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Hit The Anvil | Solo

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on Sun Apr 16, 2017 10:05 pm



Quest: Hammer Time

Rank: D

Type: Good

Requirements: None

Barras Berend: Barras is a smith who sells all sorts weapons and armors. He is a kind guy with a lot good in him. His skills even caught the eye of the lord, which got him the task of supplying equipment for the guards and knights of Magnolia. Even thought this alone grants him a pretty stable income, he still loves to produce for other customers as well.

Summary: Barras is an incredibly accomplished smith, his wares distributed everywhere. While this prestige is great for business, the demand for his wares is often more than he can reasonably produce. In order to make up for this, he has decided to ask for some outside help in the basic aspects of metalworking. Ideally he would prefer a stunningly talented metal mage, but he knows that the supply of those is very low. Anyone is fine for the job, so long as they can put in the work.

Enemies: None

Objective: Help Barras in the forge.

Extra Rewards:

  • +1 Strength


  • Create a topic in the Black Anvil.
  • In the forge you'll find Barras busy, hammering away at some metal.
  • He greets you, and gives you a briefing on what you are going to be doing.
  • The smith's assistant, who has hurt his arm, will place a soft metal straight from the forge on the anvil for you.
  • Your task is to hammer it out a bit and flatten it out for him. You will repeat this process until the day is done.
  • When the day is finished, Barras will give you your reward.

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on Mon Apr 17, 2017 5:02 am


Snow has been doing quest after quest every day and today, she was going to complete another one. Winter was still not over and she felt the tiny flakes on her face, melting as they touched her skin like the gentles of rains. The blue haired girl snuggled closer into her scarf that she had worn around her neck and exhaled, as flumes of vapour escaped from the gap between her lips and the scarf. Stormy eyes sparkled as she walked through the quiet streets still lit with lamps from the night before. Grey clouds raced over the dark sky above and she loved how fast they go.

There were very few people on the streets and the flowers that were carpeted along the side of the streets were now entirely covered with patches of snow. She rubbed her gloved hands and hugged her body to prevent any body heat from being released. The rim of her white coat brushed past against her knees each movement she made as she trudged through the thick blanket of snow. The mission paper that she had retrieved earlier from the board was neatly folded in the pocket of her jacket.

The closer she approached, the louder she could hear the hammering noises of metals. The young maiden stared up at the building that towered above her. She could hear the pounding and thudding loud and clear. Her knuckles rapped against the door before she entered the building. A wave of heat blasted her face the moment she stepped foot inside and she found herself instinctively retreating from the heat. Her eyes glided across the hall inside, filled with smiths working on different kinds of weapons and armours.

Unable to bear the heat, Snow slid her coat off her shoulders and placed it on her arm. A man approached towards her with a smile and questioned her if she was here for the quest. The girl nodded and extended out a hand. ”I’m Snow.” The man smiled once again as he introduced himself as Barras and grasped her hand firmly with sweaty, large hands.
”You can leave your things on the chair.” He pointed at an empty seat in the corner before running his fingers through his dark hair. She was most likely the only girl that was inside the workshop and somehow, she felt uncomfortable.

Snow was unsure how useful she would be, for she did not have bulky muscles like the other smiths that were working, nor did she had the strength to carry heavy objects. A sigh left her lips in exasperation, wondering why on earth did she choose to take up the quest. She placed her folded coat as well as her second layer of jacket and scarf on the bench. She was left with just a sleeveless shirt and jeans. When she turned around to face her client, Barras seemed to have read her like a book and noticed how she was feeling. ”Don’t worry, kid. I’m sure you’ll do fine. Just follow my instructions.”

Snow followed Barras lead and showed her what had to be done. She was required to hammer the metal from the forge and hammer it down to flatten it a bit. ”I’ll show you how it’s done.” he suggested and grabbed a huge pair of rusted metal tongs. Then, he reached into the fire pit that was probably burning with extremely high degrees. Once he took out the metal piece from the pit, it was bright yellow and red, fresh out from the forge. He placed it on the anvil for her and began hammering it down until it was flat. ”So you do it like that. Try it and come talk to me if you need help.” The girl nodded in reassurance and took the hammer from his hands.

Woop, the weight was heavier than she expected that she almost dropped the hammer on her feet. She swung the hammer above her head, using every bit of strength she had and slammed it down on the metal. She held the metal piece with the tongs to prevent it from slipping from the anvil. Snow repeated the procedure and a few hours later, she found herself covered in beads of perspiration from head to toe. The bell rang loudly within the hall and the workers would immediately cease working exchanging glances among each other. ”Alright guys! Let’s have a break for some lunch!” He exclaimed, followed by the cheers of the smiths that had worked hard for the morning.

They swung their towels over their neck, some had them around their heads. Barras returned with a clean towel and a box of lunch for her. Her stomach had been growling for a while but since she was busy hammering down the metal, she did not realise how hungry she was. The girl took them from his hands and began wiping the sweat off her face. It was a really tiring job and after experiencing such a gruesome work, she figured how exhausted the smiths must be, working in this situation every day. She sat with the rest of the workers as they conversed among one another and laughed at their own silly’s joke. For some reason, she enjoyed being around them; they were like brothers, a big family.

An hour passed quickly and it was time to get back to work. She hung her towel around her neck and began working. Her arms and back were already sore from all the hammering she did but at least she was getting used to it. Her progress would be faster if she was a muscular man, perhaps, but she was not doing so bad for a beginner. The day finally comes to an end and there were already multiple weapons forged out for the day. Each of the smiths gave her a pat on her back or a ruffle on her hair and she would find herself finally smiling, her lips stretched from ear to ear. The work was difficult and harsh, yet, she managed to enjoy it.



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