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Fluff Part 3 [Alice]

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#1Konstantin Sokolov 

Default on Sun Apr 23, 2017 8:24 am

The duo had decided to rent out a room at a nice little bed and breakfast together. On the whole it had a nice lived in feeling with full of pot plants and beautiful landscape paintings decorating the rooms inside whilst a well maintained garden was housed out front. There wasn’t a direct cause nor reason for them picking out this particular destination save for a nice flier that was attached to a pole along the way towards the town. The owners of the establishment were a retired couple of merchants who sold their business to their sons before purchasing the large chunk of land near Magnolia town and using a portion close to the road to establish a bed and breakfast. The land was originally farmland but grew overrun by invasive weeds which allowed them to buy it at dirt cheap.

Magnolia town itself from the B & B was only a short walk away down a well worn concrete path though on the whole it would unneeded as they had stocked up that evening prior for most things including food, alcohol even general goods. As seemed to be the case with the two of them they had more than enough drinks together flirted the whole night through, before the remaindering becoming a blur to Kon, he remembered portions of the night. He knew that both of them got pretty drunk and he somehow ended up in the same bed as Alice.

It was odd for the rune knight when he woke up strangely finding it to be the most pleasureable rest he had had for many months perhaps years he didn’t know why exactly, until he looked around at his surrounding relatively looking at the gently resting face of Alice.
Pausing for a moment he slowly slid his hands away from alice before patting himself. “Good I’m still wearing clothing.” They had shared the bed which he didn’t know how to feel about to be honest, though it was relaxing, he had offered to take the couch however the ended up sleeping in the same bed regardless.

This was admittedly the closest and longest time alone with a woman he had ever been and it was such a thrill. Simply staring at her was a delight until his head started to think about where they were and the other facilities that the building housed such as the bathroom. Shaking his head in an attempt to avoid such thoughts about the matter he allowed the red-haired to sleep softly before gently stroking the back of his finger down her cheek and whispered in a soothing voice. “It’s time to get up sleepy head.”

#2Adelaide Sokolov 

Default on Sun Apr 23, 2017 9:10 am

So they hadn't technically been into Magnolia but it was good to find a place to stay and she liked the bed and breakfast. The people that owned it were really nice to her and the place was also really nice. They had stayed here the whole time after their arrival, not going into Magnolia yet. She had been drinking more alcohol than ever before and when she would wake up, she would notice that soon enough.

She felt something on her cheek and pinched her eyes together when she was slowly waking up. Great a headache. She opened her eyes slowly trying to possible adjust to the light, however her brown eyes quickly took in that she was looking at Konstantin. She sat upright rather quick but before she could say anything she was hit with the headache, "Auw." She muttered before her eyes darted over the room, herself, with clothes and Konstantin, which made her immediately calm down. She blinked a few times to continue to adjust before she couldn't help but smile, right so far going to Magnolia, "Goodmorning to you." She said as she dropped herself back, to rest her head on the pillow. She would lay on her side again to face Konstantin and smile, "Do we really have to go and get up? It's so comfortable here." She felt tired and she definitely was going to look for an asprine, thank god it wasn't that bad. She looked up a little as she wanted to stretch her legs but kicked something softly, Ophelia herself got up, as that was what she had kicked. "What's the plan for today? Discover Magnolia?"

What actually happened last night? She had bits and blurs, too much alcohol. She hoped she didn't puke or anything else that was gross. The fact that she was still wearing clothes was well a good thing. She would rather have remembered everything but she could deal with that, she had dealed with that long before as well.

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#3Konstantin Sokolov 

Default on Sun Apr 23, 2017 11:47 pm

Evidently, Alice wasn't accustomed to drinking large amounts of alcohol, unlike the blond haired mage. her pain from last nights drinking could be seen as she awoke, though surprisingly managed to compose herself fairly quickly. Their bond, on the whole, seemed to have blossomed even more so since they had made it to the town, with the two seeming to feel perfectly at home in the company of one and another in the bed. At first, it seemed as if Alice didn't wish to leave the bed at all only to moments later to start moving about in the bed and talking about what the pair were going to do today. At the moment Kon had no real idea what they were going to do today, yes he should probably go talk to some people and gather some information but he'd prefer to just relax with Alice make sure she was alright and talk some more with her.

Getting up half-way out of the bed with his feet on the ground, he spoke with a raspy throat caused by a combination of things that stood out in his mind, drinking, singing and even a bit of kiss? the last part was the more lingering factor. "Well I'm not feeling all that great at the moment and I'm guessing you're not either, to be honest, let's stay in for at least the first part of the day what do you say?" Before getting an answer he would leave the bed completely revealing that he was only wearing his briefs and a white shirt causing him to look down before giving out an accepting. "Oh."

