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Hot In Here -- Aadrian Wolfe

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on Mon Apr 17, 2017 7:13 pm

Aadrian Wolfe
Aadrian approached the Black Anvil an hour or so after sunrise, having woken up and prayed not too long ago. As he approached, he saw a familiar figure walking towards the Anvil as well, from the opposite direction. When Peter took his eyes from his feet, he noticed Aadrian in return and began running towards him, waving his arms. "Morning, Aadrian! How are you?" the boy shouted, his once broken arm now free of it's sling, good as new.
"I'm doing fine myself, Peter. But you seem to be looking healthier than ever." Aadrian said, raising an eyebrow. Peter chuckled and nodded as he unlocked the door to the Anvil with his key, the ringing sound of metal being hammered already echoing from the forge. "Yessir! I visited a Shaman early this morning and paid him to heal me up good as new for only fifty jewels! Even got rid of that annoying twinge in my left knee." Peter informed Aadrian before continuing to drone on about some girl he had started courting not too long ago.
As they entered the forge, Barras noticed them and removed the cotton from his ears after setting down his hammer. "Ah, good! I was hoping you'd return, Aadrian. Since Peter's arm is all healed, I was hoping you could help him get back into the swing of things, so to speak." he finished before chuckling at his own pun. Peter rolled his eyes and removed his vest and jerkin, which he hadn't done the day before. Or ever, it seemed, as his torso was surprisingly pale in comparison to his face and arms. "Just do what you did yesterday, except trade places. You hold the metal and he'll hammer it out until it takes shape... yeah, you know the drill." he trailed off before returning to his work, replacing the cotton and picking up his hammer once more.
Peter gave Aadrian a nervous smile but, before he could explain, Aadrian just gave a smirk and a shrug, throwing off his coat and jerkin to cover his bag that was placed in the same corner as the day before. He placed fresh cotton in his own ears before putting on the thick, leather gloves and picking up the tongs to handle the white-hot metal, waiting until Peter was ready before taking an ingot from the forge to hold it steady on the anvil as the hammer came down, throwing sparks into Aadrian's face and hair. He didn't much mind, as it kept him awake.
He hadn't slept well the night before. After being unable to find a proper place to bathe, he had given up the search and climbed the Cathedral, to sleep in one of the bell towers. However, the birds had refused to not use him as a perch, instead giving him only a minute's respite before landing on him once more. After an hour of this, Aadrian finally gave up and allowed exhaustion to consume his consciousness, letting his dreams wander where they may.
Unfortunately, this had turned out to be a bad idea, as he had dreamt of once again returning to his tribe utterly decimated. The difference this time, however, was that he encountered a beast he could only recognize as a Demon. It had towered over him, taller than the highest mountain he had ever climbed, lightning in it's eyes. It had named itself Gamosh-Ra, brother and enemy to Xolotl, slayer of his worshipers.
Aadrian had managed to wake himself from his nightmares before anything else could happen, thankfully, and, after praying to Xolotl for wisdom, guidance, and a fast step, began his morning.
He was broken from his reflection by Peter's stare. "You sure do let your mind wander while you work, don't you?" he asked as Aadrian removed the cotton from his ears. "Anyways, Barras has given us an hour for lunch. Want to come with?" he asked hopefully.
Aadrian nodded and choosing to leave his coat and jerkin behind this time, rather than forgetting it.

They sat at the same table in the same restaurant as they had the day before, this time, however, Peter ate as ravenously as Aadrian, his skin pink from the forge. Finally coming up for air, Aadrian heard giggling. He looked around and quickly found the source: a gaggle of girls pointing at Peter and his skin. Noticing this, Aadrian gave peter a sidelong glance.
Though his face was tanned, his cheeks still burned pink from the embarrassment of being laughed at by relatively attractive girls. "Sit up straight." he muttered under his breath to Peter. "Huh?" the boy asked, sounding a bit stupid.
"Just do as I say and they'll stop laughing soon enough." Aadrian explained, sitting up a bit straighter himself. Peter followed his lead, straightening his posture. "While eating, keep your elbows off the table. Rest your forearms there instead. And don't hold your utensils at the ready. It makes you look like a savage. Unfold your napkin in your lap, don't tie it around your neck or tuck it into your shirt, you're not a child. Understand?" Peter nodded in response, quickly following Aadrian's instructions.
"Don't cross your feet under the table, set them firmly on the ground. Always be ready to stand. You never know when a beautiful lady might enter the room. Or when you'll be challenged to a duel." Peter obeyed, rolling his shoulders back and slightly puffing out his chest.
"Now give a fake laugh and punch me as hard as you can in the face. You won't knock me out, I can guarantee that, but I'll act like it and that'll be good enough." Peter's eyes widened. "What? Why do you want me to do that? It makes no sense!" the boy hissed. Aadrian rolled his eyes. "Barras is the worst blacksmith I've ever met." he said, keeping his face relaxed.
In a flash, Aadrian was on the ground, eyes closed, pretending to be on the edge of consciousness. Peter could hit hard, but it was a mosquito bite compared to one of Vaguard's punches. "Don't you dare disrespect Barras Berend in front of me. Ever. Understand, Mage?" Peter said, seething. Aadrian gave him a smirk and a wink before pretending to pass out.
Suddenly catching on, Peter quickly paid for the meal and left, heading back towards the Anvil. The restaurant was quiet until another patron poured a glass of water on Aadrian, sending electrical sparks flying. Aadrian stood with a smirk and one eye closed, acting slightly injured. He thanked the chef for the meal and left, taking a roundabout route back to the Anvil.
When Aadrian returned to the Anvil, Peter was in the front room, pacing nervously behind the counter. "You've got one hell of a left hook, kid. But remember to follow-through next time. It's all in the hips." Aadrian said, making his presence known. Peter jumped, slightly startled and ran over to Aadrian, looking him over. "I didn't hurt you too badly, did I? You can still work, right?" the boy asked, genuinely concerned.
Aadrian laughed. "Check the scars, kid. It takes a lot more than a mundane punch to leave a lasting mark on me. Let's get back to work before Barras comes back, yeah?" Aadrian replied, pulling on the gloves once more.

The hours passed monotonously as they worked, Barras having joined them not too long after, giving a chuckle and shaking his head upon laying eyes on them. Before they knew it, they had nearly finished with all the metal ingots they had in stock. "You two go on home, yeah? I'll finish this up tomorrow and order some more. Peter, feel free to take the day off. But no more pub brawls, understand?" Barras instructed them with a wink and a chuckle.
Aadrian and Peter left the Anvil going their separate ways, but not before Aadrian gave the boy some tips on how to fight and how to finish one quickly. He wasn't a Mage, but with a some basic boxing techniques and grappling, he shouldn't have a problem with most people.
"I hope he gets strong enough to become something more than a smith one day, albeit a noble profession. Perhaps a Knight..." Aadrian mused to himself as he wandered toward the Cathedral once again.


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