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My Cabbages! [Solo]

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#1Tori Lancaster 

Default on Sun Apr 23, 2017 6:05 am

Marigold was the next stop on Tori's list for a visit. She had been taking a lot of jobs lately, and she had no intention of slowing down anytime soon. Her first request here in town brought her to the farmlands, assuming that Marigold was responsible for much of the crops surrounding the immediate area and neighboring towns. Upon arriving in Marigold, Tori immediately started asking directions, but almost just as soon came to an impass when she learned that farming was an extremely common profession in these parts. Luckily, Farmer Jim, her client that requested her help, was one of the most influential and respected farmers around, to the point that nearly everyone knew him by name. He was described as an older gentleman, but one you couldn't tell by looking at him, as even in his late fifties, he could still work circles around nearly anyone who tried to outdo him. She was instructed to go towards the large windmill on the hill to the south and she would eventually find him tending to that or his fields immediately adjacent to the structure. Taking the word of the townsfolk, she headed in that direction, leaving the main thoroughfare of the city within minutes and gazing over fields that stretched to the horizon. It was then that Tori felt a twinge of nostalgia, as she was reminded of home back on the mountain farmed on which she was raised. Shaking it from her mind for the time being, Tori needed to focus on the current task at hand. She could reminisce later.

Crossing the fields down the driven paths from the tractors and such, Tori reached the windmill but couldn't find a soul anywhere nearby. Looking closer at the information for the job itself, the ice mage noticed that Farmer Jim was ran the cabbage farm in Marigold. That shouldn't be much of a problem at all. Tori's family grew a type of cabbage, among other things back home, although she despised them with a passion. When cooked, they were the worst things she had ever smelled in her life, but raw it was a bland enough smell to be tolerable. She looked up and saw that the fields next to the windmill were, in fact, those that grew cabbage, but didn't see anyone in the fields. Seeing the farmhouse nearby, she headed that way, only to be greeted at the stairs to the porch by someone exiting the building. "Well, good mornin', young lady. You wouldn't happen to be the help I requested, would ya? Just call me Jim." he said with a twang in his voice, all but proving this was a country boy born and bred. "That's right, Jim. I'm Tori from Fairy Tail. Just point me in the right direction and I'll get right to work." she said, folding up the flier and slipping it into her pocket. "Also, just so you know, I was raised on a farm myself, so you don't have to dumb any of the farming talk down for me." she added, smirking at the tail end of the sentence. She had her fair share of encounters of non-farmers being on a farm and not understanding most terms that would be used. "Well, I'll be. That's a relief and a half, lemme tell ya." he chuckled. "If I was 20 years younger, I'd be able to get all this done myself and wouldn't need all the city slickers for help. But never mind that, I do appreciate it Miss...Tori, was it? I just need a hand with the harvest is all. Nothin' fancy. About 100 or so heads should do the trick. About 10 to a crate, if'n you don't mind, that is." he twanged. "Not a problem at all, Jim. Say, could I see one of those crates? I got an idea to get this done quickly." she asked, provoking the old farmer to point at a set of crates sitting in the bed of a truck nearby. From the looks of it, they all appeared to be made of wood, which made sense since metal could bruise the produce much easier. Looking to be about 2 meters wide and long, Tori wondered why he only wanted 10 or so to a crate. Someone could easily fit 15 heads of cabbage in one of those, but hey it was his farm.

Tori stepped up onto the porch and started to remove her backpack and jacket as she started to speak. "Jim, if you could do me a small favor and drop the crates off on the trail every 15 or so meters, I can take care of the rest and have it done within an hour." she requested, not normally being the one to ask requests of her clients, but doing so with the truck would be far quicker than doing it on foot and a couple at a time. Putting her backpack back on, and earning a confused look from the old man for doing so, Tori simply nodded to reassure him that she knew what she was doing. Channeling the power of the book in her backpack, Tori lined herself up with the line of cabbages near the trail. Once Jim dropped off the first crate, she would begin. She dove towards the ground, clasping her hands together in front of her and her magic encased them, taking the form of a large drill. Drilling down to just below the surface, which would cut the roots, retill the ground, and propel the cabbages upward. Tori kept herself at just enough of an angle to push the vegetables to the side and most of them into the crate. The drill only held up 5 meters at a time, but Tori kept using it as much as she needed to. When all was said and done, it took 5 drills to get what the farmer needed of her and all but about 15 cabbages left on the ground, which wasn't a problem by itself, since they were just in the ground in the first place. For those, Tori simply picked them up and put them into the crates they missed and then took the crates, one at a time, to the bed of the truck. Despite her objections, Jim insisted on helping, arguing that she pretty much did his job for him rather than helping him do it. "Well, that was certainly a good show, Miss Tori. I definitely know who to call for the next harvest." he said, handing Tori her pay. "Now, you don't be a stranger now, ya here?" he said, in his twang. "Wouldn't dream of it, Jim. Place reminds me of home. But, I gotta hit the road now. I'll see ya around." she said, playfully mimicking his drawl.


Name: Frost Dragon Tunnel
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Frost Dragon Slayer
Type: Supplementary
Element: Ice
Range: 5 meters
Cooldown: 1 Post
Duration: Sustain
Effect: Tori clasps her hands together and dives towards the ground. Magic condenses around her hands instantly and takes the form of a large drill .5 meters in diameter at the base. the drill immediately starts spinning and digs into the earth, pulling Tori behind it. She controls the direction of the drill by simply moving her hands where she wants it to point. This drill will move 5 meters before immediately drilling towards the surface, disappearing once ground is broken.

Used 5 times due to a cooldown of 0 due to Ice Sect

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