Shrugging at his lack appearance he made his way to the kitchen where he would start on breakfast for the two of them asking her before getting there. "Do you want anything? Coffee?, Tea?, I'm making some pancakes anyway."

#4Adelaide Sokolov 

Default on Mon Apr 24, 2017 1:22 am

Alice wondered if she had taken good care of Ophelia last night but it seemed that her companion wasn't angry at her so that was a good thing. She yawned and that did hurt her head but she tried to cover it up. She looked at Konstantin now moving as if he planned to go out of the bed that they seemed to share. She couldn't help but giggle a bit at his own reaction once he got out of bed, "I'll be fine. I'm okay with taking it slow but if it is nice weather, we should definitely use that. I actually can't remember if I have ever been to Magnolia, so I'm excited to see it." She got up again but remained simply seated in the bed and stared at her own t-shirt, same as yesterday, gross.

She cuddled with Ophelia for a short second before she looked up again, her hair must have been a mess, she did care about that and for a litle bit she didn't, "Oh pancakes, I like that. And coffee please." She would go look for an asprine herself. She gave one last hug to Ophelia and let her go to step out of bed herself.. no jeans, well it was probably a lot more comfortable but now a bit awkward if she asked herself. "I am going to take a quick shower, okay?" She asked and she lifted up Ophelia, she wasn't staying her alone at least. Otherwise her hair would never be able to be combed. It wasn't difficult to find the bathroom, it was a shame there was no lock but she could trust Konstantin right? She would be quick. But she needed to refresh especially after wearing the same shirt as yesterday during their travel. Her shower took around fifteen minutes because her hair was being ridiculous and she had to take care of Ophelia at the same time.

But she was done rather quickly after that, if they were not going on a job today, she decided to wear a dress, a simple cobalt blue one. She wasn't so sure yet on the shoes but simply put on socks and headed to the kitchen too, together with Ophelia.

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#5Konstantin Sokolov 

Default on Tue Apr 25, 2017 9:35 am

His suggestion to stay indoors was declined with her feeling there was no need to waste their day if the weather was nice. He admittedly agreed though he would need a bit to recover from last night. Unable to recall much of what happened the night before he questioned Alice before she revealed her intention to have a shower something he would likely do she had. "Hey Alice, I'm curious as to whether you remember much about what happened last night?, all I can recall was the two of us getting completely plastered from booze along with some other stuff, the rest is a blur." Before he could get an answer however he heard the bathroom door close shut. "It'll have to wait I guess." He thought to himself as he prepared their breakfast. Remembering he was wearing very little still, he returned to the bedroom and put on his old clothes after sniffing them to check how clean they were.

Fortunately, they were unblemished as it seemed neither of them had been so drunk as to vomit. This would be a stop gap of course as he still wanted to have a shower. With the extended period of time that Alice took in the shower though he was capable of mixing the batter for the pancakes, heat up the pan and cook a solid three-quarters worth of the batter into nicely sized pancakes. They were all stacked neatly on a single large plate. Noticing her return he began to separate the pancakes into two even plates before returning to his question. "So remember anything? Because I'm clueless."

#6Adelaide Sokolov 

Default on Tue Apr 25, 2017 11:44 am

"Let me think about it!" Alice had accidently shut the door while Konstantin was asking something, so she yelled her answer through the door, she would first focus on her hair and washing herself but it was at least such an easy job that she could think about what happened. She wasn't sure if it was because she wasn't used to alcohol in such amounts or well maybe it was simply the amnesia. It was rather vague and she wasn't really looking forward to admit that. After fifteen minutes she went to dry her hair and her body, her hair took another five minutes before she simply put it on a high ponytail with a black bow, she found it in her dimensional pocket, as well as the cobalt blue dress and her socks.

She entered the kitchen and looked at the situation, she smiled satisfied and gave a kiss on Konstantin his cheek, "I don't remember much either." She didn't look entirely happy about that but she simply went to sit down, "Do I need to do something?" prepare tea, coffee, she would wait for him to say something, "I remember drinking, talking a lot and I believe it was fun, I think we sang, we eh kissed." More she couldn't remember and not much because even though she knew they had been singing, she couldn't figure out any of the songs. She liked singing, it was probably her doing, she looked at Ophelia who she had sat on her lap. "Maybe we shouldn't drink that much again, not so smart." Thank god they kept close on, or at least that's why she thought that didn't happen and she quickly locked at Ophelia to hide her crimson cheeks again. Very smart Alice..

