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Educating Children | Solo

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Educating Children | Solo Empty on Sun Apr 16, 2017 2:14 am



Quest: Substitute Teacher

Rank: D

Type: Good

Requirements: None

Teacher Sandine: Sandine is a teacher in of the schools in Magnolia. She is known for requesting mages to help her out around the school with miscellaneous tasks. Due to this she is quite known by most of the mages in Magnolia, since most of them have done at least some sort job for the school. The kids in her classes love her and her efforts of making school more fun.

Summary: Teacher Sandine is very passionate about teaching the youth in Magnolia. She does her best never to miss a day of teaching, but unfortunately, something has come up: She needs to take a day off to visit her mother, who is sick. She does not know of any other teachers in the area, so she has put a request up on the board. While you might not be a teacher, you feel you can help out, and with the detailed lesson plan left for you, it should be a breeze.

Enemies: None

Objective: Teach the class for the day.

Extra Rewards:

  • +1 Intelligence


  • Create a topic in Magnolia Streets.
  • You will make your way to the school, carrying the notes that Teacher Sandine has given you. She has lessons planned, and once you arrive, you will begin teaching the basics of math.
  • Explain addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, to the children. Provide examples and see if the kids understand it.
  • There will also be a period for the kids to have lunch and recess. This will be after addition and subtraction.
  • After the class is done, a teacher will come to the room and hand you the jewels after which you can leave.

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Educating Children | Solo Empty on Sun Apr 16, 2017 7:59 am

Snow stared at the mission board that stood in front of her, with numerous pieces of quests pinned on it. She felt a force from behind push her forwards but she neglected it. Ah, it sure is noisy in the morning. The girl rolled her eyes while she continued to ignore the fight that was going on among some mages on who should pick what quest. Unable to tolerate the noise anymore, Snow ripped of a random sheet of paper that she thought might enjoy doing it. Silver pools scanned over the lines that were written on the brittle yellow sheet. The explanation was clear and thorough; it requested her to substitute a teacher at a middle school and all she had to do was to follow the procedures of what the teacher did. However, since she did not have the paperwork for the students, she would have to visit the teacher and ask for them herself.

Snow found herself standing in front of a one-storey building, adorned with flowers and plants around the house. Pressing the button on the side of the gate, she rang the bell and waited for a few seconds. ”Hello! This is Sandine. May I ask who you are?” a charming voice came out of a speaker that was located right above the bell.
”Uh, hello. This is Snow. I’m here for the quest you made?” she fidgeted and awkwardly stood on her tiptoes for a brief second. The voice disappeared and the gate was unlocked all of a sudden. In a distance, she noticed a woman standing at the front porch of her house, smiling towards her.

”Ah, yes. You must be here to collect the notes for the children. Come in, come in.” she spoke, her voice soft-spoken. Snow entered the building but stood waiting at the door step while the teacher went to retrieve the notes. Later, she returned with a stack of papers and handed over to her. ”These are the homework and all the notes for the children. Do look through it before the class starts. Now, you should hop along. You don’t want to be late for class.” her lips grew into a smile and Snow nodded before exiting her house.

The school was just a few blocks down the road and at first glance, she noticed that it was a rather larger school for children. It consisted of a small park and a playground for the students to hang out at lunch. The place reminded of her childhood: how lonely she felt. Yet, she was greedy for knowledge, she was curious about almost everything about the world and was eager to learn. Her boots kicked up small puffs of sand as she strode toward the entrance of the school.


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Educating Children | Solo Empty on Sun Apr 16, 2017 9:36 am

With a pile of paperwork held in her hand, Snow entered the school. The halls were silent, as if no one has been here, but when she peered through the windows she noticed the children quietly seated on their chairs, waiting on their allocated teachers. There were tons of classes along the halls and she was not sure which class she was supposed to teach for until she saw big letters written in red ink, ‘Class A’ written on the top of the first page. As directed, she searched for the class and cleared her throat before entering the room. She had never liked receiving attention – being in the middle of class in front of at least 20 students. Whether they were children or not, she still felt uncomfortable. The students stood up from their seats and greeted her, bowing respectfully before sitting back on their seats.

Her attention flickered between the students the stack of notes in front of her. She could feel the curious eyes staring at her as she let out a discreet cough once again. ”Alright children, Miss Sandine took a leave so I’ll be the substitute teacher for today.” She placed both of her hands on the table and raised her head. ”My name is Snowflake. But all of you are able to call me Snow.” No response. ”Alright, we’ll start the class then."

Snow turned each of the pages of the notes she had received from Miss Sandine and nodded briefly for she figured out what she was supposed to teach to the class. ”So, today, we’re going to do some maths. Do you know what addition is?” She paused for a moment, waiting for an answer but still no response. What a quiet class, she thought, wondering if she was doing anything wrong. ”Addition is the finding the total or the sum of numbers.” One of the students raised their hand and asked, ”What do you mean by finding the sum?” Snow was surprised by the question since the class was so quiet but broke into a small smile. ”Good question. So, if you have twos apple and I give you three more apples, how many apples do you have?”
”Good. And how did you get the number?” The child pondered for a brief moment.
”By adding?”
”Correct. That is exactly how addition works. Now, moving on, subtraction is taking one number away from another. If you have five apples and I take one, how many do you have in your hands?” She paused for a moment before selecting a random student in the class. ”You, the one in the corner, do you know the answer?”
”Um… Is it 4?”
”Good job! You guys are doing well.” She complimented, clapping her hands together.

The next lessons were multiplication and divisions, which most likely will be the harder lessons compared to the addition and subtraction, or so she assumed. ”Alright kids, I’ll give out these multiplication tables for you to look at. You need to study them to excel in multiplication and division, but of course, you don’t have to do it now.” She passed the papers around the class and after she was done, she returned back towards the front of the room. Snow was already getting comfortable teaching the students and much to her surprise, she was enjoying it. She took a chalk that was laying around on the edge of the board and wrote down the numbers, 2 x 3 = ?. ”When you look at this question, it’s asking what 2 times 3 is. To find out the answer, you add 2, 3 times like this,” she wrote on the board again, explaining it more detailed, 2 + 2 + 2. ”Now, do you know the answer for this?”
”Correct. Look at the multiplication tables I just gave you and search for 2 times 3 on the two multiplication table. Is it the right answer?” The students shuffled their papers, searching for the answer before they responded all in unison.
”Yes, it is!”

The corner of her lips curved into a small smile, satisfied with the progress of the class. ”You’re all doing well. Let’s move onto division.” She began drawing 4 circles on the board and turned around to face the class once again. ”Now, if I want to separate these chocolates evenly between 2 students, how would I divide them?” She drew a line between the four chocolates, dividing them into two. ”I give them two chocolates each, don’t I?” The children nodded in response. ”But what if I have 12 chocolates and I want to separate between 3 students. How many do I have to give to each student?” She drew lines once again, separating 4 chocolates in each section. ”Look at the 3 multiplication table. Search for the number 12 in the table. What number do you multiply with to get 12?”
”Well done, guys. Class will be dismissed. Don’t forget to do the homework and study the multiplication tables.”
”Thank you, Teacher Snow.” Snow was startled by being addressed as a teacher but she decided to laugh it off. ”What a cute bunch of kids.” She let out a soft giggle and before she knew class was already over and it was time to go back to Miss Sandine to collect her pay.



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