasted. Oh, he was such a sweet child!" The old lady giggled. There was silence in the air for a few seconds before Rynah suddenly exclaimed, "Oh look at me. Talking about cookies and whatnot to a guy who didn't eat lunch yet. Come, I'll whip you up some of my special ones. Don't worry, they're good since I use a special ingredient." Kazuma was flabbergasted, he wasn't expecting this kind of development but he can't say he doesn't like it though. I mean, who would say no to free food, much less to cookies. 'Only an idiot, I guess.' He mused before following Rynah to the kitchen.

His jaw fell when he watched the old lady whip out the dough in what has been the fastest record time he has ever seen. 'Someone give this lady a Guinness.' His eyebrow raised however when he saw Rynah grinning at him when she was done. She reached out to a cabinet that was too high for her reach before Kazuma decided to help her open  it and took what she needed, a bag full of- he didn't know. It was some kind of blue crytals that seems to held some beauty on it. "Thanks, sonny." She then went back to her finished dough before she sprayed some of the blue crystals around the cookies. "My secret ingredient!!" she happily cried. Kazuma's curiosity got the better of him so he asked, "Ma'am, what is that?" She giggled before pointing out, "Why would I tell you if it's a secret?" He blushed slightly, feeling embarrassed. 'Touche''

He was starting to get worried. See, they were back in the living room and Rynah got back to her knitting and he was back to watching her. They were on it now for about 10 minutes and he wasn't an expert of baking but he knew that it was already finished baking right about now. Although, because of that, he also didn't point it out because if what the old woman's story was any indication, she was already used to baking things and would not forget it after doing it for so long would she? Wait a minute. He suddenly remembered Mitya's warning. 'Her and the oven!! Damn it! I'm such an idiot!' So he decided to act. "Umm. Ma'am? It's already been 10 minutes, shouldn't the cookies be ready about now?" Rynah seems to have realized this as she laughed softly for a while before thanking him for reminding her. 'Good thing I remembered'

'THIS IS AMAZING!!' His eyes went wide as he took a bite of the cookies made by Rynah. "This is unbelievable Ma'am!" He exclaimed and got a laugh and a pat on his head from the woman before thanking him. Now he understood why there would be an idiot out there who would ask cookies for his reward for the completion of a quest. Although, he still wouldn't. He felt his energy being revitalized as he looked at the cookie he just bit. Taking note of how the blue crystal looked. "Crushed Mana Crystals" He heard before looking up at Rynah. "That's my secret ingredient." She then winked at him. 'So that's why!' he thought before engulfing the rest of the cookie in one swift motion earning him another set of laughter from her. They then heard someone opening the door and announcing himself home.

Mitya saw them at the kitchen, her mother laughing while the kid who took his request was staring at her with wide eyes. He then smiled as he noticed the tray of cookies from the kitchen table. 'I see.'

As soon as the three finished eating, Mitya gave Kazuma his reward, which the boy accepted whole-heartedly. Kazuma thanked Rynah for the great time he had, with all the stories and for the great cookies. He also promised to visit if he had the time, shamelessly saying that he would even visit everyday if Rynah will bake him some more of her cookies. After that, he went home.

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