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Deface Property [Geb]

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Default on Mon Apr 17, 2017 10:47 am

Reagan didn't seem like a bad employer. Maybe Geb would work for him today or something. Or, if he found someone else, he was sure that he could work for them as well. But he'd check with Reagan first of course.

Didn't seem like too bad of a plan, actually. Geb could use all the money that he could after all. Geb proceeded to do what he always did in his hotel in the morning; this time however, there were some changes.

After waking himself up, doing his hair, putting on clothes and his shoes, there was another one he was responsible for now. Geb walked over to the corner of the room where his Munchlax, Gallent was sleeping. Geb shook the creature, but it continued to snore. Geb figured he only had one way to do this. "Food." he said, as Gallent's snores halted, his eyes opening. Gallent stood up and walked out of the hotel room with Geb.

It was a cloudy day, perhaps it would rain in the evening. Geb was simply walking back to where he could find Reagan, when he and Gallent were stopped in their paths by a man. "Ey, you want some work?" the man asked. He looked a lot like a biker. Well, if he did, then Geb was sure that his work would be suitable for him and Gallent. Geb nodded. "Indeed. My name is Geb, and the creature beside me is Gallent. What would you like the two of us to do, sir?"

"Da name's Maxwell. I need a dark mage to get some revenge. You up for it?" Geb nodded. "Good, cuz I got an easy job for ya. Here, I'll give you this can of graffiti, yellow." handing the graffiti to Geb, Geb put it in his pocket. "134 Greenfield Avenue. Room 15. Trash the dude apartment and let em know I was there with da grafffit. Got it?" Geb nodded.

"Of course, that is in my power. I'll do it right away." It was then that the three went their ways. "Well Gallent, I guess we should find this guy's apartment. Sorry for the walk, I'll get you some food with our reward money." The Munchlax seemed happy of that, at the very least. What a simple being. Perhaps that was why Geb took such a liking to him.

Gallent and Geb took out their handy map to look around the streets. Ah, there it was, greenfield avenue. Slipping the map back in his pocket after folding it up, Geb began to make his way to the street. On the way, it started raining - though, spitting was more of the term to use here. It was very light. "Ah, well, I guess rain isn't too bad. Oh well."

Walking up the apartment building's stairs, Geb got onto the second floor, finding the door that was labeled for room 15. Looking around to see if there was anyone around, Geb looked over to Gallent. "Well, let's go buddy."



Default on Mon Apr 17, 2017 5:06 pm

Gallent tried ramming into the door, but as it stood, he wasn't strong enough. Geb chuckled lightly. "You'll get there one day buddy. Here, let me."

Geb lifted his knee up, before kicking his sole down onto the door, his strength having enough force to cause it to simply fall down and collapse. Gallent looked on with amazed eyes, in which Geb couldn't help but chuckle at a bit. "I'm sure one day you'll be even stronger than what ya just saw. Depends on what food you eat, I guess." Geb and Gallent proceeded to walk into the apartment of the man.

Looking around, it looked pretty clean. "Alright Gallent, you clear out the fridge, I'll trash the place or whatever."

Geb, a person who had such a love for art, didn't quite like this. But upon thinking of it as a different way, perhaps this was something different entirely. He was creating his own art, even if he was runing another person's. Besides, did this man even put much thought into his layout anyways? Sure it looked clean, but it was in no way fancy or seemed as though it was set up with a lot of love put into it. Geb shook his head, knowing he should not hesitate.

Gallent had tried to eat raw eggs, but it seemed it did not like the texture. As such, Gallent threw the raw eggs onto the wall, which honestly made it seem even worse. Geb smirked at his companion's way of doing things. He was a surprisingly big help, even if it was just through the simplest of things.

Geb would kick and throw all sorts of expensive things in the room. even going as far as to jump on the man's wooden bed to break it entirely. Finally, tearing off a horrid looking poster from the wall of the main room, Geb took out the spray paint, writing what Maxwell had instructed him to do. "Take it to the max" was written in large font on the wall. Geb added an exclamation point at the end, before putting it back in his pocket. Turning to Gallent, Geb would let the creature finish eating before heading out. Geb did promise Gallent something to eat anyways.

The two walked out of the apartment as Gallent burped. Sighing, Geb made sure not to draw any attention to himself as he walked to the park where he met Maxwell.

Finding the noticeable thug, Geb tapped his shoulder. "Job done." Geb took the graffiti can out of his pocket. "Here you go, still half full."

"Thanks, dude! You da man, really." Placing a fair amount of jewels into Geb's hand, Maxwell patted him on the shoulder. "Dat was pretty fast, too. Maybe I should hire you again sometime, eh? I'll see ya around."

Geb smiled. It seemed like he now had two employers he could trust in town. Next, it was time to visit Reagan again. He wondered if he had any work for geb.



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