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#7Konstantin Sokolov 

Default on Thu Apr 27, 2017 7:25 am

Alice entered the kitchen being far more bold with her interactions towards Kon evident by the small peak on the cheek and interesting sensation that seemed to resonate on there for some time. It appeared that Alice too had not remembered the entirety of the night expanding on it, however, telling him how they also spent some of it singing. Konstantin had never been one for singing confused about what she was talking about he questioned her about it. "Do you remember what we were singing?, I only remember the songs of my homeland and you most likely wouldn't have known those."

Remembering Alices offer he merely responded. "Straight black coffee, no sugar, no milk, please." As he drew up the plates from the bench to take over to the table he would listen as she advised him not to drink as much. Groaning in agreement, "Yes it was foolish of us to have drunk so much I don't remember even why we chose to drink so much do you?" Taking a sit opposite to Alice with the pancakes now in front of each other, he began to select the various toppings he would add onto his pancakes. There was a variety to select from which were both provided for them as part of staying there but also others that he had purchased himself. One of those was a nice chocolate spread that he placed a large dollop on the top before smiling at Alice. "What can I say I love sweet things and of course that includes you." Ending with a wink.

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Default on Thu Apr 27, 2017 10:57 am

Alice got up to get the coffee at least for herself, it took a time before she got a cup because she first kept an eye on Ophelia and listened to Konstantin, "Hmm I don't know, I think a few that I knew and you hummed along and I think the other way around, maybe even teached me a song?" Or was it the other way around, man it was definitely not smart to drink like this. She could handle this but she was sure to remind herself that one or two glasses was enough and probably no vodka. She made the coffee, the same for herself and placed them on the table and grabbed Ophelia back from the ground to make sure her companion would eat as well.

"As for the reason why we drank, I think it was just being merry. The people from the Bed & Breakfast helped quite well with that, giving more and more to drink if I remember correctly." She would look at breakfast, noting it looked good and noticed the chocolate, there were also some strawberries, she popped one in her mouth, "Well lucky you. I like sweet things as well." She would use some chocolate and strawberries and kept some without any spread to give bits to Ophelia.

After breakfast Alice suggested to simply go to town and get to know it, she always liked that. Made her feel a bit more safe as well, although the last part she didn't say out loud. She had never been in Magnolia as far as she could remember and she wanted to see it. She went back to her room to put on her ankle boots, she made sure her dress was still clean and would wait for Konstantin to be ready to get into the city as well. She first was focus on the path and the new flowers that were around the path to the city, when her eyes darted towards the city that was showing the first buildings, she could see the Cathedral and a heavier pain exploded behind her eyes, before she could even say something, her eyes rolled away, everything went black and she fainted.

Even though she fainted and she would be out for about a minute or two, her closed eyes showed that her hidden eyes were going from left to right as she was freaking out and looking at images that were going to fast to actually make her remember but there were certainly faces, she didn't know names yet but she did see probably the face of her mother, Lacie was there and she guessed aunts for one looked like Selena, she thought she even saw Selena. But most of all a house, a tower, and before she could see more, she woke up.

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#9Konstantin Sokolov 

Default on Sat Apr 29, 2017 5:47 am

As it so happened it was a combination of the two of them singing not necessarily together most of the time with language barriers, it mattered little as both of them enjoyed it regardless. With Coffee now poured he drank without hesitation ignoring the scolding hot sensation as he listened to Alice further. As it so happened they were just drinking for the sake of being happy which was something he could appreciate too many times has Kon drunk to get to sleep, with the change in drinking perhaps his liver would be able to recover completely. Whilst it was odd for a person of his age to have minor liver problems it was primarily due to him frequently drinking all the time. The two ate their breakfast with different condiments, he hoped she enjoyed her pancakes as he made them himself.

With Alice unconcerned by their health they were to head to Magnolia town, but first Kon needed to don his proper attire. As part of his duty, Kon would wear his armour, clumsy, bulky but very protective. This would take about 10 minutes to equip properly once this was done however he returned to Alice and so with his Zebstrika following them all decked out as well they headed to Magnolia town. Things for the most part of their trip into the town seemed fine until the party came towards a cathedral that seemed to have some form of effect on Alice causing her to collapse completely and her body to crumple up onto the ground. As he was right beside her rather than riding he was quickly able to slide himself between her and the ground causing dust to flow up onto the air and the cloth of his cape to become smeared in mud.

There they laid for perhaps minutes with Kon taking care of her to the best of his abilities remembering the first aid training course he did voluntarily with the Rune knights, taking off his shield that would otherwise interfere with things he moved Alice to her side and checked her vitals before raising her head up slight and sitting down cross-legged so it would be supported by his legs. Eventually, though she came through evident by her opening her eyes moving her to her back gradually with a gentle push on her shoulder, wanting to reassure her he spoke in a calm manner whilst looking down at her. "Alice, don't worry you're okay, you've just fainted, just relax and lie there. Can you tell me what you saw?"

