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Granny Sitting [Quest]

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on Wed Apr 19, 2017 4:36 pm

The sun was setting, the day turning to night and the temperature dropping just a tad while cool breezes picked up around the area. This was Andromeda's fourth day in Orchidia and already she had found work. Now weather this work was going to be easy or not was another thing altogether. " Now let's see here, which door... Oh ok I see. " Directions in hand she found herself in Orchidia Apartments. It was a nice place, somewhere she would want to be rather than at a Inn. Walking up the the door she knocked a few times and then a few more before being greeted to a man who looked as if his eyes burned.
" So you are the one that's gonna watch my dear old mum eh? Good. She is precious and I swear if you mess up I'll gut ya. "
Andromeda could only nod as she heard a twinge of a slur in the man's voice.
" The name's Mitya by the way, and this here is my sweet mum Rynah. She usually keeps herself busy, but watch her well.. Or you'll find she may go missing or worse, also she is forgetful keep that in mind. Anyway I'm gone, take care. "
Andromeda watched him off, locking the door behind the strange man.

Her task was simple when said out loud but she wouldn't underestimate the power of the elderly. Those folk who are looked over so much have quite a bit of wisdom, enough to outsmart her young mind.

For the most part the apartment was quiet. It was a three bedroom, two bathroom with everything one could need to live comfortably and more. Andromeda, in order to have a better watch over the old woman, allowed herself to be entertained with her activities.

" Oh... A four letter word for Dairy.... Mmm. "
" MMMM Milk! "
" Oh hohoho aren't you the bright one. "
The crossword puzzles were pretty fun to do with Rynah. She knew most of them right off the top of her head, but it was the simple ones that seem to escape her grasp. Andromeda was happy to help with those as she was always rewarded a sweet. These puzzles went on for only a hour or so before the old woman broke out some string and long sticks.
" Hey miss Rynah, what's that you are doin there? "
Andromeda was not afraid to admit that she did not know what those things were, and she was more than excited to learn. Rynah must of picked up on that and smiled at Andromeda.
" This is yarn and these are knitting needles deary. I will be doing some knitting but I'd be delighted to teach you. See you take this yarn here and then you pull this into a knot like so. Then of course you take your needles and wrap, twist, push the yarn through like so, pull, then repeat! Let's get you some yarn to practice with. " Rynah was so kind that Andromeda wished the woman was her own mother. Knitting was so nice, a relaxing activity for sure. Andromeda was taught to knit a simple scarf which was a lot harder than she thought. The action was simple enough but to put it practice was another story altogether. Looking over at the intricate desings that Rynah put Andromeda in a rut and the old woman must have saw this because a soft hand was placed on Andromeda's back, causing her too look up.
" Oh deary, you'll get there I promise. Practice makes perfect so don't give up. How about we make some cookies? That should cheer you up. " Her voice was so sweet that all Andromeda could do was smile and nod.

Getting up from the floor Andromeda followed Rynah to the kitchen. The kitchen itself was larger than the guest room and the main bathroom with all kind of equipment. Andromeda was surprised far beyond any words that could describe it.
" Oh no.. I seem to have run out of milk. Can you run to the store to get some for me? It's just down the street. I even have the money for it somewhere... "
Andromeda watched the woman search around until she came back around with a purse, pulling out some jewels.
" Ok... I'm not suppose to leave you, but I'll be right back... Um, just try to be safe ok? "
Rynah smiled and nodded, leaving the kitchen and going back to the living room area. Andromeda watched as the woman went back to knitting. Running out of the house and out into the night she knew where she was going. Andromeda had seen a store along her way here and lo and behold the place was still open. Thanking Zeus for what feels like forever she quickly went in, grabbed the milk and paid for it before making a mad dash back to the apartment. Seeing as no smoke was rising she checked one thing off, now Andromeda hopped the woman was still inside of the house.

" Miss Rynah? Mam? I got the milk. "
Andromeda called out to the woman, more or less to make sure she was still inside the place. It was quiet for a moment, too long of a moment for Andromeda to be comfortable with. Running in the house she looked in each of the rooms until she came to the kitchen. A wave of relief washed over her as the woman was moving around, collecting ingredients while mumbling something about milk. " I got the Milk miss Rynah. " Andromeda beamed proudly as handed over the milk, and the next few actions this old woman would take would blow Andromeda's tiny little mind. Like a gust of wind that blew threw town Rynah moved at speeds that would be deemed impossible for her body. It took this woman less than two minutes to make the batter adding some blue crystals into it, taking the dough and placing them into cookie shapes and putting it in the oven. Andromeda could only watch as Rynah left to go back into the living room. Remembering what was said about the woman's forgetfulness, Andromeda waited for the cookies to be done before taking them out of the oven. " Miss Rynah, the cookies are done. "
The old woman appeared and smiled. " Thank you dear, I forgot all about these. " Handing a cookie to Andromeda she took the rest and placed them into a bowl. Andromeda's mouth watered something crazy as the enticing scent of the cookie sent her into a deluded hunger and before she knew it the cookie was gone and devoured. Something in that cookie sent a shock up the girl's spine, as energy surged all around her body. It felt like she was coming down from a high and then Mitya walked in. " Mmm smells like momma made cookies.. Thanks kid you can go now. here take this. " Throwing a small pouch to Andromeda, the girl thanked them both and made her way out the door. Traces of tingly energy sending her floating away.

- exit -

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