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Conman Coward [Solo]

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on Sun Apr 23, 2017 5:34 am

Tori Lancaster
It was almost noon as Tori headed to the location of her next client. She was to meet a man named Batra at the bar he owned to help out one of his customers. Finding the place with ease, Tori entered through the old fashioned swinging doors and looked at the place with a smile. It was not very large, but it was roomy. The establishment didn't bolster elaborate decorations, but made one feel at home with its simple style. This was clearly the place people came to wind down from a long day and enjoy the atmosphere and company as they did so. Although it was the middle of the day, business didn't seem to be hurting too much as a couple of servers came in and out of the back room to take care of their patrons while a taller man stood behind the bar attending to one of his customers. Tori approached the bar and was immediately asked what she would have as the bartender finished the drink he was making before heading in her direction. "I'm here to see Batra. My name's Tori from Fairy Tail." she said cheerfully. "Ah! You're the wizard that took my request. Fantastic! I hoped you would have gotten here fast, but color me impressed," he commented. "As for Batra, that would be this handsome devil right here." he said chuckling, holding his fist out in front of him with his thumb extended and connecting with his own chest and flashing his best smile. "Great to meet you, Batra!" Tori greeted, extending her hand out which was taken by the man's without hesitation. "Quite a grip you got there. But anyway, I'm needing a quick favor. I'd handle it myself, but I like to help out the wizards just starting out in their guilds. Plus, no one else can cover the bar." he chuckled again. This was very clearly an enjoyable man to be around. Tori surmised he had most definitely made the right career choice as she listened to the details of his request. "One of my regular customers was conned the other day by some low life named Kyle. i know, why is that my business right? Well, most of the time I'm of the "live and let be" attitude, but apparently this guy completely cheated, not just conned. Then was threatened when he wanted his money back. Jim needs that money to feed his kids and most people in town are just too afraid to stand up to him. And since he technically hasn't broken any laws, the Rune Knights won't touch him. I was hoping you would get his money back for him and in return, I'll give you a reward out of the bar's surplus." he explained, losing the smile about halfway through when he mentioned the threat. "Not a problem at all, Batra. I know how you feel. I hate people like this. You got yourself a deal. I just need to know what I'm looking for." she said, a bit of disgust in her voice to think someone could take money that was going to feed children. "The scumbag usually hangs out in the alley just north of the town square. I'm pretty sure that baseball bat is glued to the guy's hand." he spat, having gotten himself riled up over even mentioned it. Tori got up and said to let his customer know it would be back within the hour as she exited the bar.

Roaming the streets, she found town square pretty easily and she could make out a guy holding a bat in the alley. Sure enough that was the guy, trying to con the lunch money off some school children. How low can this guy get? Without a word, she stepped between him and the kids, forcing his attention to her. "Hey, what's the big idea, lady?" he scoffed, clearly angry that his next victim was rescued. "Get out of here kids." she said, not taking her eyes off the con man. "Judging from that bat, I'm guessing you're Kyle." she stated, only to get the typical response. "Maybe. Who wants to know?" Tori rolled her eyes at this response. He had clearly seen too many movie lacrima. "I've been informed you owe some money to a friend that I'm here to collect. Money that is going to feed his children." After scratching his head for s second, it came to him. "Oh! I know who you're talking about now. Here ya go. Turns out I didn't need what I thought I did, and I don't want to be the cause of some kids going hungry. Sorry, just got in with some bad people and didn't know what to do, ya know?" he explained. Tori snatched the bag of money from him before getting in his face. "I don't personally care. That's your problem. Not mine and not anyone's whom you try to rob. Now get outta here. I see you around again, I promise you'll regret it." she threatened, making him nod in what looked like a twinge of fear. She turned to head back to the bar to deliver it back to Batra without another word, but only after familiarizing his scent so she could tell if he was ever around and up to no good again. After about an hour, just like she promised, she walked into the bar and set the bag on top of the counter. "Well, how about that. Even had time to spare." Batra joked as he picked up the bag to make sure it was all there. "I'll make sure to get this back to--wait a second. This money is fake!" he shouted, throwing it in the trash where it belonged. "You're joking!" Tori yelled back, visibly upset. "Hurry. if I know that bastard, he's on his way out of town." Without a word, just a nod, Tori rushed out of the bar and started tracking him down. Having his scent so fresh helped tremendously as it caused her to find the con man in no time. "KYLE!" she shouted across the city street to get his attention, which she did easily. "What?! You said to get out of town and that's what I'm doing!" he said defensively, already tightening his grip on the bat. "Then you gave me some fake money so I had to come get the real thing. And you remember what I said would happen if I saw you again." she said coldly, ready for a fight.

He rushed at her, bat in hand, and swung it overhanded to hit her in the head and knock her out. But before he could, Tori held her arm in front of her to manifest a shield of ice which she raised to block the bat. "My turn." she stated as magic surrounded her fist. Having already drawn back, Tori brought her fist forward, now encased in ice, and delivered a powerful blow to Kyle's midsection. This caused him to lose his breath and fall to the ground, dropping the bat. Grabbing it, Tori patted it in her hands as she looked down at the con man. "Now then, do you want another? Or are you going to give me the real thing this time?" she asked apathetically. Without looking up, he pulled another bag from his pocket and tossed it to the ground at her feet. She inspected it to make sure it was the real thing before noticing a Rune Knight approaching the scene to investigate the commotion. The ice mage handed him the bat before speaking. "This man needs to be arrested on charges of assault, I simply defended myself. He has also been distributing fake money." she claimed, putting the real money in her pocket as she headed off.

Making her way back into the bar, Tori handed the bag to Batra. "I checked it this time. It's real. Also, Kyle has been arrested so you won't have to worry about him anymore." The bartender smiled ear to ear as he retrieved Tori's reward for her, offering her a drink on the house, which she politely declined. "No, thank you. I have another client shortly. A wizard's job is never over." she joked as she left, assuring him she would be back to take him up on his offer someday.


Name: Frost Dragon Sub Zero Ice Punch
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Frost Dragon Slayer
Type: Offense
Element: Ice
Range: 5 meters
Cooldown: 1
Duration: Instant
Effect: While running towards an opponent, Tori draws back her fist while focusing her magic into a punch. The magic surrounds her fist and condenses into solid ice, which she uses to deliver a powerful blow to her enemy, dealing D rank damage.

Name: Frost Dragon Tower
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Frost Dragon Slayer
Type: Defense
Element: Ice
Range: Self
Cooldown: 1 Post
Duration: Sustain
Effect: Tori positions one arm as if she is holding a shield and materializes a small wall of ice that takes the form of a tower shield 2 meters tall and .5 meters wide. This shield is able to block any C rank of damage before breaking, and will lessen a stronger attack by one rank. Despite its size, Tori is able to adjust the shield easily due to its light weight and she is capable of using her free arm for other things while this spell is active.

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