#10Adelaide Sokolov 

Default on Sun Apr 30, 2017 3:48 am

There was a tower and she could see her sister and probably the person that was her mother. There was n o man around and she wondered if her father had left them, where she stood everything seemed to be lonely and broken, while Lacie was wearing a perfect dress, hers looked a bit small and dirty and second hand. She felt bored and wanted to go outside, which was forbidden, she wasn't even allowed to leave this room or actually even the corner, that's all she remembered right now. The book on the table that made her feel scared, her mother not even trying to help her get rid of the uneasy feeling, she even carried that book with her when she came to check on Alice. Lacie ignored her mostly and when she looked at her, it was from the corner of her eye, "You stay right here. Don't do anything, don't get out of your corner, you can play with your own dolls." For a second she wondered why, as the adult Alice was simply lifting on the memory of herself as a child. There was another child coming in, for a second Alice wondered if it was Selena, but she didn't know and couldn't see. The girl wasn't allowed to be with her and the two mothers started talking in hushed whispers and..

Alice opened her eyes and quickly closed them because of the light. She heard Konstantin and she felt the brick road pressing in her back but not painfully. She heard his question, she was glad she wasn't alone, she could see Ophelia tugging on her dress for the Cleffa was worried too, thank god she had not been in the backpack. She coughed softly because her mouth felt dry, "I think I saw my mother and my house. I just don't understand what it has to do with everything here especially not the Cathedral. It feels like I have been in Magnolia before now. But I can't remember exactly, I want to believe that this is my home town." But she didn't know, she had seen a house and a tower, she had not seen exactly where they were and as she had no memories of Magnolia at all, she wasn't entirely sure if it was here. She wanted to sit up straight and she wondered if she could, so she simply tried slowly but looked at Konstantin to make sure she was doing okay, "I saw Lacie too. I don't really understand what was going on, she looked happy and I felt like a disaster. There were people coming over but no one spoke to me. All I was allowed to do was sit in a corner." And perhaps play with her own.. toys? Did she had them? She still couldn't remember, why wasn't the memory making any sense, why had she only seen faces but learned no names. It was so frustrating and besides embarrassing for fainting, "I'm sorry, I really didn't know, I didn't know this would happen." She quickly turned to look at the Cathedral, she wanted to see the inside, if the outside already triggered her memories, what would happen if she got in.

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Default on Sun Apr 30, 2017 8:49 am

As it so happened Alice's mere presence within Magnolia town particularly being in front of this church. Her assessment of these visions she experienced led her to believe she was from Magnolia town itself. Kon was certainly happy for her that she was starting to find what she was looking for. Apparently, though the memories themselves didn't sound all that pleasant at least from what he could gather from her comments regarding them. Eventually, she apologised for her sudden loss of consciousness recognising she was now fine he waved away the apology with a flick of the wrist. "Alice. don't feel the need to say sorry to me, I understand it's perfectly fine. I noticed you're looking at the church would you like to go inside? I haven't been there myself I'll gladly support you in case you need a hand." Rising from where he was sitting slowly, he would aid Alice her own efforts in getting up. Once the pair arose from their positions Kon would wait for Alice to decide what they would do. If they were to walk into the church which posed a risk of causing Alice to faint again Kon would stick close to her whilst having his Zebstrika remain outside though close enough to the entrance.

If Alice chose to something else he would do whatever was requested of him to an extent of course. However, if they were to enter the church they would be met with the stunning display of painstakingly handcrafted detailed stonework matching the exterior of the building albeit in a better condition. The stone floors were draped in a fine linen red carpet with an extent of wear being visible towards the end of the church. The focal point of the church, however, was the religious symbol that the church adhered to where numerous people were lined up in front of it obscuring the bottom portion of it to both him and most likely Alice. Wanting to understand get a grasp of what Alice was thinking and also making sure she was feeling okay he questioned her. "Alice, are you feeling alright?, Anything you're remembering?"

#12Adelaide Sokolov 

Default on Mon May 01, 2017 9:42 am

She felt cold and warm at the same time, she knew it wasn't a fever but she could only guess if it was something from the memory. The last time she had one flashback was at LeeAnn her place with the use of the name Lacie, which was a very small flashback. It had given her a headache but she had not fainted, this was also a reason as to why she believed that it was Magnolia that did it to her all together. She wanted to picture herself running in the streets but she couldn't anymore. It was as if her brain needed a shut down to prevent her from going mad. she wondered if maybe it would have effect on her to stay here longer. Although she had no idea how long she initially planned to stay, she had only just arrived and these decisions were hard and she wanted to cry because she still didn't understand a single thing and her head was hurting but she didn't. Her face stood neutral, she would figure it out, she had a small plan for that.

