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Hot in Here [Solo]

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on Sun Apr 23, 2017 6:02 am

Tori Lancaster
Tori awoke in her room rented on the second floor of the Fairy Tail guild hall, and her arm still ached from her day at the forge a few days prior. Stretching and getting out of bed, she dressed in her usual attire of a black jeans, a long sleeve shirt with her jean jacket over top and backpack on her back, she descended into the main room to hear her name being called out over the usual roar in the room. The bartender had informed her that Barras, the owner of the forge, had requested her help again, that he wanted to meet with her at the forge as soon as possible. "I swear if he hurt himself again before his arm even healed the first time.." she thought to herself slightly laughing at the hypothetical turn of bad luck. She thanked the man before leaving and set out for the forge once again. The large door was open today, as it was cool out and the heat from the huge fire inside gave a nice warm area for anyone passing in front of the forge. Without bothering with pleasantries this time, Tori skipped straight to her natural joking self. "Arm not quite yet healed?" she asked the apprentice, noticing his arm was no longer in a sling and that he was using it to place ingots into the forge. "No its healed, but this time we're going to switch. Barras wants me to get used to using my arm again so he wants you to hold the steel like I was the other day while I use the hammer." he explained calmly, not missing a beat with his current task. "Are you sure? I don't have the eye for it like you do, so I won't be able to move the steel accordingly like you did for me." she expressed a legitimate concern, as she did not want to risk ruining the forge's reputation. "That's perfectly alright. Unlike you, I am an experienced blacksmith remember?" he joked, pointing out the obvious. "Therefore, I don't have to rely on you to move the steel and me continuously hit the same spot. I can move the hammer as needed. I'd just need you to move the steel if I told you to. You just stand there and look like your unnaturally pretty self while I hammer away." he explained, throwing a pretty blatant flirt towards the tail end, which was completely ignored by the blonde ice mage.

Tori requested an apron and gloves like Barras was wearing the other day, so as not to ruin her clothes or burn her hand during the process, which the apprentice immediately complied and handed her. After donning her costume, Tori once again took on the role of blacksmith's assistant's assistant. After explaining to her what to do, Tori took a pair of large tongs and grabbed an ingot from the fire. As it glowed red hot, Tori placed it on the anvil while the soon to be blacksmith hammered away. Tori almost lost grip more than once, but she was able to hold on as the young man shaped the steel much faster than Tori had a few days ago, but that only made sense considering this was his chosen career path. After a few minutes, Tori could tell that the metal was starting to lose some of its glow, which frightened her a bit as she thought she was doing something wrong or that the metal was going to be ruined. The apprentice laughed at her understandable ignorance before he explained. "Don't worry Tori, that happens. Something that hot taken out of its hot environment is going to cool down eventually. That's just physics. All you do is put it back in the fire like I had it and while it heats up, we can start on another one. Once the second one cools down too much, then we can resume on the first one since it will be hot enough to form again." the man explained, truly knowledgeable in his craft.

Using the large tongs, Tori grabbed a second ingot which was glowing red just like the first one had been. She set it on the hammer and the apprentice would not hesitate in getting to work shaping it into a fine blade. Just like he said, after a few more minutes it started to cool down again, so at his instruction, she placed it back into the fire and picked up the first ingot, now elongated, but glowing all the same. The two repeated this process several times before finishing both ingots into fine blades and dipping them into the same liquid she saw the other day, but still had no idea what exactly it was. When she asked the apprentice, he simply said that it was a "trade secret," whatever that meant. A small part of her wanted to think that he didn't even know, but just wanted to sound professional. But the rest of her mind knew that couldn't be the case, considering how knowledgeable he was about everything else in his chosen field. After allowing the blades to drip dry, Tori and the assistant both took large rags and wiped the blades dry. As he examined both of them, he showed Tori how to check for straight edges and an evenly centered blade. Picking up on it, Tori examined the first blade she made and was impressed by the finish the liquid gave the steel.

Without delaying longer, the duo repeated this process for the remainder of the day, stopping only to eat a quick lunch before spurring on. When all the day's swords were done, Tori helped the apprentice hang them on a sword rack and took a moment to admire what she had helped create. Before leaving for the day, the apprentice gave Tori what he had set aside to be her payment, and sent her on her way. Tori walked back to the guild hall, ready for a good night sleep, feeling proud of herself for what she helped create. She started to think...maybe she could learn how to use a sword.


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