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learning a lesson to a naughty puppy [chelvaric/solo]

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#1Chelvaric Walderkat 

Default on Fri Apr 21, 2017 12:42 pm

Chelvaric walked through the fields outside of marigold. The smell of fresh cut grass was filling his nose as the farmers were cleaning up the fields for the spring. It was a fresh smell making him feel at home as he always had slept near fields in his youth. The farmers always leave you alone and you can laze around in warm cut grass. It was the best feeling you could ever have. Scraggy was skipping around as he was in a good mood. He had eaten his favorite dish yesterday. A plate full with firefly’s dipped in a sauce of chicken stock. He was a salamander alright. Chelvaric would never be able to swallow something like that. But at least his friend was happy and that was the only thing that mattered. They had to put their hands above their eyes to shield from the blaring sun. he always hated it when the sun would shine really hard into someone’s eyes. You couldn’t see shit then or know where you walked. He sighed before he continued the walk. They were nearly at the place they had to be for the job. As he could see a small farm house on the edge of the horizon that fit the description of the house he had to be at. Well time to pull that last lap of the walk.

They walked for a couple more minutes trough the road that was like a cathedral where the pillars were oaks on the side of the road and the road was the hallway of the church. They always did say that church is where you want it to be. The walked up onto the yard of the farm. It was a typical farm some barns on the side a pen for their sheep to be in when the farmer doesn’t roam around with them. And some equipment shattered around the place. Even the smell of poop and animals hang in the air. Not that it bothered him he loved the smell of farming. It had something natural to it. Way better than the artificial smell of a city. He looked around if he couldn’t see anyone alive on this farm. When he stumbled over a rope that was hanging low over the ground a bell went off and Chelvaric was greeted by a creaking door that opened and a old man standing in the door frame. He had a rugged coat on and a long white beard. His hands were covered in scars and rough spots clearly the hands of someone with a long life of hard work.

“Oh hai there , are you here to buy some milk or eggs, I have some fresh cow steak too. Unfortunately my wool is a bit on the low side.”, The old man said to him. The man had a questioning look in his eyes, while he was waiting for a response. Chelvaric waved his hand in a denying motion. “No I am not here for that, I heard you have a problem with a wolf. I hate those creatures so deeply, so don’t worry ill kill that beast.”, he said with a grudge tone in his voice.

“yeah the bastard has been attacking my sheep at night and killing them. He sometimes doesn’t even eat them and just leaves them laying on the ground to decompose.”, the man said while he got tears in his eyes. It was clear that he was affected greatly. Chelvaric would bring this beast down even if it was his last thing to do he swore to himself. Well not that it would be but he wanted to sound a bit dramatic and heroic. He asked the man where the wolves where and went away to the place he was supposed to wait and hide.

A couple of hours later he arrived at his location. It was a green vally serounded by walls of mountains that were sticking out of the land as teeth in a crocodiles mouth. The sun was setting and the coldness of the night was lingering on the horizon. Nothing would stop it from coming down while chasing the warmth of the sun away. The sheep were standing around over the grass as white dots on a painting. They were gathering in a place to sleep. Chelvaric pulled out the sheet of wool he got from the farmer before he left. He threw it over him and shaggy and wandered closer to the sheep.

“Let’s act wounded so that the wolf will be drawn to us shaggy you hit it with a blast of darkness when it approaches before he does anything.”, chelvaric whispered to his friend. Shaggy nodded yes and pulled his pants a bit higher. They waited for a while but it didn’t take long or the wolf came sniffing near the pack. The pack of sheep was getting a bit more restless as they heard the wolf approach, more sharpened to the sound of his feet. When he started to run the sheep shattered. But he quickly stopped chasing and came towards Chelvaric and shaggy. He was a smart wolf and had chased away the other sheep to make it easier. The wolf jumped and was about to bite the fur when chelvaric threw it in his face. Shaggy didn’t waste a moment and made a sphere of darkness in his hands before he slapped it to the wolf who was still stunned by the events. The ball hit him right in the face and exploded. Teeth and blood was flying around as it came wounded down. It wasn’t dead yet tough. Chelvaric sprinted forward and gave it another kick in the face before it could recover. When it was staggering to the ground skaggy followed up with a fist punch and then conjured a dagger before plunging it in the wolfs heart killing it off. Chelvaric and skaggy high fived for a good job done and silently dragged the body back to the farmer.

“Oh my you guys caught the wolf!”, the farmer shouted when he saw the two and the wolfs body in the distance. He came running towards them. “this fur will make one nice coat.”, he exclaimed and you could see a twinkle of joy in his eyes. “Well it definitely will keep you warm in a cold winter night. Maybe even keep other wolves away!”, Chelvaric said. The man handed over the reward and they waved goodbye. Then they wandered off towards the city again going to the next job.

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