Kon waved her apology away and seemed to notice her plan, but she first got up with his help, keeping her eyes at the Cathedral for some time, there was one thing she didn't dare to admit: she was afraid of fainting again. She was afraid of the possibility of what she would see. Finally she had made her decision and looked back at Konstantin, she took a deep breath and nodded, her brown eyes looking sad but that didn't stop her, "Yes please." She would walk over to the church, slow but steady because she was very nervous, she tried to keep her mind and herself calm by focusing on her breathing, in through the nose, out through her mouth.

The church was beautiful on the inside, she couldn't remember ever being inside. She was probably right with that because she didn't faint, there weren't any memories flooding into her mind and she also didn't faint. She could look at the stonework, the red, the people and the symbols of the illumin. She did think she recognized one of those or a few to be honest but only one was really something she did remember, she turned to look at Konstantin when he asked her something and again she nodded, "I'm fine. There is nothing that brings back memories, I think I recognize the illumin symbols but I might have seen them in Era or in the church in Oak, although I haven't been inside there." She noticed from the corner of her eye someone coming towards them, she believed it was a pastor but it could be any job for she wasn't really informed about all the ranks in a church. She turned to look at the man and he had been smiling at her but as soon as she turned and he could see her whole face, the smile faltered and he stopped.

It was pretty weird for that to happen because it simply looked weird and Alice couldn't help but quickly look at Konstantin to see if he understood. She quickly looked back at the pastor, "You aren't miss Lacie." So they knew her twinsister, the man shook his head and for a second she could identify the fear in his eyes, "You are not welcome here. This is sacred ground, get out." She found the man scary and took a small step backward, but she didn't plan to leave before he would explain what was going on, and so she told him that. "You are not even suppose to be able to come here. You are.. You are suppose to be dead, you demon." Her mouth opened to say something but it hurt too much in her heart to understand what was going on, "Go away. Alice Eventide."

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#13Konstantin Sokolov 

Default on Thu May 04, 2017 8:22 am

It became apparent that yes the two would be going inside the church as well what happened in regards to what she said didn't surprise him very much it was just like any other church of the Illumin he had been to. The only difference being perhaps the individuals who gathered within the church with one of them singling out Alice by at first mistaking her for her twin sister Lacie before calling her a demon with her presence seemingly to dirty the very ground that they stood. Despite the pair not knowing each other for a long period of time Kon wanted to defend his partner's honour as she was otherwise unable to respond to the insults. Wishing the man to apologise for his behaviour and hurtful remarks, he stood between Alice and him towering over him by not just their height difference but also his armour which gave him an additional inch or so. "Sir I wish for you to apologise to this good woman, you have insulted her with little regard to whom she is, Must I inform you of both of our positions to understand the circumstance you've put yourself in. Whilst my partner is lost for words at the moment don't think for a second I won't hesitate for protect her as well as her honour. What she has done in the past means little to me as I may have done similar things to the benefit of the community."

Staring down at the man with a glare that caused his bottom lip to stammer and sweat to drip from his balding forehead. "Now before you rudely told us to leave what did you mean that she is supposed to be dead explain yourself, man?, or I'll arrest you until you've informed both myself and Alice." Trying to peer over Kon's shoulder to look at Alice with spite filled eyes noticing this, Kon reached over and grasped him by the shoulder. "Look we don't want trouble we're just here for answers."

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Default on Thu May 04, 2017 1:09 pm

Alice was rooted to the ground and she couldn't help but stare at the man that talked to her as if she was something bad, something dead he said, a demon, he called her name and he had known her twinsister so it wasn't as if he made a mistake. It stung so badly that for a second she thought that the headache and the heartache would make her collapse again but nothing happen, it just hurt. She wasn't able to say anything, with big brown eyes she stared at the pastor that called her Eventide, something she hadn't know, something that didn't immediately brought back memories, maybe her mind was frozen as well. Frozen by the idea that she had to be dead? Was she dead? Was she simply a ghost walking around? No that made no sense but it brought her into a state of being very, very scared.

It felt a little better when Kon stepped in front of her, making her unable to see the pastor, but his words calmed her down a little. Not entirely sure and more than anything afraid of her past, she needed to get the answers. Her chest still felt tight, probably still out of fear and shock but also being unable to speak. She didn't want to see what the pastor was doing, so she closed her eyes, she could feel other eyes lingering on them, women ushering out their children, couples taking steps back, other people from the Illumin coming closer in case they needed to back up, however they were hesitant. They apparently figured out they were knights now. She wasn't sure what they would do if she was alone but they seemed to be most afraid of Konstantin.

