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Hammer Time [Solo]

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#1Tori Lancaster 

on Sun Apr 23, 2017 5:59 am

Taking a break from her usual routine of walking the streets of Magnolia looking for any paying work, Tori decided to hit up the request board at the Fairy Tail guild hall to find a request on the board in the main hall. The usual ruckus not helping, it did not take her long to find something quick and easy. It appeared that Barras Berend, the local blacksmith needed some help in his forge. It sounded simple enough so Tori headed to his forge without delay. Upon arriving, she found Barras hard at work inside. He was wearing a thick apron, heavy duty gloves and some goggles over what looked to be some old street clothes, probably a wise idea considering that he did not want to ruin any good clothes at work. "Excuse me, sir? You're Barras, right? I'm Tori from the Fairy Tail guild here to answer your request." He paused for just a moment, just long enough to speak. "Oh, sounds good! I'll be just a few minutes. I can't let this metal cool down much or it won't flatten like I need it to. Have a word with my assistant and he'll fill you in on the details of the job." he instructed before taking back to his task. Tori nodded to him, even though he wasn't looking at her anymore, before walking up to the other man at the forge who was currently stacking metal ingots in the corner of the room. He had heard Tori speaking to his mentor, so he was turning to face her as she approached. "Welcome to the forge, Tori. My name is Dixon. I serve as Barras's assistant and apprentice. Nice to meet you." he bowed slightly to Tori as he spoke, being one of impeccable manners as was instilled in him as a child. It was then Tori realized that his arm was in a sling, which made it easy for the ice mage to assume what the job entailed. "As you can see, I hurt my arm recently and can't properly assist Barras like I usually do. Before you ask, I'm fine, my arm just needs a few days to rest. Normally this kind of delay wouldn't be a problem seeing as how Barras is more than capable of handling the forge by himself for a day or two, but we just received a rather large order straight from Crocus. One of the generals of the Royal Fiore Army requested three dozen swords be crafted by week's end and my injury just came at the most inopportune time. Now, he needs some help hammering like he was doing when you spoke with him. Think you're up for it?" he explained, silently curious to see if this woman could handle the physical task of smithing. "Well, I have zero experience at a forge and don't really know what to look for, but I'll do my best." she responded, entirely unsure if she had the eye for a blacksmith. "Not to worry. I still have one good arm and the eyes of a blacksmith. I can tell when a piece of steel is ready for hammering and when it's done, so I can tell you when it's good to go. I also plan on holding the steel so that I can move it underneath the hammer as needed. I just need you to be the hammer while I can't be is all. You just hold the hammer and keep bringing it down in the same place, and I'll adjust the steel accordingly. Think you're up for it? I'm not gonna lie to you, it's gonna wear you out by the time you finish the first sword." he exclaimed, making the Fairy Tail mage slightly easier about the job.

"All right then. If that's the case then hand me a hammer and let's get started. No sense in keeping the general waiting." she responded, taking a hammer in hand from the shelf and walking towards an anvil where the apprentice was waiting. He gave Tori a large glove to put on which would protect her from the intense heat that would be coming off of the metal, which she did without hesitation. She already couldn't believe that she was doing this since ice and fire don't really mix well. The apprentice used a pair of tongs to pull a long piece of steel from the forge and set it on the anvil and gave Tori the signal to bring down the thunder. Tori had no smithing experience, nor did she have any inclination of pursuing it as a career, but she could very well bring down that hammer in the exact same spot repeatedly. She struck the steel which echoed throughout the building, striking the steel with all her strength in the exact same spot as the apprentice moved it slightly with each hit. After only ten minutes, the sword was starting to take shape, and even though the Dragon Slayer had no part in it other than the brute force, she could not help but feel a little proud of her accomplishment. Soon after the sword was finished, according to the assistant, he held up the final product before dunking it into a large bucket of some kind of liquid, maybe water but she wasn't for sure, seeing as how she was no blacksmith. Removing it from the "water," the young man held it up and inspected the blade. Letting out a loud laugh, he shouted across the room. "Check this out, Barras. We might make a smith out of her yet." he said, continuing to chuckle while Barras did the same from his anvil. This process continued throughout the day, and even though the ice mage had a to take a few breaks here and there in order to avoid heat exhaustion, she was proud of her accomplishment. At the end of the day, Barras closed up shop and gave tori a firm handshake before paying her and assuring her that he would look her up if he had any more work in the future.


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