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On The Run [Orchidia --> Magnolia]

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#1Aleksandr Sokolov 

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The time had come for Aleksandr to leave Orchidia. It had been a good experience here, and he had fun. Now it was time to leave the good old' town. He liked Orchidia, he met some people here, including a fellow Rune Knight and his brother, Konstantin. He also met his cousin, Miyu. He also met a girl named Lacie, who had explored the Circus with him. Overall, it had been a very pleasant experience here, and he loved it. But, all things must pass. He stood at the gate through which he had entered Orchidia. His companion, Tarkus was in his arms. Tarkus was sleeping as it was still pretty early in the morning. His wagon was going to arrive in a while, and he was traveling to Magnolia. Magnolia was an interesting place, but he had never visited it. It was going to be his first time in Magnolia, and he was excited about it.

Alek was still standing there, waiting for the wagon to arrive. His luggage was kept by his side, waiting to be picked up, Tarkus was still asleep, and honestly, he didn't want the little creature to wake up. It was half-past 4 in the morning. He sat down and looked up at the sky. He always liked the morning sky. The chirping of birds was audible to his ears. He put Tarkus in his lap where the little creature lay, sleeping. His wagon arrived soon, and he boarded it. He hired this wagon because he was simply too lazy to walk from Orchidia to Magnolia. Magnolia was also pretty far from here. He sat on the wagon with his companion on his lap who was still asleep, by the way. The wagon started moving, and Alek sat back in relief for he was going to reach Magnolia soon. He was going to arrive in Magnolia without too much effort or work, and he very much appreciated that.

Around quarter past nine, they were a mile from Magnolia. The wagon was soon going to arrive at the town. He was very excited about Magnolia and wanted to know what Magnolia had in store. Tarkus had woken up, but the little creature was still relaxing in Alek's lap. He was very tired and wanted some sleep, and quite honestly that was the first thing he was going to do when he gets to the place. He saw a B & B, and this was going to be the place he was staying at. So he just paid the wagon and exited it with his luggage and Tarkus. He checked in and got himself a room. Unbeknownst to him, his brother, Konstantin was also staying at the same inn as him. They had opposite rooms to each other. He opened the door of the room he was going to be staying at and sighed, Tarkus jumped on the bed and Alek laid down beside him. Soon, the blonde fell asleep.

[In Magnolia Now]

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