The man didn't answer immediately and she at first didn't notice what was happening, she could see his hateful eyes but Konstantin took care of that. She looked at the back of his armour to make sure she didn't have to look at the pastor. She clenched her fist and bit her lip for a second before she had to say something herself, she just had to make sure that her voice wouldn't stammer, "Answer." was what she managed to say because the pastor remained quiet. She didn't care if he would answer because of fear for either of them, she needed to know. "You let the devil in. All that we could do to safe you was to send you back to the abyss. You however died, the fact that you are back again does mean that you still have the devil's favour. I want you out, like I said this is sacred ground." Even though he didn't stammer on the words, he didn't sound as sure as he had done before, "Miss Lacie told me everything about it."

The last seven words made her take another step back again and her eyes flashing up from the lower spot that she was staring at to the man she could see because he still held his head high, "Lacie?" Her sister? There was no flashback, the pain in her head and heart remained but she slowly started to understand what the bad feeling was that Lacie her name had given her, "Lacie tried to kill me." she whispered but that didn't make any sense, not even with this story, they were sisters, you didn't kill your sister right? You tried to safe her. Tears were close but yet she still didn't cry, "But she failed." she continued to whisper and she couldn't help but push her right hand against her chest, on her heart. She was sure that that the pastor wasn't lying or well not on that part, she could feel it, like a cold bucket of ice water that was now dropping through her veins. That's when the flashback finally came but she didn't see much and didn't faint. It was just looking at Lacie her face that was full disgust, "Goodbye, sister." She blinked rapidly to get back into the present time but these answers weren't what she had expected in the slightest.

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Default on Sat May 06, 2017 7:50 am

The answers that were given to them at least from Kon's perspective were not just vague but from his point of view misinterpretable. Wanting to get a clear answer without the rest of the people interfering he decided to take the man in for further questioning. What he did say however did confuse him as it sounded like her sister had been lying to the people of Magnolia Town but it was unclear about the extent. Whilst it was abusing the power that he had, he cared little as he saw what he was doing for the benefit of his partner. He had admittedly expected a complaint at some point though he didn't know when it would arrive concerning another breach of authority. Wasting no time with many of the citizens in the church turning their focus towards them, Kon drew upon the man, gave him his rights before handcuffing him. He had no intention of charging the man, however, he needed to get clear information and at the moment intimidation seemed to be working just fine. His actions, of course, were met with hostility from the gentleman who argued that he had done nothing wrong. "Oh I beg to differ, good sir, besides I merely wish to learn what you meant properly, you've given us just part of what's happened to give us the full story." The pastor didn't seem to believe Kon even in the slightest and instead cried out to his people for aid. They swiftly rushed up to the view of their priest being arrested by Kon wearing his thick armour which gave them pause before trying to berate him, however, when Alice came into the light they stood there stunned and taken aback. Wanting to avoid a scene both within the church or the town in general, he gathered his thoughts and spoke to the man once more than the people indirectly. "Okay, I'm not going to arrest you however you're still coming with us, tell your flock to stand down."

Accepting the ruling on the blonde haired mage, the priest turned to his people. "I've been requested by these individuals to explain what occurred so many years ago, things should be fine." With all said and done, Kon lead both the man and Alice evidently still stunned by his behaviour outside of the church.

#16Adelaide Sokolov 

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She was fighting the pain and the ice water in her veins. Trying to understand the flashback as she looked up and tried to focus on the here and now. This was the part where Konstantin seemed to handcuff the pastor or was he a priest, as the others were so close to focus on them. She didn't want to cry, she didn't like crying (who did anyway) but she especially didn't want to show a weakness in front of these people, she was a knight damnit! Why was this happening in a church and why was it so busy here. Why was Magnolia doing this to her, it wasn't fair. She hadn't done anything wrong. She had thought for a second that if she was dead, a ghost, if she deserved it but now she simply understood that it was a moment of fear. She didn't want to feel that.

She removed the hand from her heart, it still did hurt, there was still a headache as well as heartache but she didn't want to feel it, she had done nothing wrong, for as far she could remember. The disgust she had just seen on Lacie her face, it wasn't her. All she needed was answers and this guy was going to give it to her or she would find Lacie. She took a step closer again, her expression hidden by her hair, she was no longer comfortable with wearing a dress but that would come later. She noticed the footsteps from the other illumin and turned her angry brown eyes on them, she deserved the answers and this guy was going to give them to her. The people had already been slightly afraid of Konstantin, which was with obvious reason but apparently she was scarrier. Fine this dress was a no go. She was still behind Konstantin but took a step to the side to turn to look at the pastor that would profide them answers, she held up her hands a little and transformed into blue jeans, a black t-shirt and her leather jacket. She was using magic now and she was a hundred percent sure she didn't have magic before, when she was suppose to be dead. She kept the blue backpack on her back with Ophelia, who never liked the transformation but apparently the little creature understood the pressure of the situation, as she remained quiet.

She let Konstantin lead, for her brain couldn't make the connection anymore of saying anything, her feelings were mixed up. They walked out of the church, she kept an eye on the pastor as she didn't want him to suddenly shake them off, but he didn't do such a thing, apparently he was afraid enough. He should be glad that she was off his so called sacred ground. She was surprised by her own thoughts, she was able to be sarcastic again. She wondered where they would go because she didn't want the pastor to know where she stayed. she watched the bars and cafes that they passed, no one was looking at them because they were just walking, no need to stare.

She looked at Konstantin for a second and was glad he was with her, if she had been alone, she wouldn't manage to come this far. She walked to a bar owner, asking if he had a private room for them to talk as the man stood outside sweeping. she paid him for the room and gestured for Konstantin and the pastor to come. It didn't take long before they all settled, she didn't order antyhing, she didn't want the barkeep to disturb them. "Explain to me what happened." Maybe the pastor was putting two and two together for it seemed that he started to notice that she didn't remember anything, he seemed to relax a little with that information.

"Well Rowena told me that at early age, there was a too big difference between miss Lacie and you." he still said you as if she was something dirty and gross, she didn't like that. She stared at the pastor with her brown eyes though, she was definitely angry, the best way instead of crying for mercy. "Since Rowena has been with the Illumin a long time we knew that she understood quickly what was happening, your behaviour was not normal." When he said that, she understood that he had never seen her, "Did I come to the Cathedral?", "No, you weren't allowed." She wanted to roll her eyes but refrained from it. The Pastor continued to tell that for a few years that they tried everything, mostly Rowena, was that her mother?, to fix the problem with her being possible possessed, when there were no options, they had decided to do a ritual with her family members, her aunts, her mother and her sister Lacie, to rid her off evil and send her back to the abyss as she was the vessel and they couldn't cleanse her of the evil spirit within. They had thrown her out of the tower that was their home for the last year and which was destroyed the moment she died, the magic that was released from her anger or the demon made sure that everything went wrong. Lacie and Rowena managed to escape as well as one of her aunts but the other three died in the matter. This was proof that Alice was the devil. She died twelve years ago, so how come she was here right now?

With that last sentence he stared at her, his eyes now full of anger and fear and not understanding. He wanted to know as well, but she didn't have answers. Maybe that ritual that her family performed made it so that she lost her memory?

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The trio left the church largely without incident though upon leaving Alice led the way towards a bar room where Alice hired a private room where they could continue talking to the pastor in peace and without risk of others stopping them at critical parts. Regardless of what the man said, on the whole, a majority of it from Kon's perspective simply confused him it was like hearing a story that was missing pieces and told by a second-hand witness. Recognising that Alice was understanding what the pastor said, Kon would be of little help towards Alice at this point on and would merely become annoyed with the conversation. Wanting to avoid an incident as he was still standing from when they entered the room itself, he would inform Alice that he would be in the bar getting himself a drink. "If you need me to get some information out of the pastor with some intimidation I'll be in the bar unless of course, you wish to do it considering you are the stronger of the two of us, this conversation is lacking in a lot of details and I can't make heads nor tails out of it." Leaving the duo to their own conversation, Kon made his way to the bar ordering himself a tall glass of cider. Normally he was more of a brandy or wine, however, he would make the exception every now and again. He had chosen to drink the cider as he wanted to remain as clear headed as possible and also to refresh his thirst. Alice and the pastor upstairs Kon took a spot fairly close to the stage but close enough to the barkeep to get another drink without walking too far. As it was approaching lunch time, Kon would order the couple some food but would wait until she returned from conversing with the priest.

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She didn't get much details from the pastor, she had tried but she figured that he didn't know much as she had never been in the church as a child and her mother had not told him everything apparently, she wanted to know where she could find Rowena Eventide but he said she had died last year. It was so frustrating that she had even tried to make him more scared of him but he begged her that he didn't know anything anymore. She dropped herself back on the chair, frustrated but she let him go. For a second she thought, as she was alone, that she would cry but she was more angry and frustrated that she wasn't even able to cry, or that's how it felt.

Finally after five to ten minutes alone she got up and walked downstairs towards the bar where she noticed Konstantin, she tried to smile but she couldn't. She was still glad that she wasn't alone but it felt so frustrating that the answers were so close and yet the whole part remained a quite big guessing work, "It's a dead end. He didn't know more details in general and my mother apparently is dead. So are my aunts, only person I can ask is Lacie as she was there." She went to sit on the chair, and stared at the table, "I'm glad that I wasn't alone at that moment." she said because a thank you wouldn't possible pass her lips at this moment.

So many things were still swirling through her mind and she couldn't put them to words, things she wanted to understand but didn't. She felt as if the whole of magnolia was looking at her with fear and rememberance and that she wasn't welcome here. Although she understood that it was just her fear for now and that it was not even true and even if it was she would grow above it, it just felt so difficult at the moment and she felt more lost than ever. It didn't sound like real, like it could happen, no one did that to family, it was insane to believe your child was a vessel to a demon or the devil.. She didn't understand at all.

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As it so happened the pastor seemed to have left the room first while Alice to Kon's concern took awhile to return to him, a ridiculous thought came into his head though he pushed it aside. With her taking a seat at his table she elaborated on the situation. Her gratitude for his presence was for nought from Kon's point of view as he would gladly help her with almost anything. "It's unfortunate that he didn't have more information to gain, we'll have to find your sister it seems, not to worry Alice, I'll be both here and there with you." As he spoke he gently turned her seemingly downtrodden head from the table towards his face and gave a soft-hearted smile focusing on what he meant by here by tapping on his own chest and then Alice's. "In the meantime let's distract ourselves with food and drink, I'm having some cider at the moment, I know it's still fairly early to be drinking and we said we'd cut down but it's a light one you might enjoy it." Offering a taste of the bubbling yellow alcohol.

Should Alice accept his indirect offer to drink it and found it appealing he would let Alice ponder on her thoughts while he got a glass for her. Whilst doing so he would also nab some menus as he was now famished and he thought it would be a good way to distract his partner.

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The frustration wouldn't leave her, the ideas would still haunt her. She knew that, she wanted to push them aside but it wasn't that simple, especially not when there was this huge gap of not knowing. She sighed but talked and looked up when Konstantin talked to her, and she couldn't help but smile. Who cared about the past, the present was fine and that could make the future even better. It would only be nice to know, "I don't look forward to meet Lacie again." after twelve years, how would she react, would she even know? Probably not as the pastor had said that Lacie told him everything. Miss Lacie he had even said, damn what did that mean, she was probably a stuck up little brat as she had been when she was younger.

Suddenly Alice felt even more frustrated, not only by the present but also what she had noticed in the flashback of her past this morning. She was left in the corner, not allowed to play with the friends that came over, but to sit in a corner and only touch the dolls that were hers, who looked old and broken while Lacies looked so perfect. Was it herself? Was she reall.. no she wouldn't allow herself to think that, she looked up surprised to the tap on her chest, "Thank you." she could say now and she could finally smile again and it remained, lingering on her lips.

She accepted the offer and she wanted to try the taste, which was really interesting, she took another sip but followed Konstantin with his brown eyes as he went to get a glass for her and she thought she saw him getting menus. "So this suddenly happened," she mentioned as he returned to the table that they shared, "Anything you wanted to do today? Something more fun?" She still wanted to see town but that could wait for another day, she wouldn't even mind to go back to the Bed & Breakfast, Magnolia felt like a nightmare now but she didn't plan to say that out loud. She would remain strong as she had done before. No one would have to know that she was waiting for the tears to come, the question was only: when would they come?

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From what he had heard and gathered from impressions of both the community and Alice regarding her and her twin, Lacie, he too had hesitations in meeting her once more as she was still an unknown to him having only met for the briefest of encounters. Wanting to ensure that Alice was comfortable he wouldn't be forced her to see Lacie or do anything else that she wouldn't like. "Look we're here to have fun and now look for clues into your past, while it might prove beneficial to see your sister we don't have to rush anything, in fact, there's one thing I'd like you to remember I'll be there whenever you need me just let me know whether it's by a letter or through a lacrima." Returning with a glass for Alice having spotted her savouring his own, Kon balanced his way back as she continued further by apologising to him. Wanting to put her mind at ease he held up a hand and shook his head. "My dear it is perfectly acceptable you can't be too blame for what you don't know." Scratching his chin he thought about how to respond to her follow up question. "I'm open to doing whatever you want to do just lead the way and I'll be yours."

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Alice was glad for Konstantin his answers. She had always been alone and she was used to that and she would manage that but it was nicer to have someone, wether by letter, lacrima or just being there, it was just simply better than being alone and she was kind of grateful for that. She didn't want to sigh so bit her lip and took another sip of the drink. "Thank you, I really appreciate that." She enjoyed the lunch and the drinks there. She suggested to see the rest of the town, like he said there was no need to hurry and find Lacie. She wanted to see Magnolia more and see for more hints but she also was fine with just getting to know it again.


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